New Country Rock, Vol. 5

New Country Rock, Vol. 5


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Country Roads Ger

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  1. Black Coffee  -  Delta Moon
  2. Could Not Stop Myself From Loving You  - Zona Jones
  3. Tattoo  - Kevin Chase
  4. She'll Drive You Out of Your Mind  - Michael Holloway
  5. Hope In a Song  - Jim Pyle
  6. Small Town Blues  - Timo Gross
  7. Baby's Got Her Boots On  - Steff Nevers
  8. Stay With Me  - Søren Carter
  9. Two Steps Forward  -  Get the Cat
  10. Rock My Girl  - Jackson Mackay
  11. Another Day Rolled - Another Day Rocked  - Eric Heatherly
  12. Hey Girlfriend  - Debbie Nunn
  13. Good Times Revisited  -  Will
  14. Hard Enough  -  Downtown Mystic
  15. Midnight Rider  - Rick Monroe
  16. Dirt  - Mark Selby

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Album Credits

Technical Credits

Aaron Tippin   Composer
Gregg Allman   Composer
Tom Gray   Composer
Bob Moffatt   Composer
Michael Holloway   Composer
Mark Nesler   Composer
Mark Selby   Composer
Clint Moffatt   Composer
Eric Heatherly   Composer
Debbie Nunn   Composer
Jackson Mackay   Composer
Robert Allen   Composer
Timo Gross   Composer,Producer
Barry Upton   Composer
Steff Nevers   Composer
Tony Martin   Composer
Tommy Calame   Composer
Franher Joseph   Composer
Mark Johnson   Composer
Till Brandt   Composer
Spencer Jaye   Composer
Jim Pyle   Composer
Marlon Mattin   Composer

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