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New York

New York

by Barbara A. Somervill

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Children's Literature - Lois Rubin Gross
Another excellent installment in the Scholastic "America the Beautiful" series is characterized by lively writing, lots of intriguing facts, appealing illustrations and formatting, and on-line references that really enrich a student's study of the Empire State. While much of the book reads like a travelogue for an "I Love New York" campaign (including a copy of the state song by the same name), there is good solid history from Colonial disputes for ownership between Swedes, Dutch, and British, and it's extensive information about the Algonquin tribes who inhabited the area. It is particularly interesting that America's form of Federal government was actually derived from Algonquin rule which was more respectful of individual contributions than the European models, and put significant power in the hands of women tribal elders. The book characterizes New York as a culturally diverse state, but one with a surprisingly strong history of slavery. Contemporary information includes the cultural, artistic, and athletic contributions made by native and adoptive New Yorkers. Biographical notes are extensive and current, including many popular musicians and athletes that students will easily recognize. One quibble: although the Statue of Liberty stands in New York Harbor, she is actually a Jersey girl! Also, an historical timeline includes the 9/11 bombing of the World Trade Center but omits the first attack on February 26, 1993. Also omitted is any mention of the Triangle Shirtwaist fire, a major impetus for labor reform in the U.S. Suggested activities are "cut and paste" from other volumes of the series, but kids should have fun with the menu of food typical to the state. With lots of charts, maps, index, and resources, this is a good addition to library collections. Reviewer: Lois Rubin Gross

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Scholastic Library Publishing
Publication date:
America the Beautiful, Third Series
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Product dimensions:
7.70(w) x 9.10(h) x 0.50(d)
Age Range:
10 - 13 Years

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