Needle and Dread: Southern Sewing Circle Mystery

Needle and Dread: Southern Sewing Circle Mystery

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by Elizabeth Lynn Casey

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The Sweet Briar Ladies Society Sewing Circle is needled by the death of a highly strung woman in the new mystery by the author of Wedding Duress.
Downtown Sweet Briar is now home to a new sewing shop run by one of the circle’s own. With the help and support of her fellow members, Rose is determined to make SewTastic a success, and


The Sweet Briar Ladies Society Sewing Circle is needled by the death of a highly strung woman in the new mystery by the author of Wedding Duress.
Downtown Sweet Briar is now home to a new sewing shop run by one of the circle’s own. With the help and support of her fellow members, Rose is determined to make SewTastic a success, and, to that end, she decides to sponsor a series of do-it-yourself weekends for sewing enthusiasts.
But when a group arrives at SewTastic to work on a project, a loud and argumentative guest pushes everyone’s buttons. And when she winds up dead in Rose’s project room—strangled by a sewing machine power cord—it’s up to Tori and the gang to stitch together the clues before Rose’s reason for living is ripped apart at the seams.


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Praise for Elizabeth Lynn Casey and the Southern Sewing Circle mysteries
“Filled with fun, folksy characters and southern charm.”—Maggie Sefton, national bestselling author of Purl Up and Die
“Sweet and charming…The bewitching women of the Southern Sewing Circle will win your heart.”—Monica Ferris, USA Today bestselling author of Knit Your Own Murder
“Elizabeth Lynn Casey has created wonderful, caring characters and placed them in a beautiful place.”—Escape with Dollycas
“[A] wonderfully crafted series.”—Dru’s Book Musings
“Visiting with the charmingly eccentric folks of Sweet Briar is like taking a trip back home.”—Fresh Fiction
“An excellent read for crafters and mystery lovers alike. Elizabeth Casey has a knack for threading together great story lines, likable characters, and surprises in every page.”—The Romance Readers Connection

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Southern Sewing Circle Mystery Series , #11
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Elizabeth Lynn Casey is the author of the bestselling Southern Sewing Circle Mysteries, including Wedding Duress, Taken In, Remnants of Murder, and Let It Sew.

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Needle and Dread: Southern Sewing Circle Mystery 4.8 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 5 reviews.
LisaKsBooksReviews More than 1 year ago
The Sothern Sewing Circle Mystery series is everything readers love about cozy mysteries! With this being the eleventh book in the series, you would think there would be nothing new to add. That is very far from the truth. Author Elizabeth Lynn Casey had kept each new book in this series fresh, fun, and oh so enjoyable. NEEDLE AND DREAD is written confirmation of this fact. This latest trip to Casey’s town of Sweet Briar, South Carolina was just the vacation I needed. Every time I visit with the ladies that make up the sewing circle, I find myself smiling the entire time. They are for sure one of my favorite cast of characters. (Interestingly enough, one of my other favorite group of characters is from the Amish Mysteries, written by Ms. Casey under her real name, Laura Bradford.) NEEDLE AND DREAD was outstanding! The story moved as fast as a well maintained sewing machine. Not being able to tear myself away, I finished this phenomenal story in one setting. From the fun beginning, straight through to the inspired, exciting reveal, and conclusion, this book was a truly perfect cozy mystery. I’m already looking forward to book twelve! Make sure to check out the back of the book for reader-suggested sewing tips, and a fun sewing pattern! (Don’t worry…you don’t have to know how to sew to enjoy this series!)
Dollycas More than 1 year ago
Dollycas’s Thoughts SewTastic is a new shop in Sweet Briar, run by none other than Rose and Leona. Really, even the other members of the sewing circle are surprised that these rivals have teamed up. They all plan to pitch in to help make the place a huge success. Starting with a DIY weekend. There happens to be more helpers than students this time, but one participant in trying everyone’s patience and the circle members do their best to calm the woman and her derogatory comments. Things were stitching right along until the testy guest is found dead in the project room. Someone in the group has to be the killer and Tori and the ladies are going to find out who helped the cranky woman take her last breathe. The death in this story was a little too close for comfort after my son’s death, but this is one of my favorite series and features my favorite ladies, so I couldn’t just not read it. Compartmentalization helped me enjoy this story. I packed my grief away, skimmed over a couple of things, and got around the things that would have hurt my heart. While the death was the main part of the plot, there is so much more in this story. I have said it before, the stories in this series are all about the friendship this group of woman have forged. The age range is 20’s to 80’s, they are each unique, opinionated, and strong. When one is down the others pick them up, when one needs help they all rally together. The bonds are strong, they may bend but the never break. I am honored to get a little peek into their lives in these books. The mystery was quite good too. The victim, Opal, was not a nice woman, she was rich but it didn’t buy her happiness. She had touched many people’s lives and not in a good way. This made for several suspects. Tori researched the woman and brought several things to light. Now the ladies had to work together to find out which one was upset enough to kill. Elizabeth Lynn Casey always gives us a fantastic story. Her characters leap out the pages. Their humor shines throughout and their dedication to solve the mystery is extraordinary. The only bad thing about this book was when it ended. I wasn’t ready for my visit to end. Bring on Book 12. I can’t wait to return to Sweet Briar.
Debb23 More than 1 year ago
I really enjoyed my visit back to Sweet Briar and the women of the sewing circle, plus Charles is in town. If you have not read this series I don't think that you would have a problem reading it as a stand alone, I do suggest that you do read the others just so you have background info, like how surprising it is for Leona and Rose to open a business together, SewTastic. When a group is in town for a tour and stops to do a sewing project, murder occurs to dull the fun of the grand opening of the store. The gang gets together to figure out who did it and to clear the black cloud hanging over the store. The characters are diverse and fun. Charles seems to tone Leona down a little, new characters from the tour group are interesting and the mystery kept me guessing, with enough twists to have me change my mind. It all wraps up with a satisfying conclusion. I will be continuing on with this series and can't wait for the next one to come out.
judiOH More than 1 year ago
another wonderful story about the southern ladies that have captured our hearts. the sewing club is going strong, and now the newest shop in town, sewtastic, rose's pride and joy, is hosting a sewing event. once again we see the ladies group together to solve a mystery. love this series!!!!
chefdt More than 1 year ago
Needle And Dread is the eleventh book in the Southern Sewing Circle Mystery series. I always have an enjoyable time visiting with the ladies of the Southern Sewing Circle and this time was no exception. The ladies of the Circle are all surprised when two of the more outspoken members, Leona and Rose, open a sewing shop in Sweet Briar. Rose thinks the way to start the new venture off is to have sewing weekends for other sewers. A group of sewers, whi are on a bus tour will be the first group and they arrive for the store's grand opening. But from the moment Opal Goodwin steps off the bus she is full of negativity for anyone who crosses her path. When Rose goes back to the project room she finds Opal's lifeless body, having been strangled by a power cord from one the sewing machines. Tori and other ladies of the sewing circle put on their sleuthing hats to search for the killer so they can get Rose out of the funk she has been in since discovering the body. As they begin their search is clearly evident that just about everyone on the bus had a reason to want Opal dead. Another enjoyable visit with the ladies of the Southern Sewing Circle. They may have their differences from time to time, but when the chips are down, they have each others back. Looking forward to another visit to Sweet Briar.