New Celtic Dimensions

New Celtic Dimensions


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Klub Records Ltd.

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Disc 1

  1. Mairead Nan Cuiread
  2. Can O'Tea
  3. The Braes O'Gight
  4. The Lucky Penny
  5. Exile
  6. The TWA Corbies
  7. Doctor McInnes' Fancy
  8. The Flower of Magherally
  9. The Eight-Step Waltz
  10. Found on the Wave  -  Green
  11. The China Jig
  12. Bonnie Jean Cameron
  13. Willie's Auld Trews
  14. Brittany
  15. Shake Loose The Border
  16. Dr. Shaw
  17. Rooftops  - Lorraine Jordan
  18. Spindrift

Disc 2

  1. The Gathering Storms
  2. My Collier Laddie  - Hudson Swan
  3. Brenton Set
  4. A Ghaoil Saoil Am Faigh Mi Thu?
  5. Jug Og Brown
  6. Glasglow Peggy
  7. Boo Baby's Lullaby
  8. The Barnyards O'Delgaty
  9. The Harper
  10. The North Sea Chinamen
  11. Nach Fhreagir Thu Cairistonia
  12. Blackthorn Stick  -  Canterach
  13. Wearing The Britches
  14. Taimse Im' Chodladh
  15. Bigger Things
  16. Biggar
  17. Sweet White Water
  18. Oran Mor
  19. Blow Away

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Album Credits

Performance Credits

JSD Band   Track Performer
Jerry Holland   Fiddle
Craobh Rua   Track Performer
Coffield   Electric Guitar
Jim Divers   Bass
Chuck Fleming   Fiddle
Ross Kennedy   Guitar,Strings,Vocals,Track Performer
Gavin Marwick   Fiddle
Tannas   Track Performer
Whirligig   Track Performer
Tabache   Track Performer
David Allison   Acoustic Guitar,Track Performer
Drop the Box   Track Performer
Old Blind Dogs   Track Performer
Whistlebinkies   Track Performer
Cythara   Track Performer
Aidan O'Rourke   Fiddle,Flute,Woodwind
Mick West   Vocals,Track Performer
Wendy MacIsaac   Fiddle,Track Performer
Ian F. Benzie   Guitar,Track Performer
Claire Mann   Vocals
Rory Campbell   Pipe,Woodwind,Track Performer
Jenny Crook   Flute,Guitar,Piano,Vocals
Anna Mhoireach   Track Performer
Sheumas MacNeil   Piano
Jonny Hardie   Bouzouki,Fiddle,Guitar
Archie Mcallister   Fiddle,Track Performer
Anna Murray   Bagpipes,Vocals
Clare Lindley   Fiddle,Vocals
Ingrid Henderson   Bagpipes,Fiddle,Piano
Allan Henderson   Bagpipes,Fiddle,Piano
Sean O'Rourke   Saxophone
Rob Mairs   Banjo,Dobro
Conlin Finn   Percussion,Drums
Elise MacLellan   Harp,Track Performer,Clarsach
Adrian O'Rourke   Fiddle,Flute,Woodwind
Davy MacDonald   Accordion
Charlie Harrigan   Guitar
Carlene Anglim   Fiddle,Track Performer
James L. Henry   Vocals
Inge Thomson   Vocals
Chris Armstrong   Bagpipes,Track Performer
Deidre Cunningham   Guitar,Vocals
Oige   Track Performer
Davy Cattenach   Guitar,Percussion
Coinneach   Track Performer
Maclaine Colston   Hammered Dulcimer
Lorraine Jordan   Guitar,Track Performer
John Mitchell   Guitar,Vocals

Technical Credits

Jerry Holland   Arranger
Chuck Fleming   Arranger
Ross Kennedy   Arranger,Liner Notes
Gavin Marwick   Arranger
David Allison   Arranger
Aidan O'Rourke   Arranger
Wendy MacIsaac   Arranger
Ian F. Benzie   Arranger
Claire Mann   Arranger
Jenny Crook   Arranger
Jonny Hardie   Arranger
Archie Mcallister   Arranger
Dua Craobh   Arranger
Anna Murray   Arranger
David Shepard   Arranger
Clare Lindley   Arranger
Ingrid Henderson   Arranger
Allan Henderson   Arranger
William Denholm   Arranger
Elise MacLellan   Arranger
Sue Swan   Arranger
Hudson Swan   Arranger
Adrian O'Rourke   Arranger
Carlene Anglim   Arranger
James L. Henry   Arranger
Chris Armstrong   Arranger
Lain MacPherson   Arranger
Deidre Cunningham   Arranger
Davy Cattenach   Arranger
Maclaine Colston   Arranger
Lorraine Jordan   Arranger
John Mitchell   Arranger

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