New Worlds 3

New Worlds 3

by David Garnett

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The third volume in this series edited by Garnett offers pleasures that raise a smile but linger only fleetingly. Graham Charnock shows how heavy metal rock stars of the future may be ``immortalized'' by being imprisoned in a computer network via a laser beam. But the record company that engineers the transfer of the artist's soul onto computer chip can't prevent his music from turning maudlin, or his fans from turning rabid. Charnock's tale is diluted by the current glut of SF stories on retirement possibilities for rock stars. The culture of celebrity is examined from a new angle in a story by Gwyneth Jones that has a garage mechanic impetuously buying a car from its alien owner. Limited in his capacity to connect with the newest residents on Earth, the mechanic settles for material proof of his contact, much as a fan clutches at a star's clothing or autograph. According to Paul Di Filippo, bizarre creatures inhabit Earth's future, but they will spring from genetic attempts at creating slaves and real-life comic book heroes like Prince Namor. This story of a slave's righteous revenge against his sadistic master provides a wickedly satisfying conclusion. (Feb.)

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