New Rules of Healthcare Marketing: 23 Strategies for Success / Edition 1

New Rules of Healthcare Marketing: 23 Strategies for Success / Edition 1

by Arthur C. Jr. Sturm

ISBN-10: 1567930743

ISBN-13: 9781567930740

Pub. Date: 01/28/1998

Publisher: Health Administration Press

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Health Administration Press
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Table of Contents

Rule 1Your Immediate Challenge Is to Move from Promise to Proof1
Rule 2The Physician Is Still the Focal Point of the Relationship7
Rule 3Your Brand Is a Valuable Asset: Nurture and Develop It10
Rule 4If You're Merging Facilities, Initially Maintain Some of Your Original Brand Identity24
Rule 5Your New Selling Season Is Called "Open Enrollment"29
Rule 6Your Managed Care Contract Is No More Than a Hunting License33
Rule 7In a Consolidated Market, Re-examine Your Notion of Market Segmentation39
Rule 8Nothing Is More "Relationshippy" Than Healthcare: Maximize It44
Rule 9Get a New Vocabulary51
Rule 10Be Cautious in the Use of Outcomes Data55
Rule 11Readjust Your Notion of Service - the Big and Perhaps Only True Opportunity to Differentiate60
Rule 12Alternative Medicine Is No Longer a Marketing "Alternative"64
Rule 13Follow the Consumer for Internet Opportunities69
Rule 14Work with the Retail Pharmacist ... Watch Out for the Retail Pharmacist74
Rule 15Consumers Still Seek Solutions to Their Health Problems83
Rule 16In the End, the Healthcare Choice Is Still an Emotional Decision86
Rule 17Your New Economic Frame of Reference Is Called "PMPM"89
Rule 18Your Continuing Challenge to Succeed Is Your Ability to Gain and Sustain Focus91
Rule 19Make Radical Changes in the Organizational Structure of Your Marketing Department94
Rule 20Be a Hero in a Tumultuous Market98
Rule 21Marketing's New Accountability Is the 4 Rs102
Rule 22In an Impersonal World, Find the Right Handshake106
Rule 23Learn from the Marketing Lessons of Titanic111
About the Author117

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