Night Calls: The Personal Journey of an Ob-Gyn

Night Calls: The Personal Journey of an Ob-Gyn

by Henry Eisenberg, Arlene Eisenberg, Howard Eisenberg

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Publishers Weekly - Publisher's Weekly
In recounting how he evolved from a position of God-like dominance over patients to one of encouraging partnerespecially in birthingSyracuse, N.Y., obstetrician-gynecologist Eisenberg, with the assistance of his brother and sister-in-law, is disarmingly frank about his clinical errors and callous attitudes during residencies at Yale and Air Force hospitals. He was shocked into changing his relationships with women patients when his wife of many years threatened to leave him unless he treated her not only as a spouse and mother, but as a person in her own right. In accord with the self-care movement and consumer revolution, and as a result of Eisenberg's more open attitude, patients now seek his counsel on sexual and family matters, according to the authors. His more flexible, humanistic practices attempt to accommodate women's preferences and fathers' participation in deliveries. A winning chronicle about a physician whose sense of wonder has survived despite experience, technology and law suits. First serial to New York Times Magazine, Cosmopolitan and the Star. (August 26)
Library Journal - Library Journal
The author chronicles his life as an obstetrician/gynecologist, from his years as a brash young resident at Yale in the 1950s through the winter of 1985 and his thoughts on retirement. Eisenberg grows in skill and knowledge as a resident, and as a doctor he grows in spirit and concern for his patients. His career is an interesting one as Lamaze and other natural childbirth methods now popular were unheard of in this country when he was training. A career of 30-plus years in any profession will see many changes, but perhaps more so in the past three decades in the ob/gyn specialty. Recommended for public libraries and medical school collections. Linda Morgan Davis, OCLC, Dublin, Ohio

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