New Orleans Revival 1940-1954 [Fremeaux & Associes]

New Orleans Revival 1940-1954 [Fremeaux & Associes]


Based in Vincennes, France, the Fremeaux & Associes label specializes in historical recordings of classic jazz and blues. New Orleans Revival 1940-1954 is presented as a sequel to their earlier release, New Orleans Jazz 1918-1944. It focuses almost exclusively upon music made by the originators (or early second-liners) of the style rather than their…  See more details below


Based in Vincennes, France, the Fremeaux & Associes label specializes in historical recordings of classic jazz and blues. New Orleans Revival 1940-1954 is presented as a sequel to their earlier release, New Orleans Jazz 1918-1944. It focuses almost exclusively upon music made by the originators (or early second-liners) of the style rather than their younger emulators and imitators. Bunk Johnson, Kid Ory, and especially George Lewis get more room than anyone else, but with two discs to fill, the producers really went to town assembling a healthy selection of the Crescent City's best old-time players, warts and all. Highlights include a beautiful blues duet by Sidney Bechet and George Baquet; a fascinating street parade version of "Maryland, My Maryland" played by Louis Armstrong & His Dixieland Six; and visitations from great musicians with interesting monikers like Big Eye Louis Nelson, Punch Miller, Mutt Carey, and Wooden Joe Nicholas. It's handy to have on hand an index of people sharing the same nickname, as in Kid Ory, Kid Thomas, Kid Rena, Kid Clayton, and Kid Shots Madison; to be able to compare the styles of clarinet legends Albert Nicholas and Emile Barnes; or to hear what trumpeter Herb Morand was up to after his tenure with the Harlem Hamfats. Part of the fun in hearing these mature musicians grind out their old-fashioned melodies is the relative absence of anything resembling glitz, glamour, or pretentious showmanship. Kid Rena, for example, glibly presents "Get It Right," a bouncy shuffle better known as "Do What Ory Say" but originally entitled "Kiss My Fuckin' Ass." Most of the liner notes are in French. Anyone entranced by these amazing musicians may consult the New Orleans-based American Records label for more complete chronologically presented reissues.

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Release Date:
Fremeaux & Assoc. Fr


Disc 1

  1. Blues with Bechet  - Sidney Bechet
  2. Get It Right  -  Kid Ory's Creole Jazz Band
  3. Panama  -  Bunk Johnson Superior Band
  4. Careless Love  -  George Lewis & His New Orleans Music
  5. Muskrat Ramble  -  Original Zenith Brass Band
  6. San Jacinto Stomp  -  Kid Shots
  7. Dumaine Street Drag @@Idem #6
  8. My Life Will Be Sweeter Someday  -  Bunk Johnson Band
  9. Creole Song  -  Kid Ory's Creole Jazz Band
  10. Shake It and Break It  -  Wooden Joe's New Orleans Band
  11. Eh La Bas! @@Idem #10
  12. Milenberg Joys  -  Sidney Bechet and Their Orchestra
  13. Gloryland  -  Bunk's Brass Band
  14. Over the Waves  -  George Lewis Trio
  15. Salutation March  - Herb Morand
  16. I'll Take You Home Again Kathleen  - Bunk Johnson
  17. Maryland My Maryland  -  Louis Armstrong & His Dixieland Band
  18. Snag It  - Albert Nicholas
  19. Shim Sha Wabble  -  Matt Carey and His New Yorkers
  20. Chrysanthemum @@Idem #19
  21. Les Ognons  - Albert Nicholas
  22. I Just Can't Help Myself  - Punch Miller

Disc 2

  1. The Entertainer  -  Last Testament
  2. Sheik of Araby  - Herb Morand
  3. Jerusalem Blues  - George Lewis
  4. Streets of the City  -  Paul Barbarin and His N.O. Band
  5. Hindustan  - Emile Barnes
  6. West Lawn Dirge  -  Eureka Brass Band
  7. Ciribirin  -  Louisiana Joymakers
  8. St. Louis Blues  -  Kid Ory's Creole Jazz Band
  9. When the Saints Go Marching In  -  Oscar Celestin Tuxedo Jazz Band
  10. See See Rider  -  Kid Clayton Happy Pals
  11. Blues in G  - Emile Barnes
  12. Down in Honky Tonk Town  - Percy Humphrey
  13. Milenberg Joys  -  Freddie Kohlman & His Band
  14. Cream  -  George Lewis and His Ragtime Band
  15. Basin Street Blues  -  Jack Delaney and His N.O. Band
  16. Darktown Strutters' Ball  -  George Lewis and His Ragtime Band
  17. Lord Lord Lord You Sure Been Good to Me  -  George Lewis and His Ragtime Band
  18. Darktown Strutters' Ball  -  Kid Ory's Creole Jazz Band
  19. Somebody Else Is Taking My Place  -  George Lewis Band
  20. Just a Closer Walk with Thee @@Idem #19
  21. High Society  -  Oscar Celestin Tuxedo Jazz Band

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Album Credits

Performance Credits

George Lewis   Clarinet
Paul Barbarin   Drums
Danny Barker   Guitar
Percy Humphrey   Trumpet
James P. Johnson   Piano
Albert Nicholas   Clarinet,Chant
Alvin Alcorn   Trumpet
Emile Barnes   Clarinet
Peter Bocage   Trumpet
Albert Burbank   Clarinet
Joe Darensbourg   Clarinet
Jack Delaney   Trombone
Don Ewell   Piano
Edmond Hall   Clarinet
Freddie Kohlman   Drums
Lizzie Miles   Chant
Jimmie Noone   Clarinet
Alton Purnell   Piano
Kid Rena   Trumpet
Jim Robinson   Trombone
Zutty Singleton   Drums
Raymond Burke   Clarinet
Thomas Jefferson   Trumpet
Oscar "Papa" Celestin   Trumpet
Johnny St. Cyr   Guitar
Wellman Braud   String Bass
Willie Pajeaud   Trumpet
Richard Alexis   String Bass
Jimmy Archey   Trombone
Louis Armstrong   Clarinet
Baby Dodds   Drums,Snare Drums
George Baquet   Clarinet
Harrison Barnes   Baritone Horn
Sidney Bechet   Soprano Saxophone
Barney Bigard   Clarinet
Alex Bigard   Drums
Andrew Blakeney   Trumpet
Garvin Bushell   Clarinet
Ernie Cagnolatti   Trumpet,Chant
Joe Clark   Bass Horn
Jimmy "Kid" Clayton   Trumpet,Chant
Lee Collins   Trumpet
Ed Cuffee   Trombone
Hank Duncan   Piano
Frank Fields   String Bass
Pops Foster   String Bass
Ed Garland   String Bass
Minor Hall   Drums
George Henderson   Drums
Ernest "Bass" Hill   String Bass
Avery Howard   Trumpet
Willie Humphrey   Clarinet
Bill Huntington   Banjo
Albert Jiles   Drums
Manzie Johnson   Drums
Waldron "Frog" Joseph   Trombone
Sherwood Mangiapane   String Bass
Laurence Marrero   Banjo,Bass Drums
Stan Mendelson   Piano
Punch Miller   Trumpet
Herb Morand   Trumpet,Chant
Louis Nelson   Trombone
Alcide Pavageau   String Bass
John Porter   String Bass
Bud Scott   Banjo,Guitar,Chant
Omer Simeon   Clarinet
Alphonse Steele   Drums
Elmer "Coo Coo" Talbert   Trumpet
Albert Warner   Trombone
Joe Watkins   Drums,Chant
Buster Wilson   Piano
Chester Zardis   String Bass
Sylvester Handy   String Bass
Buck Johnson   Trumpet
Arthur Trappier   Drums
Jeanette Kimball   Piano,Chant
Myrtle Jones   Chant
Sandy Williams   Trombone
Joseph Phillips   String Bass
Ernest Rogers   Drums
Billie Pierce   Piano
Octave Crosby   Pianarpa
Walter Decou   Piano
Christopher "Black Happy" Goldston   Drums
Alphonse Picou   Clarinet
Alton Redd   Drums
Joe Kid Avery   Trombone
Harold Holmes   String Bass
Willie Santiago   Guitar
Harrison Verrett   Banjo
Albert Brunies   Drums
Richard McLean   String Bass
Sister Elizabeth Eustis   Chant
Adolphe Alexander   Baritone Horn
Shorty Williams   Drums
Cliff Jackson & His Crazy Cats   Piano
Louis "Kid Shots" Madison   Trumpet
Quentin Batiste   Piano
Josiah "Cie" Frazier   Drums

Technical Credits

Russ Morgan   Composer
King Oliver   Composer
Kid Ory   Composer
George Baquet   Composer
Sidney Bechet   Composer
Richard Howard   Composer
Spencer Williams   Composer
Rudi Blesh   Engineer
Juventino Rosas   Composer
Patrick Frémeaux   Concept
Alden Ashforth   Engineer
Bob Ellsworth   Composer
Laure Wright   Adaptation
Claude Colombini   Concept
Nork Law   Composer
Thomas Westendorf   Composer

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