Negotiating Skills for Managers (Briefcase Books Series) / Edition 1

Negotiating Skills for Managers (Briefcase Books Series) / Edition 1

by Steven Cohen, Roger A. Formisano

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ISBN-10: 0071387579

ISBN-13: 9780071387576

Pub. Date: 03/01/2002

Publisher: McGraw-Hill Professional Publishing

Now translated into nine languages! This reader-friendly, icon-rich series is must reading for all managers at every level.

All managers, whether brand new to their positions or well established in the corporate hierarchy, can use a little "brushing up" now and then. The skills-based Briefcase Books series is filled with ideas and strategies to help managers


Now translated into nine languages! This reader-friendly, icon-rich series is must reading for all managers at every level.

All managers, whether brand new to their positions or well established in the corporate hierarchy, can use a little "brushing up" now and then. The skills-based Briefcase Books series is filled with ideas and strategies to help managers become more capable, efficient, effective, and valuable to their corporations.

Virtually everything in business is negotiated, and the ability to negotiate strong agreements and understandings is among today's most valuable talents. Negotiating Skills for Managers explains how to establish a solid pre-negotiation foundation, subtly guide the negotiation, and consistently set and achieve satisfactory targets. From transferring one's existing strengths to the negotiating table to avoiding common negotiating errors, it reveals battle-proven steps for reaching personal and organizational objectives in every negotiation.

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Table of Contents

1.Competitive Versus Collaborative Decision Making1
What Is Negotiation?2
What Negotiation Is Not4
Types of Negotiation5
Investigating Your Interests7
What Differences Does It Make to Distinguish Between Interests and Positions?8
How Do You Deal with Positional Bargainers?10
Is Money Really the Interest?12
Primary (Fundamental) and Secondary (Derivative) Interests13
Looking Beyond Our Personal Interests15
The Three C's of Interests17
When Interests Conflict19
Manager's Checklist for Chapter 120
2.BATNA--Choosing Whether to Walk Away23
Making Choices23
Balance of Power24
Understanding Our BATNA Offers Choices25
What Is Our Walking-in BATNA?27
Does BATNA Ever Change?27
BATNA Is Not the Bottom Line29
Elements of BATNAs30
Strengthening and Weakening BATNAs35
Manager's Checklist for Chapter 237
3.Are We Ready? Inoculation Protects the Parties39
Substantive Inoculation: Knowing the Subject40
In Negotiation, the Past Has No Future41
Selling the Product to the Salesperson42
Goals of Inoculation43
Inoculation as a Tool for Improving Your BATNA43
What Information Do We Need About Ourselves?44
What Information Do We Need About Other Parties?46
Preparing for Negotiation on Your Own46
Active Listening47
Inoculation Includes Process as Well as Substance50
Internal and External Inoculation52
The Bottom Line54
When Inoculation Is Impossible54
Manager's Checklist for Chapter 355
4.Preparation Part One: Stakeholders, Constituents, and Interests57
Shooting from the Hip57
Unplanned Negotiations58
What Does Preparation Mean?59
Looking Inside Yourself60
Understanding the Subject Matter61
Internal Negotiation62
Preparing Other Parties63
Juggling Conflicting Agendas65
Strengthening and Weakening BATNAs66
Reasons to Prepare for Negotiation67
Manager's Checklist for Chapter 468
5.Preparation Part Two: Developing a Strategy Using Interest Mapping70
Making Assumptions70
Interested Parties71
Create Your Interest Map72
Record Your Assumptions About Stakeholders' Interests73
Don't Go It Alone75
Low-Cost Solutions76
How to Use Interest Maps78
Using Your Interest Map in Negotiation79
Be Prepared for Hot Buttons79
Donut Hole Interest Maps80
After the Negotiation81
Be Prepared!82
Manager's Checklist for Chapter 582
6.Communication: Key to Effective Negotiating84
Preparation Put to Use84
Communicating to Influence85
Active Listening87
Communicating with Difficult People92
What Is Your Point?94
Communicating Information94
Manager's Checklist for Chapter 695
7.Emotions: Dealing with Ourselves and Others96
Do Emotions Belong in Negotiation?96
Recognizing and Prioritizing Emotions97
Are You Negotiating to Solve a Problem or Have a Fight?99
Confidence-Building Measures100
Only One Person Can Get Angry at a Time101
Reacting to Emotional Outbursts102
Healing Relationships104
Dealing with Difficult People105
Expressing Emotions Is Not Bad Negotiating106
Manager's Checklist for Chapter 7106
8.Dealing with Annoyance and Leveling the Playing Field108
Psychological Games113
Giving or Taking Offense114
Controlling the Board115
Physical Set-Up116
Building Confidence in Your Counterpart116
I Understand You, But That Doesn't Mean I Agree with You118
Early Wins Can Be Traded Away Later122
Level Playing Field122
Manager's Checklist for Chapter 8123
9.Globalism Starts at Home: Cross-Cultural Issues125
Nationality Is Not the Only Difference125
Internal Negotiation126
Bringing Tribes Together128
You Can't Tell a Book by Its Cover129
Negotiation Choreography130
When Yes Means No131
Offense as a Cultural Barrier132
Overcoming Cultural Obstacles132
Can I Depend on Them?135
Don't Get Hung Up on Style136
Manager's Checklist for Chapter 9137
10.Creativity and Bargaining Chips138
Single-Issue Negotiating138
Multi-Issue Negotiations139
The Value Creation Curve140
Value Versus Price142
Don't Dictate Value143
Separating People from the Problem145
Healing Relationships145
Check the Appeal of Creative Elements--One by One147
Don't Hog the Credit147
Confirming Mutual Understanding148
Open Your Mind and Expand the Possibilities149
Manager's Checklist for Chapter 10149
11.The Negotiation Process152
Agenda Setting153
Building Confidence and Comfort156
Utilizing Your Interest Map157
Building Long-Term Commitment161
Objective Criteria162
Expectations and Concessions164
It's Not Over Until It's Over167
Not Rocket Science168
Manager's Checklist for Chapter 11168
12.The Seven Pillars of Negotiational Wisdom171
Paying Attention to Priorities171
Foundation of the Seven Pillars185
Manager's Checklist for Chapter 12186

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