Network Developments in Economic Spatial Systems: New Perspectives

Network Developments in Economic Spatial Systems: New Perspectives

by Aura Reggiani

ISBN-10: 1840148276

ISBN-13: 9781840148275

Pub. Date: 12/01/1999

Publisher: Ashgate Publishing, Limited

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Pt. AConceptual Frameworks: New Developments
1Information Needs for an Effective Economic Analysis of Networks and Economic Development3
2Future European Transport Systems and Sustainable Spatial Development21
3Self-Organizing Urban Economies41
Pt. BTheoretical Analyses of Networks
4Imbalances on Return Markets in Transport Networks: A Note on Price Setting61
5Accommodation and Preemption in Network Evolution77
6Proximity and Circulation in Production Networks89
7Barriers to Communication in Developing Knowledge Capacity in Urban Systems115
8Some Hypotheses about a General Networks Morphogenesis Process131
Pt. CInfrastructure Networks: Some Case Studies in Europe
9Relocation of a Railway Container Terminal in an Urban Setting Emphasizing Logistics and Transport147
10The Dutch Railway System: What is Wrong with it and Why: Infrastructure Networks from the Systems Perspective171
11Telecommunication and Territorial Innovation: The Experience of the Metropolitan Area Network and High Technology Network in Tuscany193
Pt. DEmpirical Analyses of Networks
12The Measurement of Inequality in the Access to Hospital Networks217
13The TransEuropean Air Transport Network: An Analysis of the Quality of Services and Spatial Performances241
14Telecommunication Usage and Socioeconomic Environment: Theoretical and Empirical Issues from the Italian Case269
15Neurocomputing and Spatial Interaction Models for the Analysis of European Freight Transport Flows287

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