The New Biology: Law, Ethics, and Biotechnology / Edition 1

The New Biology: Law, Ethics, and Biotechnology / Edition 1

by George P. Smith II, G. P. Smith

ISBN-10: 0306431874

ISBN-13: 9780306431876

Pub. Date: 08/31/1989

Publisher: Springer US

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Springer US
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Table of Contents

1 Biotechnology: The Challenges and the Opportunities.- 2 Law, Science, and the New Biology.- 3 Medical, Legal, and Ethical Conundrums at the Edge of Life.- 4 The Contemporary Influence of Genetics and Eugenics in Family Planning.- 5 Organ Procurement and Transplantation: The Scope of the Problem.- 6 El Dorado and the Promise of Cryonic Suspension.- 7 AIDS: The Private and the Public Dilemmas.- 8 Noble Death, Rational Suicide, or Self-Determination.- 9 Procreational Autonomy: Values Gone Awry?.- 10 The Case of the Orphan Embryos.- 11 Science, Religion, and the New Biology.- Epilogue: Rome Speaks.- Notes.

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