News : Politics of Illusion / Edition 6

News : Politics of Illusion / Edition 6

by Lance Bennett

ISBN-10: 0321224663

ISBN-13: 9780321224668

Pub. Date: 07/06/2004

Publisher: Pearson

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Publication date:
Longman Classics in Political Science Series
Edition description:
Older Edition
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9.10(w) x 6.30(h) x 0.60(d)

Table of Contents

Introduction: The News about Democracy
Ch. 1What's News? The Construction of Political Reality1
News Images and Political Realities4
Inside the News System6
Economics versus Democracy8
Information Systems and Their Limits9
News as Social Construct11
From Mass Media to Media Monopoly14
More Channels, More Choices?15
Different Package, Same Contents?17
Is Television the Problem?23
A Definition of News26
Why the News Matters: The Political Gatekeeper26
Imagining Other Kinds of News29
Where Do the People Fit into the Information Picture?31
Ch. 2News Content: Messages for the Masses37
Four Information Biases in the News: An Overview39
Four Information Biases in the News: An In-Depth Look47
Personalized News48
Dramatized News52
Fragmented News58
Normalized News64
News Bias Reconsidered72
Ch. 3How Politicians Make the News77
The Politics of Illusion78
News Images as Political Reality80
The Goals of Image Making81
The Techniques of Image Making85
Symbols and Their Political Uses86
Defining the Political Situation88
News Control: Getting the Message Across90
Press Relations: From Cooperation to Intimidation100
The Effects of News Control106
Why Images Prevail110
What Comes First: Apathy or Disinformation?112
Ch. 4How Journalists Report the News117
The Importance of Work Routines and Professional Norms118
How Reporting Practices Contribute to News Bias118
Reporters and Officials: Pressures to Cooperate119
Reporters as Members of News Organizations: Pressures to Standardize123
The Paradox of Organizational Routines126
Reporters as a Pack: Pressures to Agree129
When Journalism Works135
Ch. 5Inside the Profession: Objectivity and Other Double Standards141
Why Objective Reporting Does Not Work142
Fairness: The New Objectivity143
Professional Journalism Standards145
Professional Practices and News Distortion149
The Adversarial Role of the Press149
Standards of Decency and Good Taste153
Documentary Reporting Practices157
The Use of Stories as Standardized News Formats157
Reporters as Generalists159
The Practice of Editorial Review161
Objectivity Reconsidered162
Ch. 6The Public: Prisoners of the News?167
The Prisoner's Dilemma168
Prisoners Who Can Think for Themselves169
Why the News Still Matters170
Common Patterns of Information Processing171
Other Reasons People Follow the News180
Escaping the News Prison189
Ch. 7Freedom from the Press: Solutions for Concerned Citizens193
News and Power in America: The Ideal versus the Reality195
Why the Myth of a Free Press Persists197
Critical Proposals for Citizens, Journalists and Politicians200
Proposals for Citizens200
Proposals for Journalists207
Proposals for Politicians and Government211
The Perils of Virtual Democracy218
About the Author233

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