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Newton and Me

Newton and Me

5.0 2
by Lynne Mayer, Sherry Rogers (Illustrator)

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While at play with his dog, Newton, a young boy discovers the laws of force and motion in his everyday activities. Told in rhyme, Lynne Mayer's Newton and Me follows these best friends on an adventure as they apply physics to throwing a ball, pulling a wagon, riding a bike, and much more. They will realize that Newton's Laws of Motion describe experiences they have


While at play with his dog, Newton, a young boy discovers the laws of force and motion in his everyday activities. Told in rhyme, Lynne Mayer's Newton and Me follows these best friends on an adventure as they apply physics to throwing a ball, pulling a wagon, riding a bike, and much more. They will realize that Newton's Laws of Motion describe experiences they have every day, and they will recognize how forces affect the objects around them. The “For Creative Minds” educational section includes: Force and Motion Fun Facts, Matching Forces, Who Was Newton?, and Newton's Laws of Motion (2 of 3). Additional teaching activities and interactive quizzes are available on the Arbordale Publishing website.

Editorial Reviews

Publishers Weekly
Mayer and Rogers use cheery couplets and artwork to explore the laws of physics via a boy’s activities with his dog, Newton. “No matter how hard I would throw the ball up,/ it would always come down to me and my pup.” The boy observes that his wagon is easier to pull when empty, that it’s easier to bike with the wind at his back than against it, and that “playing with Newton gave me the notion/ that pushing and pulling are forces of motion.” Educational materials at the end help make the concepts more concrete. Ages 4-8. (Mar.)
Children's Literature - Jennifer Waldrop
In Newton and Me, a young boy and his dog, Newton, enjoy a day filled with examples of how Newton's laws of motion. They play with a ball and learn that the amount of force they put into pushing it affects how long and how far it will roll. The young boy discovers that it is much easier to ride his bike when the wind isn't blowing against him, and that when he is going downhill, he must drag his feet on the ground to avoid accelerating too quickly. Rogers' illustrations are filled with fun nods to physics; the young boy has a mathematical equation on his T-shirt, and a license plate reads M=Mass. Newton and Me is a great picture book, but unlikely to have its intended effect of teaching the four to eight-year-old demographic about physics. More likely, they will thoroughly enjoy the rhyming narrative and cute illustrations, and maybe, if they reread the book later, realize the significance behind the young boy and Newton's play day. Reviewer: Jennifer Waldrop
School Library Journal
K-Gr 2—Mayer investigates force and motion in everyday activities. In a rhyming narration, a boy records his observations on gravity and inertia as he plays ball, helps his parents to landscape, and rides a bike uphill. Obviously named for the noted scientist, hound Newton looks on. The child wears a T-shirt with an apple and a formula for one of Newton's Laws. The book concludes with a series of follow-up questions and a simple restatement of Newton's first two laws of motion. This plotless book may fill a slot for an introduction to physics. Rogers's cartoons are cheerfully suburban; even the pets seem to smile.—Gay Lynn Van Vleck, Henrico County Library, Glen Allen, VA

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Arbordale Publishing
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8.50(w) x 10.00(h) x 0.50(d)
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4 - 8 Years

Meet the Author

Lynne Mayer (Newton and Me, Spring 2010) grew up in Palos Park, Illinois. She attended the University of Illinois where she obtained her degree in computer science/math and developed her love of puzzles and educational reading. She is currently an adjunct instructor of computer science at Elgin Community College. The college has provided Lynne with the opportunity to travel to exotic places. She has visited the Amazon jungle in Peru as well as the Galapagos Islands in Ecuador. Often inspired by the outdoors, she will be returning to the jungle in June 2009 for her third visit. Now that her children are grown, Lynne is finally pursuing her dream of writing educational children's books.

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Newton and Me 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 2 reviews.
FeatheredQuillBookReviews More than 1 year ago
How do you introduce young children to some of the most basic laws of physics without overwhelming them? Author Lynne Mayer has found the perfect way - by incorporating force and motion principles into a sweet story of a boy and his dog. Newton and Me opens with Newton the dog dropping his play ball on his young master's head. Wake up, it's time to play! Newton and the boy rush outside to do all sorts of things. They play with the ball, push a toy truck, then the boy rides his bike and helps his mom move some rocks with his wagon. With each activity, a rule of force and motion is presented: "Then Newton and I decided to go for a ride. I hopped on my bike with my dog by my side. The wind was blowing quite hard that day. The wind at my back pushed me on my way. But when I turned around to go home at last, The wind pushed against my chest and I couldn't go as fast." Physics is such a big part of everyday life, and Newton and Me does an excellent job of introducing force and motion to pique young readers' interest. The illustrations are bright and cheerful, particularly those of the very happy Newton. For parents, there are little physics related nuggets throughout, such as the dad reading the "Mechanics and Gravity" newspaper. At the back of the book are several pages "For Creative Minds." Two pages of simple experiments (such as "can you throw anything in the air without it coming back down?), an overview of Newton and matching forces pictures. Quill says: Newton and Me gently presents the most basic of physics concepts to young readers in a fun and playful way.
HomeSchoolBookReview More than 1 year ago
Can you guess why a young boy's dog might be named Newton? Newton's owner learns that a ball won't roll very far in the rough, grassy yard but will roll much farther in a smooth, hard surface. But it won't roll at all if you don't give it a push. He also experiments with throwing a ball up in the air, letting his toy truck roll downhill, trying to push his dad's car, trying to pull his wagon when it is full of rocks, riding his bicycle in a strong wind, and playing tug of war with Newton. What kinds of things did he learn along the way? Sir Isaac Newton was a famous scientist and mathematician who discovered the law of gravity and the laws of motion. Physicists may study Newton's laws of motion theoretically in college classes, but author Lynn Mayer's rhyming text and illustrator Sherry Rogers's eye-catching drawings demonstrate in terms that are age appropriate how these laws influence experiences that we have every day and affect objects all around us. The "For Creative Minds" educational section at the end has two pages explaining "Force and Motion" followed by a matching activity, along with further information about Isaac Newton and his laws of motion. Sylvan Dell's website contains even more teaching activities and interactive quizzes. Who would imagine that physics could be so much fun?