New Perspectives on Computer Concepts Eighth Edition, Introductory / Edition 8

New Perspectives on Computer Concepts Eighth Edition, Introductory / Edition 8

by Dan Oja, June Jamrich Parsons, June Parsons

Engaging, innovative, and insightful, New Perspectives on Computer Concepts, Eighth Edition will enlighten anyone from the computer novice to the computer savvy with its hands-on approach and cutting-edge learning technology. This edition has been updated throughout to provide you with the most current information on computers, software, and the Internet.See more details below


Engaging, innovative, and insightful, New Perspectives on Computer Concepts, Eighth Edition will enlighten anyone from the computer novice to the computer savvy with its hands-on approach and cutting-edge learning technology. This edition has been updated throughout to provide you with the most current information on computers, software, and the Internet.

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Table of Contents

Chapter 1Computer, Internet, and Network Basics2
Section AComputer Basics4
A Computer is...4
Computer Categories6
Personal Computer Systems9
Data, Information, and Files11
Application Software and Operating System Basics12
QuickCheck A13
LAB: Operating a Personal Computer14
Section BInternet Basics15
Internet Resources15
Internet Connections18
Internet Service Providers20
User IDs and Passwords22
QuickCheck B24
LAB: Making a Dial-up Connection25
Section CWeb Basics26
The World Wide Web26
Search Engines31
QuickCheck C34
LAB: Browsing and Searching35
Section DE-mail Basics36
E-mail Overview36
E-mail Technology40
QuickCheck D42
LAB: Using E-mail43
TechTalk: The Boot Process44
QuickCheck TechTalk47
Issue: How Private is E-mail?48
Review Activities50
Interactive Summary50
Interactive Key Terms52
Interactive Situation Questions53
Interactive Practice Tests54
Study Tips54
Additional Projects55
Chapter 2Computer Hardware56
Section AData Representation and Digital Electronics58
Digital Data Representation58
Quantifying Bits and Bytes61
Digital Electronics62
QuickCheck A64
LAB: Working with Binary Numbers65
Section BMicroprocessors and Memory66
Microprocessor Basics66
Microprocessor Performance Factors67
Today's Microprocessors69
Random Access Memory70
Read-Only Memory72
CMOS Memory73
QuickCheck B74
LAB: Benchmarking75
Section CStorage Devices76
Storage Basics76
Floppy Disk Technology79
Hard Disk Technology81
Tape Storage83
CD Technology84
DVD Technology86
QuickCheck C87
Section DInput and Output Devices88
Expansion Slots, Cards, and Ports88
Installing Peripheral Devices92
Display Devices92
QuickCheck D97
TechTalk: How a Microprocessor Executes Instructions98
QuickCheck TechTalk101
Issue: Why Recycle Computers?102
Review Activities104
Interactive Summary104
Interactive Key Terms106
Interactive Situation Questions107
Interactive Practice Tests108
Study Tips108
Additional Projects109
Chapter 3Computer Software110
Section ASoftware Basics112
Software, Programs, and Data Files114
Programmers and Programming Languages114
How Software Works115
Application Software and System Software116
QuickCheck A117
Section BPersonal Computer Operating Systems118
Operating System Overview118
Windows, Mac OS, UNIX, and DOS123
QuickCheck B126
LAB: Using the Windows Interface127
Section CApplication Software128
Document Production Software128
Spreadsheet Software133
Accounting and Finance, Mathematical Modeling, and Statistical Software136
Data Management Software137
Graphics Software141
Music Software143
Video Editing Software144
Educational and Reference Software144
Entertainment Software145
Business Software147
QuickCheck C147
Section DSoftware Installation and Copyrights148
Installation Basics148
Installing From Distribution Disks or CDs150
Installing Downloaded Software151
Uninstalling Software152
Software Copyrights153
Software Licenses153
QuickCheck D155
LAB: Installing and Uninstalling Software153
TechTalk: The Windows Registry157
QuickCheck TechTalk159
Issue: Is Piracy a Problem?160
Review Activities162
Interactive Summary162
Interactive Key Terms164
Software Key Terms165
Interactive Situation Questions165
Interactive Practice Tests166
Study Tips166
Additional Projects167
Chapter 4File Management, Virus Protection, and Backup168
Section AFile Basics170
Filenames, Extensions, and Formats170
File Locations, Folders, and Paths172
File Sizes and Dates173
QuickCheck A173
Section BFile Management174
Application-Based File Management174
File Management Utilities176
File Management Metaphors177
Windows Explorer178
Physical File Storage180
QuickCheck B183
LAB: Working with Windows Explorer184
Section CComputer Viruses185
Viruses, Trojan Horses, and Worms185
Antivirus Software189
Virus Hoaxes191
QuickCheck C192
Section DData Backup193
Backup and Restore Procedures193
Backup Equipment198
Backup Software200
QuickCheck D201
LAB: Backing Up Your Computer202
TechTalk: File Formats203
QuickCheck TechTalk207
Issue: Is it a Crime?208
Review Activities210
Interactive Summary210
Interactive Key Terms212
Interactive Situation Questions213
Interactive Practice Tests214
Study Tips214
Additional Projects215
Chapter 5Internet and Lan Technology216
Section ANetwork Building Blocks218
Transmitting Data218
Network Links221
Network Devices223
Network Addresses223
Network Topology224
Packet and Circuit Switching Technology225
Communications Protocols226
Network Classifications228
QuickCheck A230
Section BInternet Building Blocks231
Internet Hardware and Connections232
Internet Protocols234
IP Addresses234
Domain Names235
QuickCheck B238
LAB: Tracking Packets239
Section CInternet Access240
Dial-up Connections240
Cable Television Connections243
DSL, ISDN, T1, and T3247
Wireless Internet Access249
QuickCheck C252
LAB: Securing Your Connection253
Section DLAN Technology254
LAN Services and Resources254
LAN Hardware255
LAN Standards and Protocols256
LAN Addresses257
LAN Software257
LAN Installation258
LAN Security260
QuickCheck D260
TechTalk: OSI Layers and Protocol Stacks261
QuickCheck TechTalk263
Issue: Free Wi Fi? Why not?264
Review Activities266
Interactive Summary266
Interactive Key Terms268
Interactive Situation Questions269
Interactive Practice Tests270
Study Tips270
Additional Projects271
Chapter 6Web Pages, Web Sites, and E-commerce272
Section AWeb Technology274
The Web, the Net, and Hypertext274
Web Browsers280
Helper Applications, Plug-ins, & Players281
Web Servers283
QuickCheck A287
LAB: Working with Cookies288
Section BBasic Web Page Authoring289
Web Page Authoring Tools289
Basic Web Page Components291
Styles and Style Sheets292
Web Page Graphics293
Links, Buttons, and Hot Spots294
Testing and Posting Web Pages298
QuickCheck B299
Section CWeb Page Extensions, Scripts, and Programs300
XML, XSL, and XHTML301
JavaScript and VBScript302
Java Applets303
ActiveX Controls305
QuickCheck C307
LAB: Browser Security Settings308
Section DE-commerce309
E-commerce Basics309
Shopping Carts311
Order Forms and Secure Transactions312
Credit Card Security314
Electronic Wallets315
Person-To-Person Payment Services316
QuickCheck D317
TechTalk: Encryption318
QuickCheck TechTalk321
Issue: Is the Truth Out There?322
Review Activities324
Interactive Summary324
Interactive Key Terms326
Interactive Situation Questions327
Interactive Practice Tests328
Study Tips328
Additional Projects329
Chapter 7Digital Media330
Section ABitmap Graphics332
Bitmap Basics332
Scanners and Cameras333
Modifying Bitmap Graphics335
Image Resolution335
Color Depth and Palettes338
Bitmap Graphics Formats341
QuickCheck A342
LAB: Working with Bitmap Graphics343
Section BVector and 3-D Graphics344
Vector Graphics Basics344
Vector-to-Bitmap Conversion348
Vector Graphics on the Web349
3-D Graphics350
QuickCheck B352
Section CDesktop Video353
Desktop Video Basics353
Video Cameras355
Video Transfer and Storage356
Desktop Video Editing and Processing358
Web-based Video361
QuickCheck C362
LAB: Video Editing363
Section DDigital Sound364
Waveform Audio364
MIDI Music368
Speech Recognition and Synthesis369
QuickCheck D370
TechTalk: Data Compression371
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