New Beginning

New Beginning

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by N.L. Echeverria, STEPHANIE WHITE

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"For he is my demon, and I am his redeemer"

“New Beginning” is filled with newfound enemies, friendships and loves.

With a renewed outlook on who she is, Lindsay's desperation to save Ethan intensifies as he grows weaker by the day. Saving him becomes her sole mission and she will face anyone who stands in her way. Now with…  See more details below


"For he is my demon, and I am his redeemer"

“New Beginning” is filled with newfound enemies, friendships and loves.

With a renewed outlook on who she is, Lindsay's desperation to save Ethan intensifies as he grows weaker by the day. Saving him becomes her sole mission and she will face anyone who stands in her way. Now with Derrick as her Guardian Angel, Lindsay and her friends seek out answers through the book of "The Redeemer".

When Lindsay's faced by Laurence, a demon who wants her dead, the true power of her abilities are tested. She soon finds many who are loyal to her, including Yolanda, the head of the Fallen Council and lover to Laurence. Lindsay quickly discovers that her urge to seek demons and save them becomes a part of her and something she can’t deny.

A longtime friendship between Derrick and Kim blooms into something much deeper as Kim has waited for this moment for so long. Discover if Derrick’s never-ending love for Lindsay will stand in their way.

Secrets lie behind the unexpected as a love causes betrayal. Follow Lindsay as she finds new friendships and becomes the leader she never thought she would be. When she’s faced with the true evil of a demon her determination to save Ethan guides her.

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N. L. Echeverria
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Fallen Desire Series , #2
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Barnes & Noble
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Meet the Author

Mother of three boys and wife to a wonderful husband, Natasha enjoys reading and writing on her free time outside of family fun. Grew up just outside of Portland, Oregon, she works full time and hopes to be able to continue to write more novels. She always looking for a new story, and a great adventure she can take her characters on.

Current projects:
Risen (Fallen Desire Series Book Three) ~ Coming 2014
Evil of Love ~ Coming Winter 2013

You can contact N. L. Echeverria at:

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New Beginning 4.7 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 3 reviews.
keleex More than 1 year ago
Thankfully this book starts right where the first ends. We continue on Lindsay 's journey of being the redeemer. She has to continue her quest on getting the book of the redeemer so she can get the spells needed to fulfil her destiny. Just when you feel like the story is going to wrap up nicely the author throws a wicked curveball. Lindsay and her friends are once again thrown into a wild ride with new fallen angels, good and bad. The hard part is trying to find out who is worthy of being redeemed. But her friends, being who they are, continue to stick by her side. We continue with the original love story but see new relationships unfold. The characters are full of emotion and are easy to form connections to. This author has a knack for cliffhangers  so be ready to be left on the edge of your seat screaming for more. The party is just getting started!
badkat17us More than 1 year ago
This is the second book in this series. This book continues the story of Lindsay (the redeemer) and Ethan (demon/fallen angel). As well as the other characters Derrick, Kim. Lindsay heals herself after Derrick stabs her through heart while trying to attack Ethan. Derrick has come around to see things the way Lindsay does. He has sworn to be her guardian angel. Ethan is getting weaker by the day and all Lindsay wants to do is get the book and redeem him. The council came and took the book from Ethan. Now they must go to the council and prove the Lindsay is indeed the redeemer so she can get the book and do what she is destined to do. The four of them go to the council and meet Yolanda (fallen angel) and her mate Laurence (demon/fallen angel). Yolanda has waited for the redeemer to come and is excited that she has finally come. She wants nothing more than to give Lindsay the book and for her to do what she is supposed to do. Laurence however doesn’t feel the same. He doesn’t want to be saved and think that those who choose to allow evil in should not get to change their minds now. He doesn’t think Lindsay should get to redeem anyone even those that want to be redeemed. Let the journey begin. I loved this book and was so excited to read it. I couldn’t wait to find out what happened next in this book. You can feel how much Ethan Lindsay love each other coming off the page. The books are wonderfully written and the characters are so engaging. I got sucked in immediately. I love the whole story. How they are this quest and they don’t know what is going to happen next. It is very exciting. Can’t wait to read the next one.
Shadowplay4u More than 1 year ago
The Fall Desire Series by N. L. Echeverria is a blindingly ravishing and utterly empowering story like no other. I was immediately drawn in by this painfully raw, sensually heart-pounding, and disturbingly exhilarating mix of discovering what your true purpose in life is, watching your world explode into an existence like no other, and then having to fight for yourself and those you love with every part of your being. Talk about intense! There was such an instant attraction to this storyline that I couldn’t pull myself away from it. Once my heart stepped into this story, I had to see it through. I felt like I held a lose bond to Lindsay. Her desire to be close to nature, to feel its warmth, to sense its ability to center, and to draw peace from it is exactly what I find when I look inside myself. Through various circumstances in my life, I have come to draw deeper and deeper into myself for peace, for comfort, and for reminding myself of the things that matter the most. Years of being quiet have helped to make me more sensitive to those around me. I would easily understand Lindsay’s thoughts and feelings throughout this part of her journey. They were the same thoughts that would appear in my own mind. Of course, her life and her purpose weigh heavily upon her. Thankfully, she finds friends who are fiercely devoted and will do anything to help her. She also finds Ethan who perfectly completes her and grounds her like no other. He is the missing piece of her soul that she will desperately need to see her purpose through to the end. Their love is unreservedly intense and soul-satisfyingly complete. He helps to guide her into her destiny and along the way she transforms him into what he was always meant to be. I was captivated by the loyalty and the love that Lindsay’s friends offer her. Only in the past few years have I even been able to glimpse such qualities in the people that have come to be my friends. An old adage says that with age comes wisdom, but I would say that with a pure heart comes wisdom because only with a pure heart can one truly see and understand the difference between right and wrong. That is not to say that those with pure hearts are perfect. In fact, it is only through and despite our flaws that we can honestly comprehend what it means to be truly wise. While I very much enjoyed this story, I was a little hesitant about the length and degree that Lindsey and Ethan take their relationship in such a short time. I can appreciate her needing him close and drawing strength and love from him, but for a young adult book, the pace was a little too quick for me. The element of magic played a unique role in this story. I was surprised at how it was interwoven, and I wasn’t expecting it at all. Surprising twists like this breathe unexpected chills into an already adrenaline-laced plot. I was completely mesmerized by the strength and depth of their bond. It served as a cornerstone from which Lindsay was able to confidently grow and transform into what she was born to be. He became her inner strength until she was strong enough to stand on her own with him by her side. N. L. Echeverria has taken me by surprise with her awe-inspiring and beautifully enchanting story of destiny and hope. I very much want to know how the next part in Lindsay’s journey progresses. I look forward to seeing what new adventures Lindsay finds herself in!