New Beverly Hills Diet

New Beverly Hills Diet

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by Judy Mazel

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Who'd believe that you could indulge in your favorite food—steak, pasta, even champagne— and lose weight at the same time? That you could not only shed pounds but also maintain your new slim shape forever?

Judy Mazel, diet consultant to the stars and author of the #! New York times bestseller The Beverly Hills Diet, will make you a believer and…  See more details below


Who'd believe that you could indulge in your favorite food—steak, pasta, even champagne— and lose weight at the same time? That you could not only shed pounds but also maintain your new slim shape forever?

Judy Mazel, diet consultant to the stars and author of the #! New York times bestseller The Beverly Hills Diet, will make you a believer and achiever. Working in conjunction with doctors and devoting fifteen years to further research and experimentation, she has fine-tuned and broadened the scope of her original winning concept, Conscious Combining, to create The New Beverly Hills Diet

Conscious Combining was a revolutionary technique that taught how and when to mix different groups for optimum weight control. As refined here, it forms the basis of the "Born Again Skinny" diet—a thirty-five-day eating program to promote lifelong slimness. The diet plan includes delicious recipes for you new food lifestyle and day-by-day chapters to support you in your quest for a slimmer figure. Mazel also explains the significance of enzyme interaction in weight loss and pronounces the four golden rules of weight management.

Who'd have thought that losing weight could be so easily accomplished? With The New Beverly Hills Diet, you can hop on the skinny bandwagon and stay off the fat tract for good.

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Part I
Welcome to Lifelong Slimhood ONE

The Weight Is Over

Hamburgers and hipbones. . . . Cheesecake and cheekbones. . . . There's a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow called Eternal Slimhood: a land where you can be as thin as you'd like for the rest of your life.

Welcome to the world of dreams come true—to a 'diet' that's a dream come true. This is The New Beverly Hills Diet lifestyle eating program. This is a program with no portion control and no forbidden foods, a program that actually allows you to indulge yourself and your every food fantasy. Hot dogs at the ball game, French fries and a shake. At last you can go public and have that affair out in the open . . . with food. Believe me, I know about food. I, too, love to eat, and I live to eat. When food is in my mouth, my heart sings and my soul soars. I can match you food fantasy for food fantasy, bite for bite. I'm no different than you. Well, maybe a little bit, because I'm thin now. But you will be, too, once I've taught you how.

Can you imagine yourself in a world where you don't have to count calories or measure portions? A world with no 'no's,' no 'never's,' no forbidden foods. A world where you don't have to cheat to eat anything, even if that anything is a chocolate-chip cheesecake. Welcome to the world of Born-Again Skinny.

Try to imagine yourself being as thin as you have ever wanted to be, eating the way you want to eat, standing at the sink, driving in your car, even at the refrigerator with the door open! Oh no, I'm not going to limit you to three meals a day with no snacks in between. You won't have to eat off smaller plates, leave half your food or put your fork down between bites. You won't have to modify your behavior, and you don't have to go through psychoanalysis to understand why you eat. The 'why' isn't important. It doesn't matter. What is important is that you'll never go hungry, nor will you have to give up your favorite foods to have the body you've always longed for, the body that will soon be yours—if you are willing to give up three things: (1) your guilt; (2) your fat; and (3) all of your preconceived ideas, everything you've ever been taught to believe about fat and fattening, diets and dieting, because being thin has nothing to do with what you eat, or how much you eat, but rather when you eat and what foods you eat together.

For the next 35 days you'll experience a way of eating that I first developed for myself, my way of going from 180 pounds to my current 108. It is a way of eating I have taught to millions of readers and hundreds of personal clients—Liza Minelli, Jack Nicholson, Jodie Foster and Maria Shriver, to mention a few. You are going to learn that nothing has to be fattening, not even a piece of pepperoni pizza with extra cheese. You see, it's all in the enzymes.

Let me explain. The human body is activated by enzymes, biological catalysts that appear in the food you eat or are promoted in your body by the food you eat. There are three food groups: (1) proteins; (2) carbohydrates; and (3) fats. Each has its own set of enzymes. A protein enzyme works on proteins, a carbohydrate enzyme works on carbohydrates, and a fat enzyme works on fats. Not only can they not cross over (a protein enzyme can't work on a carbohydrate, a carbohydrate enzyme can't work on a protein), but the presence of one can destroy the effect of the other.

So what does this have to do with your weight? Enzymes break down food so that your body can properly and efficiently digest it. I base my whole technique for eating on the thesis that when food is not properly digested, it turns into excess weight. When you mix too many foods from the different food groups together (the proteins, the carbohydrates, the fats)—your basic balanced meal—you confuse the enzymes and this prompts a weight gain.

This is just a thumbnail sketch. We will go into much more detail as we go along.
On The New Beverly Hills Diet you'll learn to make your enzymes work for you by eating foods together that should go together and counteracting those that don't. This includes all the foods you've been eating and would like to continue eating. You know, all those 'fattening' foods. However, the difference will be that you will eat them in certain specific combinations and you'll see how the right combination of foods can trigger astonishing weight loss and weight maintenance. Some of the foods you will be eating may seem foreign to you at first, such as the papayas and mangoes, and some I'm sure will be foods you never thought you'd be able to eat on a weight-loss program (pastas, corn on the cob and baked potatoes with butter, avocados and even desserts).

If you just do what I say and eat what I tell you to eat (believe me, I won't let you go hungry), you'll soon see that a thin, healthy world exists beyond the skinless chicken breast, the dry broiled fish and that ever-familiar 'diet plate.' Because this is unlike any diet you've ever been on, this is the last diet you will ever go on. This time you'll get thin and you'll stay thin, no bones about it! Unless, of course, it's those hipbones that are going to emerge from under those mountains of flesh. I'm going to teach you a way of eating that's going to change your life, just as it changed mine and oh-so-many others.

Never again will you have to go to bed hungry, feeling deprived, deprived of all the foods you love or the body you long to have. You can have both—hamburgers and hipbones, cheesecake and cheekbones—all the foods you love and the body you've always dreamed of. In the next five weeks, you are going to eat food, all kinds of food, even the most fattening food. That includes all your favorites, all of those foods that you've always had to break a diet to eat. You'll see that when those foods are properly combined with other foods, not only will you not gain weight, you'll lose weight.

Your initial weight loss is going to be achieved by eating very specific foods in a very specific order. Although most of your meals will be scheduled for the next 35 days, you'll have 21 opportunities to 'go for it,' to eat the foods you love, no matter what they happen to be—fried chicken and mashed potatoes, even apple pie à la mode—and you'll see how you'll lose weight by feeding your body, not by starving it, and how you'll maintain that weight loss the same way. It is food that's going to get you thin and keep you thin . . . not pills, not some chemical powder in a can or prepackaged meals. Just food, glorious food. Life, my soon-to-be-skinny friend, is like a smorgasbord; a world of taste treats and eating experiences. A bite here, a nibble there, sit down for a meal, stop for a snack. Your choices are wide open and the sky's the limit! And, believe me, there is pie in the sky, and you can have your cake and eat it too. Food and eating and the body you've always longed to have are yours for the taking.

It doesn't matter if you travel, go out to dinner every night, have business lunches, love Sunday brunches, eat when you are stressed, depressed, high or low. None of these things will stop you from being the thinnest you've ever wanted to be, not once you've adopted and adapted my exciting and unique way of eating. And as you do, you'll see that the excuses, along with the pounds, will disappear.

It doesn't matter who you are, where you live, what your life is like or how much money you have in the bank. If you are willing to accept that whatever you've been doing, on or off your diet, just isn't working, that you still aren't the weight you want to be no matter how hard you've tried; and if you accept that there is another way, and believe in it, then I promise you, if you just give me 35 days of your life and commit to following my program to the letter, you will not fail! You'll get thin and you'll stay thin, once and for all and forever.

Oh, by the way, from now on you have a new name.
You don't mind if I call you Skinny, do you?

©2008. All rights reserved. Reprinted from The New Beverly Hills Diet by Judy Mazel. No part of this publication may be reproduced, stored in a retrieval system or transmitted in any form or by any means, without the written permission of the publisher. Publisher: Health Communications, Inc., 3201 SW 15th Street , Deerfield Beach , FL 33442.

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