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Never Surrender

Never Surrender

3.8 15
by Deanna Jewel

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Dreams of a Native American warrior haunt Kate, who is determined to discover their meaning as she vacations in the mountains of Wyoming. When her soul connects with a total stranger, she must trust her instincts to realize their relationship was part of history. Kate is thrust back in time and forced to relive the past as she dodges death. Mai, a raven


Dreams of a Native American warrior haunt Kate, who is determined to discover their meaning as she vacations in the mountains of Wyoming. When her soul connects with a total stranger, she must trust her instincts to realize their relationship was part of history. Kate is thrust back in time and forced to relive the past as she dodges death. Mai, a raven shape-shifter, is set upon stealing away the man of Kate’s dreams, but love works its magic when Taima passes a ring to his son. The haunting mystery will be solved when its rightful owner claims the cryptic heirloom … at a time that lies deep within the future.

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Chapter One

July, 1997 Dubois, Wyoming

Katelyn Bradach shaded her eyes and glanced around in awe at the western town, just one more of several she hoped to tour. Managing the historical museum, especially the Native American section, back in Pennsylvania had stressed her this year and this laidback town would help her relax.

Perhaps her haunting nightmares would subside too, hoping they were just a carryover from her job. Too often she'd dreamed of a warrior who sat atop a sleek black horse as thick mist from the lake swirled around him. The surrounding valley lay nestled before two snow-capped mountains. She could never clearly see his features, but his dark hair touched the middle of his naked chest and two eagle feathers hung from his headband. He always appeared to stare at her, but never once did he nudge his horse to move closer, yet one hand reached out to her.

Though she couldn't make out the color of his eyes, his gaze sent her heart racing, made her breath catch in her throat. The dream always left her with sensual tingles along her moist skin each time she woke up. The passion created by the dream disturbed her, since nothing ever happened except when their gazes met. Then it was as though she could read his thoughts of how much he needed her, wanted her for his own. She would always wake up trembling and out of breath but the dream never changed nor finished.

Would she find her warrior out here? Something had drawn her west, yet she couldn't put her finger on it but the pull was extraordinary.

Strolling along the wooden walkways, the heels of her dark snakeskin boots echoed. The design of the mid-1800s town looked like a movie set from an oldwestern and it suited Kate. She smiled as she looked around at the peaceful town. The warm morning air smelled of fresh rain and held a hint of sagebrush. An old stagecoach rumbled by, rocking on the huge iron wheels, and three youngsters sat on top joyously waving to their parents who waited at the ticket area.

The large window of the local Mercantile General Store displayed Native American-made moccasins, colorful dream catchers and jewelry, cowboy hats and boots. Kate stepped in and joined the few customers who milled about the wooden-floored store. The smell of leather came from the boots and saddlebags in the tack area on her left. After browsing over linens, knickknacks, and souvenirs, she headed toward a rack of sweatshirts near the checkout.

A deep velvety voice froze Kate and she rested her hand atop a sweatshirt. Familiarity astounded her as she listened. Her heart raced as though she'd just awakened from the dream and those images of the warrior atop his horse flooded her mind's eye. Was it possible for souls to travel through time and reunite more than one hundred years later? She supposed anything was possible when one believed in soul reincarnation.

"Thank you," the man said in an unhurried manner. "I've been waiting a long time for these."

A sack crinkled. He must have picked it up, she thought.

"Any time, Brandon, you know I'm more than happy to do what I can for you," the sales girl said.

At the sound of his retreating boot steps, still breathless, Kate glanced over her shoulder in the man's direction. The sales girl didn't bother to hide her dreamy stare as she watched the man saunter toward the door. A dark brown duster draped his tall frame, a matching Stetson upon his head. Straight, black hair hung past his shoulders. Something about the stranger made her body tingle the same way her dream affected her. Realization hit. Could there be some connection?

Kate's heart pounded, and she could barely breathe. She took a few moments to compose herself, then glanced back at the sales girl and waited for her attention. "Who is he?"

"Brandon Wakiza. His Shoshone heritage gives him those handsome dark features and every unmarried woman in Dubois is vying for his attention, but he mostly keeps to himself on his ranch. He usually only comes into town once a week." The girl placed Brandon Wakiza's money in the register.

Kate thanked her and stepped out onto the wooden walkway as she mulled over her reaction to a total stranger. That he should cause her heart go out of control and make her unable to breathe was ridiculous. Those reactions only happened in her dream. She glanced up and down the street. The man was nowhere to be found. Both relief and disappointment shifted through her. She took a deep breath and decided not to dwell on the stranger. She was here to relax and get away from her life for a while. A gift shop of Indian articles caught her eye. Putting thoughts of the stranger behind her, Kate opened the door.

She gasped.

Brandon Wakiza stood not three feet away.

Again, Kate couldn't breathe. Who was he and why did his presence have such an effect on her? She watched him as a sense of familiarity shrouded her. He looked so much like the sensual warrior in her dream who watched her from afar though she'd never seen his eyes in her dream. Her pulse raced as pieces of her dream floated through her mind like a haunting mist.

Brandon Wakiza counted money, his long, work-roughened fingers stretched out. Nodding at something the clerk said, a smile firmed the muscles of his chiseled jaw; the brim of his hat blocked his eyes from her view. He placed the rest of his change into his snug pants pocket, drawing Kate's glance down to the sinewy thighs beneath the close-fitting jeans. She'd hate to be caught staring but he was gorgeous.

When she looked up from his sinewy thighs, she was unprepared for the shock of meeting his gaze full-force. Kate grabbed the counter for support. The blue of his eyes penetrated clear to her soul, calling to her. Tiny hairs stood up on the back of her neck. It was as though the two of them communicated without words, almost being pulled toward one another. Was he the man from her dream? He looked back at her for a long, intense moment, and then he smiled. For that moment, she felt he knew her deepest thoughts and her cheeks heated.

To her surprise, he spoke to her. "Do I know you? You look so familiar, like we've met before. Perhaps the spirits have guided you to me."

"No, I'm just here on vacation." She smiled, but wished with all her heart she'd met him before. Then again, maybe the spirits did guide her here. Crossing behind him to the back of the store, she continued shopping but she'd never forget his blue eyes. The spicy scent of his cologne surrounded her. A scent she would forever link to this unknown stranger. Her spine still tingled as she thought of her warrior and the way he made her skin damp each time she'd woken up, wanting more of him, needing him to touch her, but the dream never went that far. She longed for those touches, and then fantasized about the stranger touching her, his fingers tingling along her skin, and her nipples tightened. Taking a deep breath, Kate tried to ignore those around her.

After Brandon moved toward the door, Kate stepped forward to look at something on the counter. The Native American clerk watched her though he kept busy.

Kate laid a beaded necklace on the counter and fumbled in her purse for money. "I'm traveling through on vacation. Is there an area around here with a lake near two mountains?" She prayed he would give her at least some information about the location she sought and not send her to another town. If she found the lake with the two mountains then she'd know she was closer to finding the meaning of her dream. The connection she felt toward Brandon easily compared to what she felt for her warrior. Hoping she was correct, Kate anxiously waited for the clerk's directions.

His eyes lit up like lanterns within his weathered face as he rung up her sale. "That would be Brook's Lake, north of town beyond Union Pass."

Excited, Kate pressed further. "Can you tell me anything about the petroglyphs on a boulder in the hills south of town? I saw them as I drove around earlier." From her work at the museum, petroglyphs were a big part of the Indian culture centuries ago.

"You speak of Whiskey Basin. The markings have been there for centuries. There are more paintings up in that area. Be careful wandering around those parts, though. The rocks can be dangerous for someone climbing alone."

"Thank you, I'll be careful. I'm anxious to see them up close." Kate quickly placed her change back into her purse as she headed toward the door. An uncanny sense of being watched made her glance up in time to stop herself from crashing into Brandon where he leaned against the door frame.

She stared into his blue eyes in silence for nearly a full minute, still feeling the electrical charge between them. She wanted to speak but couldn't.

He smiled and spoke first. "I'm Brandon Wakiza. I couldn't help but hear you ask about Brook's Lake and the petroglyphs at Whiskey Basin. I know this area like the back of my hand and I'd be happy to answer any questions you might have about the petroglyphs."

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Never Surrender 3.9 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 15 reviews.
marfry More than 1 year ago
Never Surrender  is a romance with time-travel , destined soul mates, and Native American mythology all tied together that had the bare bones of a story that I wanted to love, but unfortunately,  suffers from plot holes and inconsistencies that bothered me enough that it was difficult for me to finish this novel. For example: *Kate, a modern (1997) American woman, continually refers to her Indian captors as "savages" throughout most of the book. I could have overlooked that terminology if Kate believed she belonged in 1835 Wyoming raised with the particular mindset of whites from that era.  But she doesn't--she knows she is from the future!  A person who grew up in modern America knowing the history of Native Americans would use some other modern choice epithets.  Especially since she manages a Natural History museum in Pittsburgh, specifically the Native American section!  That bothered me every time I read it. And I saw that word many, many times. I felt that I was reading a pre-politically correct bodice ripper penned in the 1970's. (Yes, I'm that old.) *Which brings me to my next point of contention:  Kate's memory of the future.  The author side-steps Kate having the whole time-travel, "I'm really a gal from the 20th century—you gotta believe me", confrontation with the hero, by giving her headache-inducing "visions" of her modern life. So, if that's the case, then Kate would NOT realize she was from the future...right? She would think she's an 1830's gal with a head trauma.  But yet, both she and the hero's shaman father know she is from the future.  The handling just felt clunky and confusing to me. I actually walked away from this book a couple times in aggravation, but came back because, in essence, it is a good basic story. I am a sucker for anything with time-travel or hunky Native Americans. This book had them both---hot damn!   If the time-travel aspect had been more deftly handled, I would have LOVED and highly recommended this book. Outside of those issues, it is filled with interesting people and details that pulled me back to the story.  I'm attributing the problems to "new writer learning curve". I give this book 2 ½ stars.
Witchy-WomanSS More than 1 year ago
Deanna Jewel is a master storyteller. This is a tale of a white woman and a half breed Shoshone warrior. While reading you'll experience the lives of the Shoshone indians, and feel as if your sitting by campfire, listening to a shaman's telling of Native American lores. Katelyn Bradach (Kate) works in the Native American dept. of a historical museum. She's feeling under a great deal of stress and has also been experiencing dreams of a handsome warrior. She leaves Pennsylvania and heads to Wyoming for a much needed hiatus; secretly hoping she'll find the true meaning of her dreams. A chance meeting with a handsome half-breed Shoshone named Brandon, will propel her into a Tribal legend. When the journey ends; her heart and soul will never be the same. Never Surrender deals with themes of pride, prejudice, hatred, but also love and sacrifice. The overall theme appeared to be, to appreciate every moment and that love is powerful and has no boundaries. The secondary characters were as critical to this story, as the main characters. You will fall in love with Ahanu, Aiyana, young Kelee and Sakima (the shaman). Is it possible that Kate and Brandon have known each other in another time? Will Kate and Taima (an equally handsome half-breed Shoshone) overcome their pride & prejudices to find something beautiful and precious lying beneath? I loved Taima's character. He's a man who's endured great loss and pain, but who protects those he loves no matter the consequence. A beautiful must read for all romance lovers.
JoanWilder More than 1 year ago
A time travel you won't put down! The characters in this story struggle with their attraction to one another but it goes deeper than that. The spirit knows when they've found their soul mate and this story proves that, even through time. Like the blurb states, souls can travel through time and the struggles are worth every minute when you reach the end. I hope Ms Jewel plan a sequel to this one! I'd love to know these two carried on into the future!
smw23 More than 1 year ago
I recently finished reading Never Surrender by Deanna Jewel. I just loved the book and would reccommend it to anyone. Its a great read especially if you love books about going back in time. I love it because it was a amazing read one you wouldnt want to put down til the end. Also one you wouldnt want to end. I love the 50s and feel like i was born in that time and then in the 80s which is when i was really born. So i think thats why i love this book. I give it 2 thumbs up. So if you are in a store and come across never surrender by deanna jewel buy it and go home to read or read it where you stand.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I really enjoyed this story. Well done author!!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
4.5 stars. Kept my attention throughout the entire book. Must read.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Story line was good. Entertaining and not predictable at all. That being said, i absolutely agree with the aug 19, 2013 review. It was contradicting ( her memory), choppy, and she does have a facination with the word "savage". She doesnt even always use it correctly. It was worth reading for free
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
KittyRanch More than 1 year ago
I loved this book from the start. I was a little disappointed in the ending but was at a loss as to how it should end. Even with that, I still give it a high rating.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
ApexReviews More than 1 year ago
Beset with recurring dreams of a handsome, fearless warrior, Kate leaves her native Pennsylvania and travels to Wyoming, in search of the deeper meaning behind her nightly visions. What she ultimately finds, though, turns out to be much more than she bargained for, as a chance meeting with the alluring Shoshone Indian Brandon launches her on a poignant journey of profound self-reflection. Ultimately, Kate's fate becomes enshrouded in mystery as an impassioned soul mate from her past wages a fevered quest to reunite with her at all costs... With well-crafted storylines and a rich cast of characters, Never Surrender is an engaging tale of ageless romance. In compelling fashion, author Deanna Jewel treats the reader to a moving account of the unyielding power of love - which, as Kate ultimately discovers, transcends the natural boundaries of space and time; however, though love features prominently in her narrative, it is only one of a host of topics that Jewel addresses throughout the course of her enlightening tale, the others being prejudice, personal sacrifice, and the perils of cultural bigotry. Jewel also provides the reader with an insightful glimpse into the storied depths of Shoshone culture, highlighting a wide range of the lesser-known aspects of Native American lore. An engrossing tale of the unrelenting power of true love, Never Surrender is a touching, heartwarming read. Tracy Moore Apex Reviews
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
New author, Deanna Jewel, has written a novel that will take you back in time and pull you into the story to experience life with the Shoshone Nation and feel what happens between the two main characters, Kate and Taima. I won't spoil it but you will be drawn into the story, the action and adventures of these two as they fight against the pull of nature. Love has strange ways of making people come together, past or present. Write your own review here after YOU'VE read her novel!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I like time travels and struggled to get through this one. Disappointed with the book & plot line. Kate's character had no backbone. If she traveled back in time from the 1990's she wouldn't be calling the Indians Savages and in some situations she gave up like a woos by never fighting back. And for someone one that works in a museum that has Indian artifacts, she sure was stupid. Definable deleting this book from my files..