New Institutional Economics: A Guidebook

New Institutional Economics: A Guidebook

by Eric Brousseau

A guide to the latest developments in new institutional economics, an exciting and fast-growing branch of economics.See more details below


A guide to the latest developments in new institutional economics, an exciting and fast-growing branch of economics.

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List of figures; List of tables; List of contributors; Acknowledgments; Foreword Oliver E. Williamson; A Road Map for the Guidebook Eric Brousseau and Jean-Michel Glachant; Introductory Chapter - New Institutional Economics: a Report Card Paul L. Joskow; Part I. Foundations: 1. The Theories of the Firm PIERRE GARROUSTE and STEPHANE SAUSSIER; 2. Contracts: From Bilateral Sets of Incentives to the Multi-Level Governance of Relations ERIC BROUSSEAU; 3. Institutions and the Institutional Environment JOHN NYE; 4. Human nature and institutional analysis BENITO ARRUNADA; Part II. Methodology: 5. The 'Case' for Case Studies in the New Institutional Economics LEE J. ALSTON; 6. New Institutional Econometrics: The Case of Research on Contracting and Organization MICHAEL E. SYKUTA; 7. Experimental methodology to inform New Institutional Economics Issues STEPHANE ROBIN and CARINE STAROPOLI; 8. Game Theory and Institutions THIERRY PENARD; Part III. Strategy and Management: 9. New-Institutional Economics, Organization and Strategy JACKSON NICKERSON and LYDA BIGELOW; 10. Inter-firm Alliances: A New Institutional Economics Approach JOANNE E. OXLEY and BRIAN S. SILVERMAN; 11. Governance Structure and Contractual Design in Retail Chains EMMANUEL RAYNAUD; Part IV. Industrial Organization: 12. Make or buy decisions: a NIE approach MANUEL GONZALEZ-Diaz and LUIS VAZQUEZ; 13. Transaction Costs, Property Rights, and the Tools of the New Institutional Economics: Water Rights and Water Markets GARY D. LIBECAP; 14. Contracting and Organization in Food and Agriculture MICHAEL L. COOK, PETER G. KLEIN and CONSTANTINE ILIOPOULOS; Part V. Institutional Design: 15. Buy, lobby or sue: interest group participation in policy making – a selective survey PABLO T. SPILLER and SANNY LIAO; 16. Regulation and Deregulation in network industry JEAN-Michel GLACHANT and YANNICK PEREZ; 17. Constitutional Political Economy – Analyzing the most basic layer of formal institutions STEFAN VOIGT; 18. New Institutional Economics and its Application on Transition and Developing Economies SONJA OPPER; Part VI. Challenges to Institutional Analysis: 19. Law and Economics in Retrospect ANTONIO NICITA and UGO PAGANO; 20. The Theory of the Firm and Its Critics: a Stocktaking and an Assessment NICOLAI J. FOSS and PETER G. KLEIN; 21. The Causes of Institutional Inefficiency: A Development Perspective JEAN- PHILIPPE PLATTEAU; References; Index.

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