Neuro-Informatics and Neural Modelling

Neuro-Informatics and Neural Modelling

by Frank Moss

ISBN-10: 044450284X

ISBN-13: 9780444502841

Pub. Date: 01/28/2001

Publisher: Elsevier Science

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Handbook of Biological Physics
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Table of Contents

General Preface
Preface to Volume 4
Contents of Volume 4
Contributors to Volume 4
Sect. 1Statistical and Nonlinear Dynamics in Neuroscience
1Electrical Stimulation of the Somatosensory System1
2Phase Synchronization: From Periodic to Chaotic and Noisy23
3Fluctuations in Neural Systems: From Subcellular to Network Levels83
4Detecting Unstable Periodic Orbits in Biological Systems131
5The Topology and Organization of Unstable Periodic Orbits in Hodgkin-Huxley Models of Receptors with Subthreshold Oscillations155
6Controlling Cardiac Arrhythmias: The Relevance of Nonlinear Dynamics205
7Controlling the Dynamics of Cardiac Muscle Using Small Electrical Stimuli229
8Intrinsic Noise from Voltage-Gated Ion Channels: Effects on Dynamics and Reliability in Intrinsically Oscillatory Neurons257
9Phase Synchronization: From Theory to Data Analysis279
10Statistical Analysis and Modeling of Calcium Waves in Healthy and Pathological Astrocyte Syncytia323
Sect. 2Biological Physics of Neurons and Neural Networks
11Neurones as Physical Objects: Structure, Dynamics and Function353
12A Framework for Spiking Neuron Models: The Spike Response Model469
13An Introduction to Stochastic Neural Networks517
14Statistical Mechanics of Recurrent Neural Networks I - Statics553
15Statistical Mechanics of Recurrent Neural Networks II - Dynamics619
16Topologically Ordered Neural Networks685
17Geometry of Neural Networks: Natural Gradient for Learning731
18Theory of Synaptic Plasticity771
19Information Coding in Higher Sensory and Memory Areas825
20Population Coding: Efficiency and Interpretation of Neuronal Activity853
21Mechanisms of Synchrony of Neural Activity in Large Networks887
22Emergence of Feature Selectivity from Lateral Interactions in the Visual Cortex969
23Information Transfer Between Sensory and Motor Networks1001
Epilogue to Volume 41043
Subject Index1045

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