New Folk Music

New Folk Music

by Craig Harris

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Harris provides a snapshot of the ``new folk music'' scene with a series of brief biographical sketches. He provides updates on the current activities of the old guard (Pete Seeger; Arlo Guthrie; Peter, Paul & Mary; etc.) as well as others working in the more ``traditional'' genre (current folk-rockers such as the Indigo Girls). Unfortunately, his definition of folk music is much too broad: he includes cajun and zydeco music, blues, country (Waylon Jennings), ``world music'' (i.e., virtually anything not easily based in the Anglo-American musical idiom)--even the muzak of the baby-boom era, ``New Age'' music! With such a sweeping range, his cursory glance is little more than an updated bulletin on the splintered ``folk music'' scene as it exists as the book goes to press. Consequently, it will have little value even as soon as next year.-- James Stephenson, Soc. of the Cincinnati Lib., Washington, D.C.

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