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Nemesis - A Good Guide for Bad Guys

Nemesis - A Good Guide for Bad Guys

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by Joseph J. Bailey
Note: 2nd edition. Professionally edited by David Gatewood, Stygian Overlord

So you want to be a villain?

You do know that being a villain isn't all fun-filled romps in dank, lightless tombs, incendiary encounters with intellectually stunted heroes, joyously crushing the hopes and dreams of unsuspecting innocents, accumulating vast hordes of


Note: 2nd edition. Professionally edited by David Gatewood, Stygian Overlord

So you want to be a villain?

You do know that being a villain isn't all fun-filled romps in dank, lightless tombs, incendiary encounters with intellectually stunted heroes, joyously crushing the hopes and dreams of unsuspecting innocents, accumulating vast hordes of ill-gotten wealth, and advancing your
agenda on a world unappreciative of your greatness? (1)

You really want to be hunted by unethical vigilantes(2), chased by grown adults wearing skintight suits, ostracized from (in)decent society, forced to forge ahead in a universe largely opposed to your relentless pursuit of self-interest, and relegated to a life of bad hygiene and poor fashion choices?

Have you considered another career?


If not, then villainy is for you, and Nemesis - A Good Guide for Bad Guys is the manual you'll live(3) by!

Nemesis - A Good Guide for Bad Guys provides a wealth of information you do not wish to have on becoming a villain and succeeding in the kingdom of evil.

With illuminating topics such as The Villainy of Villainy, On Accepting Advice and Recognizing Terrible Ideas, How to Keep Your Secret Plans Secret, Horrible Haircuts, The Humility of Arrogance, The Good Guys Don't Always Win, and Happily Never After, Nemesis - A Good Guide for Bad Guys has more information than you can hope to want on being a villain. (4)

If, on the assuredly infinitesimal possibility you have not yet come to your senses about becoming a villain, then Nemesis - A Good Guide for Bad Guys will be your highly impractical pragmatic guide to commencing upon the often volatile, failure-laden, frustrating, dangerous, and short-lived career of the evildoer, archrival, supervillain, antihero, fell
overlord, or nemesis. (5)

Read this if you value your life:

1. Okay, maybe it is.
2. Probably your extended family.
3. Or die.
4. Only a minute portion actually being practical.
5. You have been warned.

From the Author:

The EA'AE books are guides one might happen upon within the larger multiverse created in the Chronicles of the Fists trilogy... fantasy books giving farcical advice for professions that don't exist (even if we may want for them to... or not).

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Joseph Bailey
Publication date:
Exceptional Advice for Adventurers Everywhere (EA'AE) , #3
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Barnes & Noble
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249 KB

Meet the Author

Joe is currently a minor underhenchman in a vast underground network of informants, spies, revolutionaries, thugs, hirelings, bosses, villains, assassins, myriad accomplices, and other people you probably don’t want to meet.

Including influences such as Shunryu Suzuki, Tolkien, Krishnamurti, Iain M. Banks, Laozi, Stephen R. Donaldson, Philip Kapleau, Raymond E. Feist, Edward O. Wilson, Dan Simmons, and David Bohm, Joe creates existential fantasy filled with rich worlds, concepts, stories, and ideas.

Joe holds an advanced degree in environmental management from Duke University where he also studied religion with a focus on meditative, experiential, and transformative traditions. Additionally, Joe graduated with (dubious) honors from the Tellanon Institute of Noetic Knowledge, Education, and Research (TINKER) and has yet to put this knowledge to good use.

When not at play with his family, he enjoys reading, writing, and relaxation. When he can, Joe also practices various martial traditions in which he has attained the victim level of proficiency.

In addition to Nemesis, Joe is also the author of the Chronicles of the Fists trilogy, Everygnome’s Guide to Paratechnology, and Mulogo’s Treatise on Wizardry. He is also working on something else but really cannot say more on the matter at present.

For more information, please visit Joe's website at: josephjbailey.com.

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Nemesis - A Good Guide for Bad Guys 4 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 1 reviews.
SheilaDeeth More than 1 year ago
Self-help for villains, wise words for the evil, lessons in evility (civility’s counterpart), and more characterize this fun short book by Joseph J. Bailey. The format is the same as all those other self-help books on the shelves—sarcastic questions, amusing answers, snippets of well-worn wisdom in a pleasing new guise. After all, it’s not easy being the villain of the piece—not easy for an author creating a villain; not easy for a villain creating his own evil life; or for the not-quite-villain looking for find his or her place in the world. Wherever you fall on the spectrum of evil, you’ll find some evil laughs here, entertaining names to give your alter ego, wise advice on forming friendships and keeping secrets. Nuggets of profundity slip through the pages, encouraging readers to set higher targets, believe in themselves, rise above failure, and more. Humor both cerebral and slapstick, asides in neat footnotes, wisdom in short lessons (some very short), and a plethora of enticing names, monsters and ideas make this a quick fun read, enjoyable to share, and even quietly intriguing to ponder. Don’t miss the glossary at the end; it’s filled with a fascinating A to Z of monsters, names and curious imaginings—great fun for all. Disclosure: I was given a free ecopy and I offer my honest review.