News That Stayed News, 1974-1984: Ten Years of CoEvolution Quarterly

News That Stayed News, 1974-1984: Ten Years of CoEvolution Quarterly

by Kleiner, Art Kleiner

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Publishers Weekly - Publisher's Weekly
Founded in 1974 by the staff of the Whole Earth Catalog, CoEvolution Quarterly lasted 10 years as a small circulation magazine whose ecological, post-'60s banner allowed diversity. This lively, generous selection includes Paul Ehrlich on the biology of communities, R. Crumb drawings, Pat Califia's lesbian sadomasochists' manifesto, Earl Butz debating Wendell Berry, a poem by Gary Snyder, Ivan Illich on computers, Ursula Le Guin on menopause, a wide-ranging discussion between Margaret Mead and husband Gregory Bateson, personal essays by Ken Kesey and others, a symposium featuring Herman Kahn and Governor Jerry Brown and a definitive article ``On Farting.'' Although some pieces have a smug undertone of preaching to the converted, the range of contents offers satisfyingly divergent viewpoints. (March)
Library Journal - Library Journal
CoEvolution Quarterly, a magazine of alternative opinion, flourished for a decade, then became part of the Whole Earth Review. This collection represents the publication's ``most lasting work,'' some 41 items on all sorts of subjects, including salons, the earth's atmosphere, mice, basketball, the arms race, suicide, and a story of lost young love. Ivan Illich, Paul Ehrlich, and editor Brand (of Whole Earth Catalog fame) are among the contributors. Although not a first-choice selection for most libraries, News That Stayed News offers a convenient second look at one of the most inventive small mags of recent times. Kenneth F. Kister, Pinellas Park P.L., Fla.

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