New York City Rock N Roll

New York City Rock N Roll

Upon seeing the title New York City Rock n Roll, one is inclined to think of rockers who came out of the Big Apple in the '60s and '70s -- people who range from Lou Reed and the Velvet Underground to the New York Dolls, the Dictators<


Upon seeing the title New York City Rock n Roll, one is inclined to think of rockers who came out of the Big Apple in the '60s and '70s -- people who range from Lou Reed and the Velvet Underground to the New York Dolls, the Dictators, Kiss, Blondie, and the Ramones. One thinks of punk fans packing CBGB's during the Gerald Ford and Jimmy Carter years, or folks filling Max's Kansas City back when N.Y.C. really was as dysfunctional and crime-ridden as it was depicted in the Rolling Stones' "Shattered" and the 1976 movie Taxi Driver (Martin Scorsese's crowning achievement). But New York City Rock n Roll isn't a compilation of classic recordings from the '60s and '70s; assembled by promoter Steven Blush, this 2003 release turns the spotlight on 22 young bands that were active on the Big Apple club scene in the early 2000s. A variety of rockers are heard on Blush's compilation, and the influences range from punk, metal, and hard rock to power pop and glam rock; the things that most of the bands have in common is a sense of trashy, slutty, decadent, hedonistic fun. New York City Rock n Roll never tries to be introspective, and in that sense, the disc is far removed from the sort of intellectual serious-mindedness one associates with Creed, U2, or Live. Much of the time, a beer-soaked, party-like atmosphere permeates this disc; that holds true whether you're being reminded of the Pretenders on Go to Town's "Devastating," Aerosmith on Pisser's "Wifey," or Kiss on the pop-metal-ish "Luv NYC." Not everything on New York City Rock n Roll is mind-blowing; there are excellent tracks as well as songs that are merely competent. But all things considered, Blush's compilation paints an attractive, enjoyably gritty picture of the N.Y.C. rock scene in the early 2000s.

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Radical Records


Album Credits

Performance Credits

Tony Lewis   Guitar
John Andrews   Guitar,Vocals
Jim Donica   Bass
David James Blackshire   Guitar,Vocals
Robert Carlyle   Rhythm Guitar,Vocals
Frank Ferrer   Drums
J. Nicholas   Bass
David Daniels [cello]   Drums
Mike "Taster" Mirabella   Guitar
John Gabriel   Drums
Timothy Tate   Guest Appearance
Ken Rich   Percussion
Lez Warner   Drums
Abby Gennet   Guitar,Vocals
John Law   Guitar,Vocals
Armand   Drums
Chris   Drums
Jean Scott   Bass
Aria   Vocals
Pat Harrington   Guitar
Prince Hall   Bass,Vocals
Amanda Topaz   Bass
Tor   Guitar,Vocals
Liz   Bass
J.P. Bowersock   Guitar
Darin Galgano   Drums
Morgan Adams   Vocals
Sean Pierce   Guitar,Vocals
Allegra   Guitar,Vocals
Paul Andress   Guitar,Vocals
Jimmy Ansourian   Drums
Pete Asarisi   Drums
Roger Benton   Drums
Bryn 23   Guitar,Vocals
Fern Burns   Vocals
Chuck C.   Guitar,Vocals
Frank Caira   Bass,Background Vocals
Eva Chavela   Guitar
Kinky Cocktail   Bass,Vocals
Cupcake   Guitar,Vocals
Karen Curious   Bass,Vocals
Kenny Darling   Bass
Spyder Darling   Rhythm Guitar
DelCheetah 55   Bass,Vocals
Eric 13   Guitar,Vocals
Tom Farkas   Bass,Vocals
Zane Fix   Vocals
Abe Frishman   Bass
Gin Galletti   Bass
Louie Gasparro   Drums
Pam Grande   Vocals
Tim Grove   Guitar
Jenny Gunns   Bass,Guitar,Vocals
Eric J. Toast   Guitar,Vocals
Andy Hung   Drums
Jet Set Jenna   Vocals
Mary Katherine   Drums,Vocals
Charles Liss   Guitar
Luke Luv   Guitar
Margeaux   Bass,Vocals
Marty E. 8   Drums,Vocals
Kenny Max   Bass
Miss Carrie   Drums,Vocals
Neil Nathan   Vocals
Queen   Vocals
Joey Repice   Guest Appearance
Oral Roberts   Drums,Vocals
Scarlet Rowe   Bass,Vocals
Mike Ruffino   Bass,Vocals
Charles Ruggiero   Drums
Elle Schurich   Guitar,Vocals
Georgie Seville   Rhythm Guitar
Niki Shea   Drums
Seth Skolnick   Guitar
Danny Slag   Bass,Vocals
Texas   Drums,Vocals
Rachel Tricarico   Guitar,Vocals
Vache   Guitar
Sarah Vasil   Drums

Technical Credits

Martin Bisi   Engineer
Ray Martin   Producer,Engineer
Tony Lewis   Producer,Engineer
Joe Blaney   Producer
Paul Orofino   Engineer
Adam Yellin   Producer
Eddie Wohl   Producer
Anthony Esposito   Producer,Engineer
Johnny Indovina   Producer
Steven Blush   Producer,Artwork
Pete Min   Engineer
Timothy Tate   Producer
Ken Rich   Producer,Engineer
Adam Kendall   Producer,Engineer
Alap Momin   Engineer
John O'Mahoney   Engineer
Banana Fish Zero   Composer
Hugh Pool   Producer,Engineer
Robbie Gennet   Composer
Joker Five Speed   Composer
Rob Caggiano   Producer
J.P. Bowersock   Producer
Ernesto Santos   Engineer
Chuck C.   Composer
Spyder Darling   Producer
Matt Dunne   Engineer
Patrick Klein   Engineer
Mod Alien   Engineer
George Petros   Engineer,Artwork,Art Direction
Pretty Suicide   Producer
Eric Sanchez   Producer
Phil Schmoll   Producer,Engineer
Georgie Seville   Contributor
Bernard Stachel   Executive Producer
Drive   Producer
Slunt   Composer
Walter Martin   Engineer
Jeff Philips   Engineer
Giovanni Fusco   Engineer

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