New York City Blues and R&B 1949-1954

New York City Blues and R&B 1949-1954


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Disc 1

  1. Rough and Rocky Road
  2. No Wine, No Women
  3. Hole In the Wall
  4. Bed Tick
  5. Income Tax Blues
  6. Leave It Alone
  7. I Love My Baby
  8. Slow Down Baby
  9. Ragged and Hungry
  10. Them There Eyes
  11. Let's Drink Some Whiskey
  12. Sweet Sixteen
  13. I Believe You Got a Side Kick
  14. Harmonica Hop
  15. I Feel So Good
  16. Love Love Love
  17. Harmonica Train
  18. Meet You In the Morning
  19. Little Girl's Boogie
  20. Doggin' My Heart Around
  21. Bicycle Boogie
  22. Daisy
  23. Drunk Again
  24. I'm the Fat Man

Disc 2

  1. Shim Sham Shimmy
  2. But Officer
  3. Give Me One More Drink
  4. Stumblin Block Blues
  5. Don't Dog Your Woman
  6. Highway Blues
  7. You the Kind of Women
  8. Shake Baby Shake
  9. Number Nine Blues
  10. Miss Christine
  11. Runaway
  12. I'm Afraid I Love You
  13. Walking Down Hill
  14. I Love You Baby
  15. Too Much Competition
  16. Short John
  17. Flat Foot Boogie
  18. Bottle It Up and Go
  19. I'm Tired
  20. You Better Heed My Warning
  21. There's No Other Way
  22. Please Tell Me
  23. I'm Alone
  24. Bluebird Bluebird

Album Credits

Performance Credits

Jimmy Cleveland   Trombone
Gigi Gryce   Vocals
Budd Johnson   Tenor Saxophone
Max Roach   Drums
Buddy Tate   Tenor Saxophone
Dinah Washington   Vocals
Eddie Barefield   Alto Saxophone
Eddie Chamblee   Tenor Saxophone
Bobby Donaldson   Drums
Leonard Gaskin   Bass
Tyree Glenn   Trombone
Taft Jordan   Trumpet
George Kelly   Tenor Saxophone
Wade Legge   Piano
Monk Montgomery   Bass
Ed Thigpen   Drums
Jackie Davis   Organ
Mickey Baker   Guitar
Varetta Dillard   Vocals
Ralph Willis   Guitar,Vocals
George Jackson   Bass
Connie Kay   Drums
Rector Bailey   Guitar
Abie Baker   Bass
Danny Bank   Baritone Saxophone
Everett Barksdale   Guitar
Eddie Beal   Piano
Howard Biggs   Piano
Brownie McGhee   Guitar,Drums,Vocals
Allen Bunn   Guitar,Vocals
Clark Terry   Trumpet
Jimmy Crawford   Drums
Lou Donaldson   Baritone Saxophone
Clyde Dunn   Saxophone
Wilbert Ellis   Piano
Oscar Estelle   Baritone Saxophone
Billy Ford   Trumpet
Panama Francis   Drums
William Harris   Baritone Saxophone
Haywood Henry   Baritone Saxophone
Jerry Sanfino   Tenor Saxophone
Willie Jones   Drums
Arlem Kareem   Baritone Saxophone
Junior Mance   Piano
Sticks McGhee   Guitar
Dave McRae   Alto Saxophone,Baritone Saxophone
Freddie Mitchell   Tenor Saxophone
Wayne Robinson   Drums
Sonny Terry   Harmonica,Vocals
Jesse Stone   Piano
Lloyd Trotman   Bass
Dick Vance   Trumpet
Williams   Piano
John Williams [double bass]   Bass
Pinky Williams   Baritone Saxophone
Marty Wilson   Drums
Big John Greer   Tenor Saxophone,Vocals
Gene Brooks   Drums
Larry Dale   Vocals
Lucas   Drums
Kelly Owens   Piano
Bob Gaddy   Piano
Leslie Johnakins   Alto Saxophone
Harry Van Walls   Piano
Billy Henderson   Vocals
Sam Price   Piano
Freddy Williams   Tenor Saxophone
Harold Wing   Drums
Melvin Merritt   Drums
George Woods   Drums
Minters Galloway   Saxophone
Edward Wright   Guitar
Lester Jenkins   Drums
George Wood   Drums
Charlie Singleton   Tenor Saxophone
Dumas Ransom   Bass
King   Bass
Bob Harris   Bass
Jimmy Newsome   Vocals
Clifford "King" Solomon   Tenor Saxophone
Jack Dupree   Piano
Otis Hinton   Guitar,Vocals
Little Bobby Harris   Bass,Vocals
Heywood Henry   Baritone Saxophone
Jimmy Reynolds   Piano
Nathaniel Allen   Trombone
William Betts   Baritone Saxophone
Sam Taylor   Tenor Saxophone
Billy Jackson   Saxophone
Cobbs   Trombone
Henry Durent   Tenor Saxophone
Lorenzo Goins   Bass
Howard Anderson   Piano

Technical Credits

Big Bill Broonzy   Composer
Champion Jack Dupree   Composer
Paul Gayten   Composer
Mickey Baker   Composer
Ralph Willis   Composer
Brownie McGhee   Composer
Allen Bunn   Composer
Ahmet Ertegun   Composer
Bob Ferguson   Composer
Milt Gabler   Composer
Leroy Kirkland   Composer
Teddy McRae   Composer
Nugetre   Composer
Sonny Terry   Composer
Big John Greer   Composer
Al Jackson   Composer
Myrtle Jones   Composer
Alden Bunn   Composer
Bobby Robinson   Composer
Sam Price   Composer
Fred Mendelsohn   Composer
Maceo Pinkard   Composer
Doris Tauber   Composer
William Tracey   Composer
Robert Shad   Composer
Elroy Crane   Composer
Lucille Dupree   Composer
William Jack Dupree   Composer
Sammy Cotton   Composer
Jack Dupree   Composer
Otis Hinton   Composer
Theodore Reig   Composer
R. Ellen   Composer
Joseph August   Composer
Charles Calhoun   Composer
Max Bailey   Composer
Larry Dale Matthews   Composer
Henry Rhodes   Composer
William Jackson   Composer
Wilfred Jackson   Composer
Walter McGhee   Composer
Saunders Terrell   Composer
Robert Brown   Composer

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