New Dynamics of Winning

New Dynamics of Winning

by Denis E. Waitley

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Publishers Weekly - Publisher's Weekly
Lecturer and former head of the mental training program of the U.S. Olympic Committee's Sports Medicine Council, Waitley here applies his theories for athletic success to business and personal life. In this upbeat, pragmatic guide, he outlines a program for tapping one's inner resources and abilities to achieve ``more than you or anyone else thought possible.'' Citing examples drawn from sport and business, he recommends breaking down major goals into 90-day-long mini-goals, which can also be divided into subgoals. Offering advice on preventive physical and mental health care, he emphasizes such stress-reducing, confidence-building techniques as positive ``self talk,'' short statements of praise and advice for repeating during moments of pressure. He concludes with a 21-day plan for establishing and accomplishing specific personal goals. (Jan.)
Library Journal
Waitley, head of the mental training program for the U.S. Olympic Committee's Sports Medicine Council in the early Eighties, is a well-known motivational speaker and author of the audio program The Psychology of Winning and the bestselling book Seeds of Greatness. This work applies what he learned from the high performance of Olympic champions to the workings of the business world. Chapter titles include ``The Drive to Win,'' ``Visualization of Victory,'' and ``The Olympian Within.'' His approach is similar to that of many works on the market using military, historical, and animal metaphors to help people improve their business skills. Recommended for large popular business collections.-- Michael D. Kathman, St. John's Univ. Lib., Collegeville, Minn.
David Rouse
Waitley is one of the more successful evangelists on the motivational circuit, commanding upwards of $8,000 a day for his inspirational business seminars. His "Psychology of Winning" cassette series and his book "Seeds of Greatness" (Revel, 1983) have both been best-sellers. Here he hopes to attract new disciples and reinvigorate old followers by reiterating his basic message. Relying on numerous illustrations from the world of sports as well as success stories ranging from astronauts to entrepreneurs, Waitley shows that talent--and even desire--is not enough. One must develop the "mind-set" of a winner, and Waitley's task, which he performs well, is to instill it.

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