Nightmare Mountain

Nightmare Mountain

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by Peg Kehret

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As soon as Molly arrives at her aunt and uncle's ranch in rural Washington, things start to go very wrong. Her cousin hates her on sight. Her aunt falls into a mysterious coma. Then, left alone on the huge property, Molly and her cousin discover an intruder lurking in the barn! Armed and desperate, he drags them to the top of a nearby mountain--and triggers an


As soon as Molly arrives at her aunt and uncle's ranch in rural Washington, things start to go very wrong. Her cousin hates her on sight. Her aunt falls into a mysterious coma. Then, left alone on the huge property, Molly and her cousin discover an intruder lurking in the barn! Armed and desperate, he drags them to the top of a nearby mountain--and triggers an avalanche with a gunshot. Can they make it down the mountain alive?

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Children's Literature - Heidi Green
Molly has been looking forward to visiting her aunt and uncle on their Washington state llama farm. She is sure that she will have a lot of fun with her cousin, Glendon. She couldn't be more wrong. Her aunt and uncle are friendly and welcoming, but Glendon is rude and distant. Scary things start to happen. Her aunt falls into a mysterious coma and is rushed to the hospital late one night. Was she poisoned? A bale of hay drops from the barn loft onto Molly's head, knocking her unconscious. Was it pushed? A mysterious stranger is sneaking around the farm. Who is he? What does he want? Most importantly, will Molly and Glendon figure everything out before someone is killed? This quick read is taut with suspense. Readers will be impressed by Molly's courage and determination in the face of chilling odds. 1999 (orig.
School Library Journal
Gr 4-8-- Twelve-year-old Molly was looking forward to a relaxing and interesting month-long stay with relatives while her mother traveled in the Orient. Although she and her aunt's new husband have never met before, they hit it off immediately. But, for some unspoken reason, her cousin, Glendon, seems to resent her visit and does his best to make Molly feel uncomfortable and unwelcome. Then, when his stepmother becomes deathly ill, Glendon blames Molly. Left alone on the ranch while Aunt Karen is in the hospital, Molly and Glendon discover that someone is rustling valuable llamas. They become involved in an action-packed adventure which culminates in a near-fatal battle. Some of Molly's actions and miscalculations seem designed to increase suspense and are a bit unbelievable and melodramatic, but they do not detract from a first-rate thriller. It is refreshing to meet a heroine who doesn't depend on anyone else and who must overcome her own fears, take risks, and use ingenuity to save her cousin's life. A satisfying novel that will keep readers guessing until the end. --Jeanette Larson, Mesquite Public Library, TX

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Meet the Author

Peg Kehret was born in Wisconsin, grew up in Minnesota, spent fourteen years in California, and now lives with her husband in Washington State. They have two grown children, four grandchildren, one dog, and one cat.

Peg's novels for children are regularly recommended by the American Library Association, the International Reading Association, and the Children's Book Council. She has won many state "young reader" or "children's choice" awards. Peg's characters are ordinary kids who find themselves in exciting situations and who use their wits to solve their problems. There is usually humor as well as suspense in her books. A long-time volunteer at The Humane Society, she often uses animals in her stories.

Before she began writing books for children, Peg published plays, short stories, articles, and two books for adults. She is a frequent speaker at conferences for librarians and teachers.

At the age of twelve, Peg had polio and was paralyzed from the neck down. Because she can remember that experience and her year of recovery so vividly, she finds it easy to write in the viewpoint of a twelve or thirteen year old. Most of her main characters are that age. Her autobiography, Small Steps: The Year I Got Polio, won the Golden Kite Award from the Society of Children's Book Writers&Illustrators, and the PEN Center USA West Award for Children's Literature.

When she is not writing, Peg likes to watch baseball, bake cookies, and pump her old player piano.

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Nightmare Mountain 4.2 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 6 reviews.
Cougar_H More than 1 year ago
I personally did not think this book was correct in a realistic way. The reason I thought that was it used unrealistic events. For instance, when the Uncle fires a gun into the mountain side and it causes an avalanche.The authors purpose for writing this book was to spark curiosity in the readers mind. It did spark some curiosity in my mind by her when the truck drove away and almost hit her. The spark was what if it was me in that situation? Also when the avalanche hits her and her cousin. I could imagine the cold rough weather of the mountain and her cousin being upside down in the snow. One of the events that really got into my mind was when she was so tired that she almost couldn't walk back to the house. On the other hand it was so unrealistic that some of the book was hard to read and think that the author would actually put that in the book! Or when her aunt is dying and it all happened form eating one cookie! I thought5 that the book would have been better from the authors past books, but this book let me down.
Guest More than 1 year ago
that's what crosses molly's mind. her cousin,glendon, hates her for reasons she doen't understand. her aunt falls into a coma. a hay bale nearly kills her. why is every thing going wrong? it was soposed to be a month long vacation at her aunt and uncle's llama ranch, but insted, molly's world is turrnd upside down. in a bizarre twist of events, 12 year old molly nd glendon are trapped in an avelanch, and the only one who knows is a killer with a hatered for the kids. will they make it out alive? and if they reach the bottem of the mountain, will the man who left them to thier deaths still be waiting?
Guest More than 1 year ago
12 Year-old Molly in Los Angeles gets very excited about meeting her cousin Glendon on a Llama Ranch in Washington State! But when she gets there things turn the opposite of what she expected!
Guest More than 1 year ago
this book is cool because it tellsu about a trip to a dangerous area i first read this book in 7th grade i am in 7th grade now its all coooooooooooooooooooo???i love this author :)
Guest More than 1 year ago
Molly can't wait to meet her cousin that lives on a ranch. But when she gets there, things go horribly wrong.
Guest More than 1 year ago
A girl named Molly visits her cousin on a llama farm on a mountain. As soon as she gets there, things start going very wrong.