The New Oxford Book of Christian Verse / Edition 1

The New Oxford Book of Christian Verse / Edition 1

by Donald Davie

This anthology reflects the Christian faith as it has been professed and practised in all its varieties through the centuries. The poems included range from the Anglo-Saxon masterpiece, 'The Dream of the Rood', to works of twentieth-century poets such as Eliot, Auden, Betjeman, and Geoffrey Hill. Most fully represented are those four writers whom Donald Davie… See more details below


This anthology reflects the Christian faith as it has been professed and practised in all its varieties through the centuries. The poems included range from the Anglo-Saxon masterpiece, 'The Dream of the Rood', to works of twentieth-century poets such as Eliot, Auden, Betjeman, and Geoffrey Hill. Most fully represented are those four writers whom Donald Davie considers the masters of the sacred poem in English -- George Herbert, Henry Vaughan, Christopher Smart, and William Cowper -- but he also includes works by many other writers from all over the English-speaking world. Christian verse as written by female poets is well represented, from the Elizabethan Countess of Pembroke, via Emily Dickinson and Christina Rossetti, to Elizabeth Jennings. In addition, there are many congregational hymns and anonymous pieces, exemplifying 'the plain style' of direct, unswerving English, which Christian poets have found most appropriate for speaking their faith.

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Table of Contents

1The Dream of the Rood1
2'Thou who createdst everything'4
3('Wait a Little')5
5'Now fade the rose and lily-flower'5
6'Moon-like is all other love'7
7from Cleanness8
8from The Book Concerning Piers the Plowman11
9from Troilus and Criseyde14
10from Prologue to The Canterbury Tales15
11('Quia Amore Langueo')16
12'I sing of a maiden'20
13'Adam lay y-bounden'21
14On the Resurrection of Christ21
15This Endris Night23
16Psalm 130. 'Out of the depths have I cried unto thee, Lord'25
17Christ to his Spouse26
18Christ, my Beloved26
19Gascoigne's Good-morrow27
20Gascoigne's Good-night29
21Psalm 100. 'O be joyful in the Lord, all ye lands' (All people that on earth do dwell)30
23Away Vane World32
24from The Faerie Queene (And is there care in heaven?)33
25from Amoretti (Most glorious Lord of life!)34
26The Holy Well34
27Sonnet 89. 'The Manicheans did no idols make'36
28Sonnet 96. 'In those years when our Sense, Desire and Wit'37
29Sonnet 105. 'Three things there be in Man's opinion dear'38
30(Splendidis Longum Valedico Nugis) (Leave me, O Love, which reaches but to dust)39
31Of the Day Estivall39
32Of Gods Omnipotencie47
33Look Home51
34New Prince, New Pomp51
35The Burning Babe52
36Psalm 58. 'Do ye indeed speak righteousness, O congregation?'53
37Psalm 74. 'O God, why hast thou cast us off for ever?'54
38Psalm 115. 'Not unto us, O Lord, not unto us'58
39Psalm 139. 'O Lord, thou has searched me, and known me'59
40Psalm 147. 'Praise ye the Lord'62
41Sonnet 146. 'Poor soul, the centre of my sinful earth'63
42'If I could shut the gate'64
43Miserere, My Maker65
44Sweet was the Song65
45'To Music bent is my retired Mind'66
46God's Virtue66
47To Heaven67
48Good Friday, 1613. Riding Westward68
49'Thou hast made me, and shall thy work decay?'69
50'Why are we by all creatures waited on?'69
51'What if this present were the world's last night?'70
52from A Litanie70
53(Easter Morn)71
54His Saviour's Words, Going to the Cross72
55Like to the Arctic Needle73
56On Those that Deserve It74
60The Windows76
62The Collar77
63The Pulley78
65The Pearl80
67A True Hymn82
68The Temper82
71The Flower85
72Upon a Great Shower of Snow that fell on May-day, 165486
73The Circulation88
74from Last Verses89
75On the Morning of Christ's Nativity89
76Sonnet, On the late Massacre in Piedmont97
77Sonnet, (On his Blindness)97
78from Paradise Lost, Book V (O favourable spirit, propitious guest)98
79from Paradise Lost, Book XII (Descended, Adam to the bower where Eve)99
80from Samson Agonistes (O how comely it is and how reviving)100
81'Lord, when the wise men came from far'101
82To my Dear and Loving Husband102
83In Memory of my dear grandchild Elizabeth Bradstreet102
85Charitas Nimia: or the Dear Bargain106
86from A Psalm of Praise (Ye holy Angels bright)108
88The Coronet112
90The Retreat113
92Ascension Hymn115
93The World116
95The Waterfall118
96The Dawning119
97The Revival120
100The Night123
101(The Pilgrim Song) (Who would true Valour see)125
102from An Elegie upon the Death of the Reverend Mr. Thomas Shepard126
103from The State of Innocence128
104from Religio Laici130
105The Character of a Good Parson131
106The Salutation134
107from Christian Ethics135
108Ibid. (Contentment)136
109'Glory to thee, my God, this night'137
110Upon a Wasp Chilled with Cold137
111from Preparatory Meditations Before My Approach to the Lord's Supper139
113'While shepherds watched their flocks by night'141
114On Exodus 3:14. 'I am that I am.' An Ode142
115Ode (The spacious firmament on high)145
116Crucifixion to the World by the Cross of Christ146
117Submission to Afflictive Providences146
118Look on him whom they pierced, and mourn147
119The Church the Garden of Christ148
120A Prospect of Heaven makes Death easy149
121Man frail, and God eternal (O God, our help in ages past)150
122Hosanna to Christ151
123The Shortness and Misery of Life151
124Miracles at the Birth of Christ152
125'Where-e'er my flatt'ring Passions rove'152
126The Passion and Exaltation of Christ153
127(After reading the life of Mrs Catherine Stubbs...)154
128A Hymn for Christmas Day154
129(Christ's Resurrection and Ascension)156
130Meditations on the Sepulchre in the Garden156
131'Love Divine, all loves excelling'157
132Free Grace158
133'O thou Eternal Victim slain'159
134(The Incarnation)160
135from The Horrible Decree161
136(During his Courtship)162
137(For his Wife, on her Birthday)163
138(On the Death of his Son)165
139(On Sympathisers with the American Revolution)166
140Wrestling Jacob167
141The Whole Armour of God170
142Psalm 147. 'Praise ye the Lord'173
143Hymn 3. Epiphany176
144Hymn 13. St Philip and St James178
145Hymn 14. The Ascension of Our Lord Jesus Christ181
146Hymn 32. The Nativity of Our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ182
147Hymn 9. Moderation184
148Hymn 13. Elegance184
149Hymn 14. Loveliness185
150Hymn 15. Taste186
151Hymn 26. Mutual Subjection187
152Hymn 29. Long-suffering of God187
153'All hail the power of Jesus' name'188
154'How sweet the Name of Jesus sounds'189
155'Glorious things of thee are spoken'190
156from Truth191
157Love Constraining to Obedience195
159'The Lord will Happiness divine'197
160Walking with God198
161Light Shining out of Darkness198
162Joy and Peace in Believing199
163Jehovah our Righteousness200
164Exhortation to Prayer201
165Stanzas Subjoined to the Yearly Bill of Mortality of the Parish of All Saints, Northampton: for the year 1787202
166On a Similar Occasion: for the year 1790203
167On a Similar Occasion: for the year 1792204
168'Rock of Ages'205
169from The Triumph of Infidelity206
171Address to the Unco Guid208
172Resolution and Independence210
174My Baptismal Birthday215
176'By Cool Siloam's shady Rill'216
177(Morning Hymn) (New every morning is the love)217
178'Fill high the bowl'217
180'Abide with me'220
181Psalm 103. 'Praise the Lord, O my soul' (Praise, my soul, the King of heaven)221
182Lord, Hear my Prayer222
183Eternal Light223
184from The Dream of Gerontius (Praise to the holiest in the height)224
185(Guidance) (Lead, kindly light)225
186The Over-Heart226
187The Call of the Christian228
188from The Eternal Goodness229
189from the Brewing of Soma230
191from In Memoriam233
192The Created236
193'Oh, give us back the days of old'236
194Battle-Hymn of the Republic237
195'Eternal Father, strong to save'238
196'Our journey had advanced'239
197'I shall know why'239
198'Bring me the sunset in a cup'240
199'We thirst at first'240
200'Just lost when I was saved'241
201'I stepped from plank to plank'241
202'To learn the transport by the pain'241
203'Tis so much joy!'242
204'It is an honorable thought'243
205'Heaven is what I cannot reach'243
206'Read, sweet, how others strove'243
207'I should have been too glad'244
208'Great streets of silence led away'244
209'He fumbles at your soul'245
210'Immortal is an ample word'245
211'Remorse is memory awake'245
212'The only news I know'246
213'He preached upon "Breadth"'246
214The Bitter Withy247
215Easter Monday248
216St Peter249
218'As kingfishers catch fire'249
219'I wake and feel the fell of dark'250
220In the valley of the Elwy250
221A General Communion251

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