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Never Burn Out: Discover the Reality of Your Identity

Never Burn Out: Discover the Reality of Your Identity

by Daniel H. Park
Do you know anyone who “was” on fire for God? Do you know anyone who “used to be” excited about Jesus? Chances are, you do. Chances are, you can relate. Why is BURNOUT so common? The opposite of BURNOUT is REVIVAL. This isn't a book about how to dodge burnout, but rather how to live in ever-increasing revival. God's will for our lives is


Do you know anyone who “was” on fire for God? Do you know anyone who “used to be” excited about Jesus? Chances are, you do. Chances are, you can relate. Why is BURNOUT so common? The opposite of BURNOUT is REVIVAL. This isn't a book about how to dodge burnout, but rather how to live in ever-increasing revival. God's will for our lives is nothing short of us going from one degree of glory to another. Then, what's the problem? While many Christians have a Ph.D when it comes to knowing what their Christian duties are, sadly many are just preschoolers when it comes to knowing their true Christian identity. We know what we should and shouldn't do, but we don't know who we are. This has led to frustration and BURNOUT. Therefore, it's time we NEVER BURN OUT by discovering the reality of our identity! In this book, we will present to your your identity in Christ from many different angles. Topics covered includes: Living in Ever-Increasing Revival, Know Your True Identity (In Christ, By Grace, Through the Cross); You are a New Creation; You are Righteous; You are Holy; You have Dominion; You are in Covenant with God; You are a Walking Revival; You are Adopted; You are His Bride; Honor Your Birthright; and How to kill a Revival?


This book was written to help you never burn out.

Have you ever met a burnt out Christian? Do you know anybody who used to be so excited about the Lord, but isn’t now?
One of the biggest reasons Christians burn out is that although they know what they should and shouldn’t do, they do not really know who they are. There is nothing more tiring than trying to be someone you don’t believe you are. For me as a man, trying to act like a woman for an entire day would be the most exhausting day of my life! This book is not calling you to try to be somebody you aren’t, but is encouraging you to be who you really are. Historically, many revivals have burned up and burnt out. But this book was written with a vision to see the Church and each believer living in ever-increasing revival; only increasing in their passion for God, and in their experience of His presence and power.

This book was written to help you experience the God of grace.

Many of the thoughts we have about ourselves are in total opposition to God’s thoughts about us. As you read, your false self-portraits will be burned up in the fire of God’s grace. “Grace and truth came through Jesus Christ.” (John 1:16 ESV)
Through Jesus Christ, we have received an abundance of grace from God. But amazingly, God’s grace doesn’t just reveal the truth about God, but also the truth about ourselves. While this book will educate you about yourself, and you will definitely be encouraged and empowered to live with greater confidence, this book is ultimately about Who God is. He takes center-stage.
It may appear, from the chapter titles in the table of contents, that most of the chapters pertain to who you are. But it is my hope that this book will ultimately leave you in total awe and worship of the God Who has made you into a new creation (Ch. 3), Who is your righteousness (Ch. 4), Who is your holiness (Ch. 5), Who has restored your dominion (Ch. 6), Who is your covenant partner (Ch. 7), Who is your glorious revival (Ch. 8), Who is your adoptive Father (Ch. 9), and Who is your passionate Bridegroom (Ch. 10).

This book was written to help you receive more from God.

God is the perfect quarterback who has sent His blessings our way, but quite often we are in handcuffs, unable to receive. Do you feel that describes your life? Quite often, the blockage doesn’t have to do with God’s unwillingness, but rather our uneducated minds and unbelieving hearts. “And you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free.” (John 8:32)
This book will educate you in the truth about who you are. You will clearly discover the reality of your identity! And as you do, this book will serve as a key to unlock your hands of faith, so you can receive everything God desires for you to have.
As you are freed up to receive more from God, you will be in position to give more to this lost and dying world.
When I initially began to receive the insights and understanding I am sharing in this book, I started receiving more wisdom, refreshing, and empowerment in just five minutes of prayer, than I used to get in five hours of prayer. I also began to see the river of God flow out of me with less blockage and more power. I expect the same thing to happen to you.
“Freely you received, freely give.” (Matthew 10:8 NASB)

This book was written to help you become a revivalist.

What the world needs is not just persuasive words of human wisdom, but an undeniable encounter with their Creator who loves them. This is called revival. Revival will be a theme throughout this book. Revival is what bored, burnt out Christians need. Revival is what dead churches need. Revival is what our desperate world needs. It’s my dream that our churches will become revival centers, and that every Christian will become overflowing carriers of the presence of God; that it will no longer be the common condition for so many church attendees not to have experienced the indescribable presence of the Lord.
Therefore, this book was written to train you to be a revivalist; someone who will be a true carrier and channel of the revival fire of the Holy Spirit.

This book was written to empower your faith.

The intention of this book is not just to elevate your hopes, but to ignite your faith. Hope is based on what will happen in the future “one day.” Faith is based on what has already happened in the past; on what God has already declared!
This book is going to present to you what has already taken place and what God has already declared over your life. Each chapter will clearly present to you what God has already done for you. You will see who you are in Christ by grace and through the cross! The truths in this book are not future hopes, but present realities that you need to believe, experience, and enjoy.
What is faith? Faith is my acceptance of God’s fact. It always has its foundations in the past. This is faith – to believe that you have already got it. Only that which relates to the past is faith in this sense. Those who say, “God can” or “God may” or “God must” or “God will” do not necessarily believe at all. Faith always says, “God has done it.”1 – Watchman Nee
I’m not saying that hope is not a precious jewel, but according to the Bible, hope doesn’t move mountains – faith does. Hope is not what absolutely pleases God – faith is. Hope alone doesn’t bring answered prayers – faith does! Mere hope doesn’t launch us into being a revivalist, walking by faith does!

It’s my prayer that this book will be used by the Holy Spirit to prevent you from experiencing burn out; and heal you from being burned out. I pray that it will give you the keys you need so that, instead of burning out, you will only go from glory to glory! That is God’s will for your life.

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