New Politics

New Politics

by Ferdinand Muller-Rommel

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International Library of Politics and Comparative Government
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Table of Contents

Series Preface
1Value Change in Industrial Societies3
2Post-Materialism in an Environment of Insecurity19
3Value Change in Industrial Societies41
4The Priorities of Materialist and Post-Materialist Values in the Nordic Countries - a Five-Nation Comparison59
5The Persistence of Materialist and Post-Materialist Value Orientations83
6In an Environment of Insecurity: Postmaterialism in the European Community, 1970 to 1980101
7The Challenge of the "Participatory Revolution" in Pluralist Democracies133
8New Social Movements: Challenging the Boundaries of Institutional Politics153
9Cognitive Mobilization and Partisan Dealignment in Advanced Industrial Democracies205
10Governing Left Parties Frustrating the Radical Non-established Left: The Rise and Inevitable Decline of the Greens227
11The Life Expectancy of Left-libertarian Parties. Does Structural Transformation or Economic Decline Explain Party Innovation? A Response to Wilhelm P. Burklin245
12A Politico-economic Model instead of a Sour Grapes Logic: A Reply to Herbert Kitschelt's Critique251
13Postindustrial Politics in Germany and the Origins of the Greens257
14The Green Breakthrough in Sweden283
15New Politics: Just Post-Materialist? The Case of the Austrian and Swiss Greens303
16The Greens in Western Europe: Similar but Different323
17The Organization of a Participatory Party - the German Greens341
18Old and New Politics: The Dutch Peace Movement and the Traditional Political Organizations369
19Social Movements and the Greens: New Internal Politics in Germany397
20Organizational Interlocks Between New Social Movements and Traditional Elites: The Case of the West German Peace Movement413
21Parties under Stress: Realignment and Dealignment in Advanced Industrial Societies431
22The Left-Right Semantics and the New Politics Cleavage449
23Left-Libertarian Parties: Explaining Innovation in Competitive Party Systems479
24The Materialist/Post-Materialist Value Dimension as a Party Cleavage in the Nordic Countries521
25The German Greens in the 1980s: Short-term Cyclical Protest or Indicator of Transformation?537
26New Politics and Party Systems: The Emergence of a New Type of Party?547
27The New Right in Germany: The Transformation of Conservatism and the Extreme Right561
Name Index589

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