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Nice Girls Do Get The Sale

Nice Girls Do Get The Sale

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by Elinor Stutz
"Elinor has an amazing way of communicating simple, basic techniques that make the scary topic of sales very accessible to everyone. She shares the secrets that made her a very successful salesperson, from creative approaches to getting appointments to the most effective way to close the sale."
-Kim Fisher, Managing Director, eWomenNetwork

Written by a highly


"Elinor has an amazing way of communicating simple, basic techniques that make the scary topic of sales very accessible to everyone. She shares the secrets that made her a very successful salesperson, from creative approaches to getting appointments to the most effective way to close the sale."
-Kim Fisher, Managing Director, eWomenNetwork

Written by a highly successful saleswoman, Elinor Stutz, this how-to book trains women in field-tested sales techniques that will launch them into the next level of success. They will discover how to use their natural relationship-building skills to close better deals with a higher percentage of business-making sales. They will find solid advice on building a network, dealing with management, prospecting, responding to client needs and managing a career, as well as solutions to problems like selling an unknown brand and getting through office gatekeepers to reach the decision makers.

Nice Girls DO Get the Sale is perfect for all women in sales, whether experienced or not, and will have them passing their male counterparts on the corporate ladder in no time.

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Conclude vs. Close

Closing is seen as the finality of a treacherous sales cycle and fulfills either high hopes or dreaded nightmares for many businesspeople. In their minds, this phase of the sale has become both a preoccupation and an insurmountable challenge.

For this reason, closing is discussed both at the beginning and at the end of this book because it is the most asked-for topic and concerns salespeople the most.

Let me assure you there is no mystery to closing. As long as you methodically value-add sell throughout the cycle, you will be able to ask for the business in the natural flow of conversation.

Why do most people fear closing, and why are they afraid to ask for the business?

The answer is fear of being told either:



"Get out and never darken my doorstep again."

In order to avoid either of these unpleasant scenarios, some salespeople do not ask for the business and therefore fail to meet their sales goals.

How do you ask for business without being "the bad girl"?

--You must stop thinking that if you ask for the business, you are "the bad girl."
--You are actually "the Nice Girl" if you meet the client's needs. They will view you, at the very least, as a team player.
--Your client will also view you as a credible, knowledgeable resource, and will thereby reward you with repeat business, testimonials, and referrals.

Meet the Author

Elinor Stutz, founder and CEO of Smooth Sale, specializes in sales training for entrepreneurs, network marketers, and beginning salespeople. After eleven years of working in corporate sales, Elinor now reveals her self-taught approach to sales that leveraged her success beyond that of her most seasoned colleagues.

Beginning her career as a copier saleswoman with a phone book as her only source of leads, Elinor was able to rise past the chauvinism in her male-dominated office and turn ice cold leads into trusted partners. She went on to become the top salesperson in her region. As she advanced her career with other opportunities in networked printers and high tech, recognition in the form of Presidents' Clubs and Regional and National Awards accompanied every step.

Elinor's past client roster includes Visa, Sony, Hewlett-Packard, and U.S. Geological Survey, as well as a growing number of high-tech companies in Silicon Valley. Committed to passing on her knowledge to others, Elinor emphasizes relationship building and adapting sales techniques to suit individual personalities. As an author, instructor, public speaker, and radio guest and show host, she has helped countless individuals and companies incorporate this practice into their businesses.

With the aid of her many services and products including books, CDs, articles, and a sales tips e-zine, Elinor has taught business people across the country to overcome their fears and obstacles of selling through the art of the Smooth Sale.

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Guest More than 1 year ago
Nice Girls Do Get The Sale: Relationship Building That Gets Results by Elinor Stutz, Sourcebook, Inc. 2006 (paperback) The author of this book, Elinor Stutz, is the founder and CEO of ¿Smooth Sale,¿ which provides business-to- business sales training and coaching. Stutz certainly has the expertise to write this book. Her credentials are based, in part, on her attention to detail and ability to determine the needs of both the saleswoman and her clients. The book is organized into twenty-three chapters, and each chapter offers new and useful information. The author summarizes the key points in each chapter with ¿Nice Girl Sales Tips¿ in the form of a list. Using both story form and how-to, Stutz presents a thorough and useful guide to benefit any working woman. In chapter 2, Stutz tells the story of the beginning of her sales career after spending fifteen years at home raising two children. With humor, she reveals how she entered sales: her husband announced that she had the personality of a salesperson. Stutz asked him, ¿Is that a compliment or an insult?¿ Stutz then explains to the reader what her perception of a sales person was, how that perception evolved, and how her personality fit the career. No matter our product or service, most of us have to sell it, thereby putting women in a sales career. At the very least, we have to sell ourselves via the job interview or book proposal. Stutz offers the reader the components of a positive perception of sales. Chapter 3 encourages the reader to persevere. Stutz plowed through a chauvinistic and sexist ¿good ol¿ boys network¿ in her first sales job. She had no sales experience and was given no training. She quickly earned the nickname ¿The Bulldozer¿ by, well, working! The author is a great role model for determination, discipline, and the desire to succeed against all odds. The main theme of the book is phrased in the sub-title. Selling is relationship building, which begins with establishing rapport with a client and/or prospect. Stutz indicates that women do not have to be pushy. According to Stutz, the salesperson must sell from the ¿prospect¿s view of the world.¿ She has defined the ¿Nice Girl Philosophy,¿ which includes integrity, respect, and kindness. Sales women solve problems for the clients and serve as consultants. Although Stutz states what she sees as differences between how men and women sell, she could easily prescribe the same sales techniques to both genders. However, women are fortunate that she wrote this book just for us! Stutz offers information on how to use technological data-base contact management systems effectively, as well as how to network face-to-face or on-line. There is also a long list of resources available, an index, and a guide to her line of CDs, e-zine, and other services. As an author, artist, and real estate broker who gets to sell in some capacity everyday, I highly recommend Nice Girls Do Get The Sale.