Nicole Brown Simpson: The Private Diary of a Life Interrupted

Nicole Brown Simpson: The Private Diary of a Life Interrupted

by Faye D. Resnick

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This much-publicized and highly sensational ``instant'' book by one of the closest confidantes of O.J. Simpson's slain ex-wife may well leave readers wondering, ``With friends like that, who needs enemies?'' Dedicated by Resnick (a self-proclaimed serious substance abuser) to ``the most wonderful friend I have ever known, and to women everywhere who are trapped in corrosive and humiliating relationships like the one Nicole did not survive,'' this tabloidy tell-all seems to dish as much dirt on Nicole as it does on her ex-husband, whom Resnick appears convinced murdered her best friend and Ron Goldman. Co-written by Walker, who works for the National Enquirer, the book is chock-full of details about the doomed couple's lives: O.J.'s uncontrollable temper, ego and possessiveness; Nicole's physical yearnings for tequila, Kansas City Chiefs football star Marcus Allen (who is a longtime friend of O.J.'s) and slain waiter Ron Goldman, who Resnick insists did not have an affair with her murdered girlfriend, but whom she felt certain Nicole was ``inevitably'' going to ``do.'' The book, which includes a brief chapter chronicling the night shortly before the murders when Resnick and Nicole fell into each other's arms and experimented with lesbian sex, altruistically concludes with a section offering a state-by-state listing of Help Line phone numbers for female victims of domestic violence. Photos. (Oct.)

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