Next Reformation, The: Why Evangelicals Must Embrace Postmodernity

Next Reformation, The: Why Evangelicals Must Embrace Postmodernity

by Carl Raschke

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Demonstrates how to reconcile postmodernism with Christian faith.See more details below


Demonstrates how to reconcile postmodernism with Christian faith.

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What would happen if Christians embraced postmodernism instead of resisted it? Could it lead to a veritable revival or revolution? According to Raschke (religious studies, Univ. of Denver), the answer is a resounding yes. In this hip and challenging book for the Christian community, especially for believers interested in apologetics, he aims to "evangelize the evangelicals," arguing that truth is not necessarily propositional but instead personal and relational. Postmodernism, Raschke continues, has unfairly served as the scapegoat or nemesis of evangelical Christianity, and the two systems have been viewed as incompatible and antithetical. However, he maintains that it is possible to be both an evangelical and a postmodernist. Whereas many Christians have demonized and written tirades against postmodernism, Raschke exudes an embracing and accepting spirit toward it. In addition to tracing the historical and philosophical roots of postmodernism, Raschke argues that Cartesian rationalism and British evidentialism deleteriously affected the spirit of the Reformation. Those whose faith is primarily cerebral won't be comfortable reading this work because it dares to question foundational assumptions about the relationship between faith and reason. But regardless of whether one agrees with his premises and conclusions, Raschke emerges an engaging, insightful, and lucid author. Recommended for all libraries.-C. Brian Smith, Arlington Heights Memorial Lib., IL Copyright 2005 Reed Business Information.

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