The New Encyclopedia of Southern Culture, Volume 3: History

The New Encyclopedia of Southern Culture, Volume 3: History

by Charles Reagan Wilson

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New Encyclopedia of Southern Culture: Volume 3: History

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From the Publisher
With entries on topics ranging from cemeteries to debutante balls to Victorianism, this updated volume offers a descriptive take on the Southern way of life and its stereotypes and traditions.—Our State

This set represents a solid improvement on a celebrated work. The individual volumes will be essential for scholars of various Southern studies topics.—Library Journal

The collaborative effort of long-time super-star scholars…and a rainbow of rising new lights, The New Encyclopedia of Southern Culture. . . is living up to its promise of combining old verities with an array of recent scholarly perceptions that make covering everything in only 24 volumes seem to be a short-sighted goal. . . . Wresting a representative snapshot of southern history from the voluminous scrapbooks and long, long library shelves on that subject is a daunting assignment, and Wilson deserves praise for taking the risk of producing a good one.—Index-Journal (Greenwood, SC)

All significant libraries, not only in the South, but throughout the nation should include the new individual volumes in their collections.—American Reference Books Annual

Does a fine job of outlining the high points of the South's cultural history. . . . It remains the sort of encyclopedia that one can refer to for serious work or just thumb through for a lazy hour, discovering something new with a turn of the pages.—Western Folklore

The New Encyclopedia of Southern Culture provide[s] wonderful insight into the history and culture of the American South. By publishing the encyclopedia in multiple volumes, the editors have helped make this rich resource more readily available to the reading public. Future volumes… will be highly anticipated.—North Carolina Historical Review

Library Journal
Published in conjunction with the Center for the Study of Southern Culture at the University of Mississippi, this work is a significantly expanded update of the acclaimed Encyclopedia of Southern Culture, first released in 1989. While the original was published as a single volume, the New Encyclopedia will be a 24-volume set published over five years, with each relatively small volume devoted to a particular aspect of Southern culture. These inaugural four volumes include Religion; Geography; History; and Myth, Manners, and Memory. Others in the set will include Urbanization, Race, Media, Recreation, Foodways, Law and Politics, and Science and Medicine. Each volume begins with an overview article written by the volume editor, followed by thematic essays arranged alphabetically, then by topical articles, also arranged alphabetically. All essays and articles are signed by the contributor and include bibliographic references. Many new articles have been added, and most of the existing ones have been revised to reflect recent developments in scholarship, especially with respect to race, gender, politics, and the arts. Revised articles also contain updated statistical and bibliographic information. Bottom Line This set represents a solid improvement on a celebrated reference work. The individual volumes will be essential for scholars of various Southern studies topics; the full 24-volume set is highly recommended for all reference collections in the South and larger reference collections elsewhere. [For more information, go to]-Elizabeth L. Winter, Acquisitions Lib. & Information Ctr., Georgia Inst. of Technology, Atlanta Copyright 2006 Reed Business Information.

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New Encyclopedia of Southern Culture Series
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