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New Perspectives on the Internet, Comprehensive 4th Edition / Edition 4

New Perspectives on the Internet, Comprehensive 4th Edition / Edition 4

by Gary P. Schneider, Jessica Evans

ISBN-10: 061916297X

ISBN-13: 9780619162979

Pub. Date: 04/22/2003

Publisher: Cengage Learning

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Cengage Learning
Publication date:
Edition description:
Older Edition
Product dimensions:
10.72(w) x 7.80(h) x 0.04(d)

Table of Contents

1. Introduction to the Internet and the World Wide Web 2. Browser Basics 3. Basic Communication on the Internet: E-mail 4. Searching the Web 5. Information Resources on the Web 6. Downloading and Storing Data 7. Mass Communication on the Internet 8. Real-time Communication on the Internet 9. Securing and Enhancing Your Use of the Internet 10. Web Portals and Electronic Commerce Creating Web Pages with HTML HTML 1: Developing a Basic Web Page HTML 2: Adding Hypertext Links to a Web Page Appendices: A: HTML Color Names B: HTML Character Entities C: Putting a Document on the World Wide Web D: HTML Tags and Attributes (available online only) E: Eudora (available online only) F: Browser Basics with Netscape Navigator Version 4.7 (available online only)

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