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Nietzsche's Philosophy of Science: Reflecting Science on the Ground of Art and Life / Edition 1

Nietzsche's Philosophy of Science: Reflecting Science on the Ground of Art and Life / Edition 1

by Babette E. Babich

ISBN-10: 0791418669

ISBN-13: 9780791418666

Pub. Date: 01/11/1994

Publisher: State University of New York Press

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State University of New York Press
Publication date:
SUNY series, The Margins of Literature Series
Edition description:
New Edition
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Product dimensions:
6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.81(d)

Table of Contents

Preface and Acknowledgments

Introduction Prologue: The Problem of the Philosophy of Science and Nietzsche's Question of Ground
The Plan of the Text

Chapter 1
Nietzsche's Musical Stylistics: Writing a Philosophy of Science
The Hermeneutic Challenge of Nietzsche's Elitism: Style and Interpretive Affinity
Philosophic Concinnity: The Spirit of Music and Nietzschean Style
The Project of Communication: Self-Deconstruction and Nietzschean Selectivity
Nietzsche's Style: A Mechanical Model

Chapter 2
Science as Interpretation: The Light of Philology
The Question of a Nietzsche-Styled Philosophy of Science
Towards a Nietzschean Critique of Science
Nietzsche's Perspectivalism: The Spectre ofRelativism and the Spirit of Difference
Truth, Pragmatism, and Relativism: Realism a nd theReal
The Meaning of Critique: Nietzschean Possibilitiesfor Philosophy
Nietzsche and Science: The Question of Validity

Chapter 3
On the Ecophysiological Ground of Knowledge: Nietzsche's Epistemology
The Question of Nietzsche's Epistemology: Critique and Ground
The Knower and the Known
The Problem of Knowledge in its Ecophysiological Ground
The Empirical Basis of Transcendent Knowledge
Perspectivalism as Epistemology
Multiplicity as Interpretational Truth: The Metaphysical Fiction of an Absolute
A Note on the Typology of Science and Philosophy: The will to Power
Beyond Truth and Lie

Chapter 4
Under the Optics of Art and Life: Nietzsche and Science
Resumé: The Ecophysiological Ground of Knowledge
Science and Nihilism
Reality and Truth: The Domination of Truth
Science: Reality and Illusion
The Meaning of Nature and Chaos: A Note on Nietzsche's "Chaos sive natura"
Reality and Illusion: The Interpretive Dynamic

Chapter 5
Nietzsche's Genealogy of Science: Morality and the Values of Modernity
The Genealogy of Morals and the Value of Science
The Ascetic Ideal: The Cost of Perpetuation
Ressentiment : Science and Culture
Without Price: The Will to Truth as the Will toLife
Science and Inadequacy
Duplicity: Science and the Ascetic Ideal
The Ascetic Ideal: The Cost of Perpetuation
Science as an Aesthetic Achievement: Méconnaissance
Vesuvius: "Gefährdete Menschen, fruchtbarer Menschen"

Chapter 6
Toward a Perspectival Aesthetics of Truth
A Perspectivalist Philosophy of Science
A Perspectival Aesthetics of Truth
Truth as Illusion
The Illusion of Truth and the Question of the Eternal Feminine sContra-Morality—Again
The Aesthetics of Illusion
Creation and Affirmation

Chapter 7
A Dionysian Philosophy: Art in the Light of Life
The Eternal Return of the Same: Interpretation and Will
Ressentiment and Amor Fati
The Perspectival Dominance of Decadence
Dionysian Aesthetic Pessimism
The Troping of the Eternal Return: An Aposematic Aposiopesis


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