The New Communications Technologies: Applications, Policy, and Impact

The New Communications Technologies: Applications, Policy, and Impact

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by Michael Mirabito

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As new communications applications are developed and brought to market, it is vital for communications professionals to keep abreast of these issues. Since the technologies and applications also affect our daily lives, it is important to understand how they will shape the country and, by extension, the world at large. International censorship, the impact of the


As new communications applications are developed and brought to market, it is vital for communications professionals to keep abreast of these issues. Since the technologies and applications also affect our daily lives, it is important to understand how they will shape the country and, by extension, the world at large. International censorship, the impact of the Internet and wireless tools, and th legisation following the World Trade Center bombing all fall into this category.

The New Communications Technologies, Fifth Edition, provides vital information on the new and emerging technologies that will shape the way communicators do business. The book explores the new communications technologies and covers topics ranging from multimedia and production to satellites to digital communication. Just as important, the book examines the social, economic, and political impact brought about by the adoption of such technologies and applications; this fallout includes privacy concerns, First Amendment issues, and the implications raised by biometric systems.

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"Although the book is directed toward technology makes for interesting, thought-provoking reading." - Monitoring Times

"The New Communications Technologies does provide a wealth of information...concepts are easy to grasp, whilst discussions such as those on spectrum scarcity and our shift to digital technologies are enlightening." - Journal of Learning, Media & Technology

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Michael Mirabito is a Professor and supervises the Distance Education and other academic information units at Marywood University in Pennsylvania. He is also a consultant specializing in the new communications technologies, and has written a book about video cameras on NASA's space probes.
Barbara Morgenstern is a Professor at the Park School of Communications at Ithaca College in New York and specializes in teaching media law. She is also involved in curriculum development, particularly as it pertains to communications law.

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New Communications Technologies: Applications, Policy, and Impact 4 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 10 reviews.
Guest More than 1 year ago
This book serves the tasty technology and delicious read. Different with other technological book which is difficult to be digested, Book has been composed by two famous professor in Marywood University in Pennsylvania and Park School at Ithaca College in New York attended integrity between technologies, applications, and its impact to environment and also human. There are some advantages in this book: 1.The topic in this book very up to date and relevant with condition of our society now. 2.Some of illustrations make the reader not confuse in predict what such technological picture is. 3.Some of the example that related with growing issues makes this book down to earth. 4.Divided into the six titles and 21 chapters, Mirabito and Morgenstern emphasize importantly of technological awareness in order not to be trapped into its race. With fasting growth of the technology, even almost in the entire world, make this book suitable to read by everybody without knowing age or background. Marshall McLuhan, director of the Center for Culture and Technology at the University of Toronto told that technology now have altered all aspects in our life, both economic, politic, and culture. Is it possible that we live without technology? You can find the answer in this book!
Guest More than 1 year ago
This book contains six parts that are divided by 21 chapters, foundation information transmission information storage production technologies information, entertainment, and communications services the law. Generally, this book tells us about communication technology developments, at the first time communication technologies was found, today¿s communication technologies, until communication technologies in the future. This book also talks about recent issues that related to communications technologies. The fifth edition book is to perfection the previous edition. The New Communications Technologies is very appropriate for people who study about communication technologies or those who work in this field. This book can be used as the guidance for the professionals and as the reference for those who are interested to know about communications technologies.
Guest More than 1 year ago
I really suggest this book if you are willing to know much about technology, but you don't know where to start from. This book talks about basic knowledge to current technologies in the world, especially in United States. The things that attractive from this book is the capability to explain things steps to steps and slowly, but not boring, so you can understand easily and fast. The pictures help you to be more fluent because the illustrations were so relevant to the topic. By reading this book, you will know about communications in modern age, satellites 'including the explanation of Challenger Explosion', legal issues, production technologies, privacy issues, and other interesting chapters that will guide you to the technological age of today. Feel like you are expert enough about technologies? Wait until you read this book.
Guest More than 1 year ago
In this modern age, we can¿t avoid the communications areas. Because we need information, and we use a variety of communications systems to exchange information. So many communications tools have created to make easy human communication. As part of communication community, it¿s necessary for us to know how the communications systems work. This book talks about communications tools and how they work as a communications system. After read this book, we are not only know about the uses of the new communications technologies but also the process of relaying information. Besides knowing the process, we also know the impacts of the communications technologies revolution, like legal issues and many more.
Guest More than 1 year ago
This book is a great book for people who don't really understand communications technologies. Mirabito & Morgenstern explain about every aspect of communication technology clearly that even someone who doesn't understand technology, like myself, can grasp. Some of the explanations are given with diagram, pictures, etc. In University of Indonesia, we use this book for our handbook of Development of Communication Technology class. And it's been really useful. One thing, I think, is the missing point of this book is that it fails to capture the newest technology. Well, the latest edition is out in 2004 but it's 2007. But still, if you want to know about what fiber optic is, how the wireless system works, how a computer works, this book can really help you.
Guest More than 1 year ago
Understanding technology nowadays is as important as taking meals for survival. I'm not trying to exaggerate the statement because the reality is, technology plays role in many aspects of our lives. Mirabito and Morgenstern do some great explanation about that role in this book. They focus on explaining about communication technologies, especially those helping us in this new modern era. This book consists of chapters which are beneficial for us to know about the development of communication technology, especially the application, policy and impact. The authors discuss from the very basic concept, such as the Foundation of Modern Communication until the high-context content such as Production Technology. I know that on the first time reading, we might find a little difficulty in understanding whole concepts the authors try to say, but I still have to say that it¿s good book because of the significance it has. Aside from difficulty of the concepts that we will find, the authors give lots of examples that relate to our lives. That is why this book is applicable. It also contains all the new and pertinent information needed to keep abreast in this ever changing business. For short, I do recommend you for reading this book because I know that we do not want to be missed about the development of communication technology. Be sure that you have one in your library!!
Guest More than 1 year ago
You know why? Because this book is comfort to read, give the easy and complete explanation, and use the easy language. In every chapter we will understand about parts of communication technologies. This book explain us about the basic concept of communication technologies. Start from discourse of communication in the modern age, legal issues of technologies, basic concept of computer technologies, fiber optic, satellite, wireless technology, information storage, digital technology, internet, until amendment issues of technology. But, the weakness of this book is less picture. Sometimes, as the beginner, we need the picture for understand about the explanation about complementary of technology like computer, satellite, etc. Instead of that, this book has to give the additional explanation for specific technology word like 'ground station', 'beams of light', etc. But, overall, this book good for you who still learn about basic of communication technology.
Guest More than 1 year ago
The New Communications Technology examines the development of technology and its impact on human life. Professors Mirabito and Morgenstern provide this book with technical bases of communication technology and its application. The book also provides the readers with technological impacts related to social and legal field. This book is like an eye opener for me. After reading chapter to chapter, I can say, ¿We shape our technologies and they in turn shape our life.¿ The evolution of communication technology ¿ from analog to digital ¿ really changes our communication system. Problems arise together with the development of communication technology. Then, legal issues became more important. The framework of law changes society behavior on using technology. So, the book is a good choice for communication student and beginners to understand communication technology and it legal to social impacts. Although, the book provides less cases outside USA
Guest More than 1 year ago
although i'm not a technological college student, i can understad what Mirabito write on his book. the technology in this day, still relevant with what he says in his book. for example, in chapter 6, about satellite he says that geostationary orbits only travel in ground level. today, we know that many people need its function especially for those who work in ground level, maybe as a bullet train driver. or for those who work under the ground. for simple, geostationary orbit help those who work under the ground or in earth station.
Guest More than 1 year ago
Communication is very important in our life, including communications technologies. In order to know more about communications technologies, I recommend you to read this book because we will find many things that really interesting and useful to read, from the new innovations (like internet, warless, fiber optic, and many more), the applications, the policies and of course the impacts of that technologies. But if we read this book for first time, we will have a little confuse because many new concepts of technologies that we didn¿t know before. But don¿t too worry, Mirabito and Morgenstern explain chapter by chapter clearly and also give visual illustrations to help us to understand the topic easily. The last but not least, I give great appreciation to the authors because they already gave us useful information and update technologies issues that can increase reader¿s knowledge in communications technologies, not only for communication professionals but also for general societies who interest in communications technologies. Interesting? You can try reading this book.