New Orleans Jazz [2002]

New Orleans Jazz [2002]


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  1. Christine
  2. I Wonder Where My Easy Riders Riding Now
  3. The Waffle Man's Call
  4. Eccentric @@De Droit, Johnny & His New Orleans Jazz Orchestra
  5. Cabaret Echoes
  6. Crossword Mama You're Puzzling Me @@Papalia & His Orchestra
  7. I Never Knew What a Gal Could Do
  8. Golden Leaf Strut (Milenburg Joys)
  9. Careless Love
  10. Black Rag
  11. She's Crying for Me
  12. Cat's Head @@Mannone's Joe Harmony Kings
  13. Steppin' on the Gas @@Morgan's Sam Jazz Band
  14. Sing On @@Morgan's Sam Jazz Band
  15. In the Dungeon @@New Orleanians Parenti's Toni
  16. High Society
  17. Git-Wit-It
  18. San Antonio Shout
  19. Sensation Rag
  20. Lowdown Blues @@Henry 'Kid' Rena's Jazz Band
  21. Clarinet Marmalade @@Henry 'Kid' Rena's Jazz Band
  22. Careless Love
  23. Snag It
  24. When the Saints Go Marching In
  25. If I Ever Cease to Love @@Original Zenith Brass Band

Album Credits

Performance Credits

George Lewis   Clarinet,E-flat Clarinet
Bunk Johnson   Trumpet
Peter Bocage   Trumpet
Sharkey Bonano   Trumpet
Tom Brown   Trombone
Monk Hazel   Drums,Mellophonium,Vocals
Chink Martin   Tuba
Tony Parenti   Clarinet,Alto Saxophone,Baritone Saxophone
Santo Pecora   Trombone
Alton Purnell   Piano
Jim Robinson   Trombone
Frank Froeba   Piano
Oscar "Papa" Celestin   Cornet
Joe Howard   Tuba
Sidney Brown   String Bass
Sidney Arodin   Clarinet
Baby Dodds   Drums,Snare Drums
Terry S. Baptiste   Piano
Isadore Barbarin   Mellophonium
Harrison Barnes   Horn,Baritone Saxophone
Georg Brunis   Trombone
Charlie Cordella   Clarinet,Tenor Saxophone
Bill Eastwood   Banjo
Abbey Chinee Foster   Drums,Slide Whistle
Avery Howard   Trumpet
Kid Shots Madison   Cornet
Larance Marable   Bass Drums
Paul Mares   Cornet
Laurence Marrero   Banjo
Johnny Miller   Piano
Sam Morgan   Cornet
Leon Roppolo   Clarinet
Chester Zardis   Bass
Sterling Bose   Cornet
Michael Holloway   Banjo
Joe Cupero   Rhythm Guitar
Hal Jordy   Clarinet,Alto Saxophone,Baritone Saxophone
Luther Lamar   Tuba
John Marrero   Banjo
Simon Marrero   String Bass
Freddy Newman   Piano
Benny Pottle   String Bass
Johnny Davis   Banjo
Terry Shand   Piano
Johnny Bayersdorffer   Cornet
Johnny de Droit   Cornet
Paul de Droit   Drums
Mario Finazzo   Tuba
Felix Guarino   Drums
Cliff Holman   Clarinet,Alto Saxophone
Henry Knecht   Cornet
Avery Loposer   Trombone
Vic Lubowski   Piano
Tony Papalia   Tenor Saxophone
Alphonse Picou   Clarinet
Johnny Riddick   Piano
George Triay   Drums
Nolan Williams   Drums
Willie Santiago   Rhythm Guitar
Charles Hartman   Trombone
Glyn Lea "Red" Long   Piano
Albert Gleny   String Bass
Andrew Morgan   Clarinet,Tenor Saxophone
Arnold Loyacano   String Bass
Big Eye Louis Nelson   Clarinet
Brian Jack   Rhythm Guitar
Helen Raymond   Clarinet
Leon "Leo" Adde   Drums
John Ryan   Drums
Charlie Scaglioni   Clarinet
Manuel Manetta   Piano
Earl Fouche   Alto Saxophone
William Ridgley   Trombone
Eddie Powers   Tenor Saxophone
Ellis Stratakos   Trombone
Edgar Mosley   Drums

Technical Credits

Sharkey Bonano   Director
Tony Parenti   Director
Oscar "Papa" Celestin   Director
Johnny Bayersdorffer   Director

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