Night Angel

Night Angel

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by Renee Reeves

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Scarred and with a permanent limp, Morgan moved to a quiet cottage in rural Montana wanting tranquility, solitude, a place where she could heal from the brutality inflicted on her by her late husband. Ex-convict, horse trainer, Nick Evanoff didn't need anyone, at least he never had. Then he spotted Morgan sitting in a copse of trees, technically trespassing. One…  See more details below


Scarred and with a permanent limp, Morgan moved to a quiet cottage in rural Montana wanting tranquility, solitude, a place where she could heal from the brutality inflicted on her by her late husband. Ex-convict, horse trainer, Nick Evanoff didn't need anyone, at least he never had. Then he spotted Morgan sitting in a copse of trees, technically trespassing. One glimpse of her stopped his aggression cold. In its place lust rose; powerful, primitive, demanding. There was something else there too - need But Morgan was determined to have nothing to do with men, and to go nowhere near a relationship ever again. Could Nick work the same magic with Morgan that he worked with the abused horses he rescued? Could he teach her that it was safe to trust, that sex didn't have to be painful or humiliating?

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Night Owl Romance - Diana Coyle
This was definitely an enjoyable read for me and I'm glad I got the opportunity to be introduced to a new author's work. I am definitely interested in seeing what other stories this author might be working on or has completed already.
Night Owl Romance - Chris reviewer
A Night Owl Top Pick

Night Angel is ruly an exceptional read. The torment and fear that Morgan feels is made frighteningly real. The same can be said for Nick. Reeves made me feel as if I had really met the two, and I was rooting for them both.

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Renee Reeves
I was born in Stuttgart, Germany but moved to the states at a very young age. I’ve lived in North Carolina most of my life where I started riding and showing horses. I’ve always loved anything ‘horsey’ which includes a fascination with ranches, cowboys and Indians. At the age of 12 I read my first romance novel and was hooked. By age 15 I had decided that one day, instead of an artist, I would become a romance writer. I began with poetry and moved on to short stories, none of which I did anything with. Then I got married and my husband told me that if I wanted to write a book then go ahead and write one. And so I did.

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Night Angel 4.8 out of 5 based on 1 ratings. 12 reviews.
Katie321 More than 1 year ago
This is the story of Morgan and Nick. Morgan was horribly abused by her former husband and is scarred emotionally and physically. Nick has some baggage in his past and works with abused horses, making them feel secure and healing them. When they meet there is instant attraction but Morgan is terrified of her feelings and of men/sex in general. Slowly Nick gains her trust and the relationship develops in so many ways. This book will provoke every emotion that you own. It's poignant, romantic, sad, happy, very sexy/steamy and just a wonderful love story. You will fall in love with Nick. I would love to see Renee Reeves continue to write books because this was rivoting and she is excellent at making you feel the emotions of the characters. If so, I won't miss buying a single one.
Karenls1956 More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Good plot, characters well developed. 3 re-reads for me. Wish there were more books from this wrter.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
gincam More than 1 year ago
"Night Angel" by Renee Reeves is a remarkably bold and passionate love story entwined with the ugly subject of abuse and its far-reaching and long-lasting effects, not only for the victim, but for those around the victim. After the death of her abusive husband, and hoping for a new start, Morgan Fletcher moves to a small cabin in rural Montana. Her land borders a horse sanctuary owned by Nick Evanoff, who watches and longs for Morgan from afar. Brought together in the aftermath of a near tragedy, Morgan and Nick stumble through an intense, awkward attraction. The patience and innate kindness with which Nick treats abused horses is something that Morgan has never known in a man. Even though he is a tall, large man twice the size of Morgan, Nick is by nature a gentle giant. He understands all too well the horror of abuse. His own father was a violent abuser, not only of Nick and his brother, Jake, but their mother as well. Nick harbors a shameful family secret from Morgan, fearing she will turn from him in terror. Their passion is undeniable, but it is only after their secrets are laid bare that love begins to heal two wounded hearts.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
jessieLsmb More than 1 year ago
This is the first time I have ever heard of this author so I wasn't sure what to expect. Well, It was wonderful! This book was heartfelt, hot and sexy and just a really great story. A lot of times when you read an erotic romance it can be so generic and ridiculous that you can't believe your actually reading it. But so not true with this book. It had such a great story! I can't wait to find more books by Renee Reeves!
GABixlerReviews More than 1 year ago
Night Angel By Renee Reeves Black Velvet Seductions Publishing ISBN: 9780980224634 252 Pages "...the first time I saw you...with the moonlight highlighting your face and looked like an angel, and right then I knew you were the woman I wanted." Can a book be both heart-warming...and...sizzling at the same time? You bet--Night Angel by Renee Reeves is just that! I've read a lot of books that feature abuse; it is never easy to read. However, I believe that the more we learn about the reality of what it does to people, the more we are able to speak out against and support those who have been abused! So, first, I applaud Renee Reeves for handling an extremely sensitive issue in such a well-written manner! Morgan never had a chance. She was romanced and wooed by a professional who never touched her intimately until the night of their marriage, when they were on their honeymoon. Richard was his name. Richard took Morgan's virginity through rape and assault. That type of abuse lasted for six years until Richard was killed in an automobile accident. We are all glad he is dead! As Morgan admits, if he hadn't been killed, she probably would have been dead because the beatings were getting worse and worse. Nick also never had a chance. He stayed in his bed at nights listening to his father rape and beat his mother, without being able to do anything. He and Jake, his brother, were also abused. Until Jake was 17 and big enough to defend himself, but by that time, it was too late--his father had murdered his mother! And Nick had taken his revenge. Throughout the book, the past lives of both Morgan and Nick creep into their present lives. Morgan had moved to Montana to get away and start a new life. Nick and his brother had bought a ranch using money their grandfather had left them. Fate clearly brought the two together! Because as Morgan sought and found a perfect spot to be her hideaway, it just happened to be on Nick's property; they were now neighbors! It was seeing one of the abused horses that Nick had saved and brought to the ranch that made Morgan realize that she could perhaps trust her feelings that were growing for Nick. There just was no doubt--she was very attracted to him and Nick felt the same. But Morgan's fears from her past came unbidden, even when she had no real reason to be afraid. It was seeing his face painted on one of Morgan's canvases that made Nick realize that he might have a chance to win Morgan's love. I read Night Angel in a day. It is easy reading and fast, especially in some parts... Those are the sizzling parts you'll have to enjoy yourself. I've shared the heartwarming story of two individuals, hurt and alone, but still willing to find and fight for a life-long love! Like romance novels? Then Night Angel by Renee Reeves will take you on one of the "Sensuous Journeys" that is promised on the front cover. It's a winner! G. A. Bixler
Oeroreccos More than 1 year ago
The book from the first word to the last was compelling and I was unable to lay it down. The storyline of this book was full of passion, sincerity, and devotion. It is a definite keeper to my personal collection and will recommend this to all my friends and book clubs. The writing style is unique and intriguing. I can honestly say in the books I have read over the years that Renee Reeves is definately a future best selling writer in romance. I Look forward to her next book release.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I loved this book. The plot is refreshing and based on the characters inner turmoils and traumatic pasts. Nick is an ex-con (imprisoned when he was much younger) who is now a very succesful horse trainer/horse sanctuary owner. he likes his privacy, peace and quiet, his brother and his horses and thats about it. Then he see's Morgan on his land and his attitude changes. Morgan is a widow who is trying to move on with her life after years of abuse by her husband. She doesn't want another man in her life because of trust issues and ever present nightmares. The story follows Morgan and Nick's struggle to overcome their pasts and have a life together. The sex is very detailed.