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by L. J. Martin

Renowned western author L. J. Martin brings you another wild and wooly tale of the old west. Hang on pards, this one is a rocky road of gunsmoke, poundng hooves, saddle leather, and blood.  See more details below


Renowned western author L. J. Martin brings you another wild and wooly tale of the old west. Hang on pards, this one is a rocky road of gunsmoke, poundng hooves, saddle leather, and blood.

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Amazon - Reader Reader
To get revenge for the murder of his family, McBain heads into the old towns on a search. He stumbles into a bank robbery in town and is made sheriff for saving the day. He then uses his new found judicial powers to enact his revenge on the 6 men responsible.

Just the awesome vernacular used in this book is enough to warrant a read.
Amazon - M. A. Hinton
Nemesis by L.J. Martin is a traditional western through and through. A tale of western revenge, it is written by an author who brings an historical and contextual perspective on the western that only a student of western history living in the West could have. It is also clear that he has a deep and abiding love and understanding of the literary tradition of the western, and wants to remain true to that tradition.

Briefly it is the story of mountain man McBain who finds himself forced ou
Amazon - Daniel C.
Having studied the Civil War and Reconstruction at college (thank you Professor David Blight), I can't help but seek out books set in this era. "Nemesis" - a tale of vengeance through the personal quest of McBain, a true western hero if ever there was one - paints a particularly rich, vivid and accurate portrait of this extraordinary period In American history. L. J. Martin is a master storyteller. This is a brooding, action-packed historical adventure in the Wild West...I couldn't put it down.

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L. J. Martin is the author of 26 books, westerns, mysteries, and historicals. He lives in Montana with his wife, NYT bestselling historical romance and romantic suspense author Kat Martin.

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Nemesis 4 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 3 reviews.
The_Reading_Reviewer More than 1 year ago
When a horrific misdeed of justice has been committed, a man of the old west knows there is nothing that will stand between him and fulfilling destiny. For a man with so much past and allot of names to go by the one he is using now is Taggert. When you are going to avenge your sister’s death and prove that no man can take without punishment, going under cover is still your best option. Taggert has served his country under President Lincoln and survived on next to nothing the years following the war’s end so preparing for his own possible death is part of the equation. Taggert arrives in the town where justice will be served to those offenders. A set of circumstances put him a position of control, which Taggert uses to his advantage along with every trick of manipulation he knows. One by one, the men who murdered his family realize what a mistake they have made in underestimating a man bent on revenge. Taggert knows the end result will not be pretty and takes no pleasure in what has to be done. While his mission is not one of divine intervention, it is one that shall be served. The one key step Taggert knows is that he has to cut off the head of the snake in order for his plan to be final. When you do not see yourself in the future you take more chances but Taggert is never a fool and has every intention of attempting to stay alive long enough to bury the bodies of his enemies. L.J. Martin gives his readers such realistic and well-written dialog it makes you feel as if you are standing in the saloon watching this all unfold. The story here is at times rough to take but completely necessary to make sure you understand this is a period in history where only the strong survive.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago