New York Soul Serenade

New York Soul Serenade

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Twenty-eight rare '60s New York soul cuts, mostly from the vaults of the Scepter and Musicor labels. There are a few recognizable minor soul stars here (Maxine Brown, Chuck Jackson, Big Maybelle, Walter Jackson, Judy ClaySee more details below


Twenty-eight rare '60s New York soul cuts, mostly from the vaults of the Scepter and Musicor labels. There are a few recognizable minor soul stars here (Maxine Brown, Chuck Jackson, Big Maybelle, Walter Jackson, Judy Clay, Johnny Maestro), as well as selections by performers on the downhill commercial slide (the Platters and Jive Five). The Scepter and Musicor discs were characterized by grand, melodramatic songs and production, and while these are not lost classics, they do boast some good tunes and arrangements. This is recommended above most of Kent's other soul rarities collections for that reason: there's a good deal of variety and range of emotion, not just the standard uptempo happy music so beloved on Northern soul dance floors. And if you're looking for curiosities, there are plenty: an obscure Bacharach-David tune from 1962 (Jimmy Radcliffe's "(There Goes) The Forgotten Man"), blue-eyed soul from future country star Ed Bruce, social realism from football star Roosevelt Grier on "In My Tenement," the Dionne Warwick-produced side by the Gentlemen Four, and Big Maybelle's version of the superb ballad "Oh Lord, What Are You Doing to Me," better known as sung by Dionne Warwick.

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Kent Records Uk


  1. I'm Stepping out of the Picture
  2. My Arms Aren't Strong Enough  - Judy Clay
  3. Am I Falling in Love  - Maxine Brown
  4. I'm Gonna Have a Party  - Ed Bruce
  5. The Man Who Has Everything  - Junior Lewis
  6. Let's Play House  - Tony Drake
  7. If It's for Real  -  Porgy & The Monarchs
  8. Oh Lord, Look What You Are Doing to Me
  9. Don't Believe Him, Donna
  10. New Neighborhood
  11. Welcome to Dreamsville
  12. In My Tenement
  13. Don't Hear, Speak, See No Evil
  14. You Need Me  -  Little Charles & the Sidewinders
  15. Sugar (Don't Take Away My Candy)
  16. It Won't Hurt  -  Gentlemen Four
  17. Not Now But Later  - Walter Johnson
  18. No Easy Way Down  - Walter Jackson
  19. This Empty Place
  20. Haven't Got What It Takes
  21. The Hurt
  22. See the Big Man Cry  - Ed Bruce
  23. False Alarm
  24. Who's Gonna Mention My Name
  25. Would You Still Say I'm the One You Love  -  Ray Crossen
  26. A Little Too Lonely  - Marie Knight
  27. (There Goes) the Forgotten Man
  28. Soul Serenade

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Album Credits

Performance Credits

Big Maybelle   Track Performer
Ed Bruce   Track Performer
Maxine Brown   Track Performer
Chuck Jackson   Track Performer
Walter Jackson   Track Performer
Jive Five   Track Performer
Platters   Track Performer
Tommy Hunt   Track Performer
Burt Bacharach   Conductor
Freddie North   Track Performer
Marie Knight   Track Performer
Billy Byers   Track Performer
Judy Clay   Track Performer
Walter Johnson   Track Performer
Jimmy Radcliffe   Track Performer
Sammy O. Ambrose   Track Performer
Roosevelt Grier   Track Performer
Brooks O'Dell   Track Performer
Lonnie Sattin   Track Performer
Johnny Maestro & the Crests   Track Performer
Tangeers   Track Performer
Richie Adams   Conductor
Little Charles & the Sidewinders   Track Performer
Tony Drake   Track Performer

Technical Credits

Big Maybelle   Contributor
Dionne Warwick   Producer
Maxine Brown   Contributor
Crests   Contributor
Bobby Darin   Producer
Chuck Jackson   Contributor
Jive Five   Contributor
Burt Bacharach   Arranger
Bill Justis   Producer
Jack Nitzsche   Arranger
George Andrews   Arranger
Ted Cooper   Arranger,Producer
Leroy Glover   Arranger
Riley Hampton   Arranger
Bert Keyes   Arranger
Clyde Otis   Producer
Peter Paul   Producer
Otis Pollard   Producer
Garry Sherman   Arranger
Harold Thomas   Producer
Bert de Coteaux   Arranger,Producer
Stan Green   Arranger
Ady Croasdell   Memorabilia
Luther Dixon   Producer
Windsor King   Producer
Nick Barker   Arranger
Tony Bruno   Producer
Richie Adams   Arranger
Bob Elgin   Composer
Julius Brown   Composer
Rob Hughes   Memorabilia
Junior Lewis   Contributor
Tony Drake   Memorabilia
Arthur Resnick   Composer
Walter Johnson   Contributor

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