Nina and the Bullies


Nina and the Bullies is a colorful, delightfully written book to help rid the community of the awful disease of bullying. It is designed to show that anyone can be a victim of bullying no matter their race, size, or style. You may not believe it, but bullies need love too. They have issues, but they are human beings too. Nina and the Bullies will help parents and society to know the different signs of bullying and to become aware of how bad this disease is. This book gives some great scenarios and information to ...
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Nina and the Bullies is a colorful, delightfully written book to help rid the community of the awful disease of bullying. It is designed to show that anyone can be a victim of bullying no matter their race, size, or style. You may not believe it, but bullies need love too. They have issues, but they are human beings too. Nina and the Bullies will help parents and society to know the different signs of bullying and to become aware of how bad this disease is. This book gives some great scenarios and information to recognize and change the bullying situations in our lives. This book is also designed to make everyone more aware of what bullying is. With all the information gathered from websites, consults, a Psychologist, viewing the media, and actual personal experiences, "Nina and the Bullies" by Author Michelle Williams Turnipseed is a Best Seller! After Nina, age 12, moved from Connecticut to Washington DC with her family life became a nightmare. Walk through the trials and tribulations Nina faces as she grows and enters High School. Meet Nancy, Cheryl, and Nina's brother Jay. Experience the life of a bully and her victims. Also read how the bullying problem is solved by the community!
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Product Details

  • ISBN-13: 9781936513833
  • Publisher: Pearlstone Publishing
  • Publication date: 2/5/2014
  • Pages: 64
  • Product dimensions: 8.50 (w) x 8.50 (h) x 0.17 (d)

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Nina and The Bullies

By Michelle Williams Turnipseed


Copyright © 2013 Michelle Williams Turnipseed
All right reserved.

ISBN: 978-1-4817-1173-9

Chapter One

It was an extremely cold December morning, I could tell by the frost on the windows that it was snowing outside. The wind was blowing frantically. When I opened my eyes I remembered that it was almost Christmas. I could still smell the fresh pine from the Douglas Fir Tree we purchased the night before. Oh how I smile even now, thinking about the look on my father's face as he tried to pull that 9ft tree through the door. Only then did I notice the warm liquid under my bottom.

Sometimes I wet my bed because I have nightmares and I'm too afraid to go to the bathroom alone during the night. This has been happening to me ever since my family moved into our new home just three blocks from the White House.

I jump out of the bed trying to hide my secret. Thinking to myself how humiliated I would be if anyone knew. I was twelve years old for God's sake!

I had already begun my first year of middle school. Life was supposed to be wonderful, right? As of now it sucked!

My mom and dad have always taught me to respect other people. They also raised me to treat people the way that I wanted to be treated; that is, with dignity and respect. For some reason it just wasn't working in a positive way towards me.

Today was the last day of school before the Christmas break. My second period history teacher Mrs. Jackson was taking some of our class to Historic Anacostia in SE Washington DC where we would tour the home of Frederick Douglas, visit various art works and see the "Big Chair".

Washington, DC is also called The District of Columbia. Anacostia is one of the oldest historic sections in the city.

On the bus ride to Anacostia I sat next to a girl from my church that I knew. Her name is Cheryl. She's very pretty, but very quiet. During the bus ride she spoke to me a little and smiled. But for most of the ride she looked out the window.

The ride seemed to be taking forever because this other girl and her friends Rhonda and Kelly were continually making rude comments about me being "Little Miss Perfect Rich Christian Girl!" "The Girl That Does No Wrong!" and "Little Miss Beauty Queen."

When the girl and her two bully friends came to our seat Cheryl moved to let them sit. The ring leader began yelling and grabbing me around my throat looking me eye to eye saying how ugly I was and how sick to her stomach I made her feel, while the other two girls stood in front of me blocking the way for me to escape.

I kept expecting my teacher to come and tell them to leave me alone, but she never came to my rescue.

They continued to taunt me saying, "Ever Since You Came To This City Everybody Can't Stop Talking About You." "Oh You're Supposed to Be All That, But Your Family Ain't The Best!!"

Then that girl smashed me in my face and pushed my forehead backwards. The other students turn their heads like they were blind and didn't see anything. All three girls were blocking the way for me to escape and for anyone to see me.

Right before the bus arrives to Anacostia that girl gets up from the seat but not before she slaps me across my face and say, "this is just a taste of the torture to come." "Keeping your mouth closed and staying out of my way would be your best bet" were some of the other words that I was left to chew on.

I couldn't stop thinking about what they had said: They hated me and wished that I never moved to Washington DC.; That their lives were a lot better before I came; That they wanted to kill me or hoped that I would do them and myself a favor and kill myself."

They had left me with a heck of a lasting impression. I was afraid and didn't understand what I had done to deserve this! I tried to gather my thoughts and dry my tears. By the time the bus came to a halt I was better.

I never told Cheryl or my teacher what happened and they never ask if I was okay. The other students played dumb. That girl was the ring leader of the crew. I was sure of it. All the others followed her lead. I didn't catch her name. It sounded like they called her Nae or something.

Despite the rough start, the field trip to Anacostia was joyful. Walking around being among artist at work, viewing beautiful paintings, sculptures, unique sights, meeting interesting people, and visiting the historic Frederick Douglas Home was lots of fun. Also all the Christmas decorations were beautiful.

Unfortunately despite a good end to the day, the girl and her crew would continue to bully me. This was not the first time she had bullied me and I soon found out it was far from the last. Things would only escalate becoming worst.

Chapter Two

Every day was a nightmare for me. I had no friends. None of the students ever tried to get to know me. For some odd reason they just did not like me. It seemed as if they were afraid to be my friend. I really believe the crew of bullies had a lot to do with it.

From the first time the students met me they hated me or they were just plain afraid of that girl and her crew. Everyone treated me as if I did not exist or I was dirty. I do not understand why they are listening to the rumors that were started by those bullies.

At least I know my family loves me and are very proud of me. They always treat me with respect, kindness and dignity. They have no idea that I am being mistreated by these kids or bullied. It would be devastating to them if they knew. They really have high expectations of me and I also have high expectations for myself. That's why I feel such shame and guilt. I feel like a lowly coward who's not living up to my family's expectations or mine. How can I go to them and tell them my problems? How can I let them down? My dad and mom worked so hard at being a close knit family with an open relationship in raising their children to be God fearing, loving, caring and respectful productive members of society.

My dad loves his family so, cherishing me, his oldest daughter and my baby brother Jay with all his heart and soul. Jay was a small and shy big-eyed, curly headed boy that had a large smile and loved to imitate our dad. Jay was lovable and cute. Jay was a few years younger than me and had no idea that I was being bullied. Things were so different in the District of Columbia.

Jay and I lived our younger years in Bridgeport, Connecticut where our mom was born. Our father attended Howard University School of Divinity in Washington, DC which is his hometown. He married our mom Mina Hall who graduated with an accounting degree from Howard University. After graduating my parents moved to Connecticut and stayed until my father got a wonderful job offer to pastor a church in Washington, DC.

I had really been looking forward to the move. I was excited about making new friends and going to middle school and I could hardly wait to meet the kids in my new neighborhood.

I like that people dressed flashier in DC. Washingtonians pronounced words less properly than in Connecticut, they have more of a southern drawl. There is also more slang to get your point across when holding a conversation. The food has a lot of flavor too. It has that down home taste people called southern cooking. It was all so cool to me, until now.

But anyway, when we moved to Washington DC last summer my Uncle Sam came to visit often. He is my father's younger brother and a psychologist at George Washington University Hospital. Uncle Sam also works part-time at the Neighborhood Community Medical Facility.

One afternoon Uncle Sam took me and Jay uptown to this place to get some lunch. There were lots of pictures of famous celebrities on the walls that had been autographed. There were lots of people in line buying hamburgers, hotdogs, and half-smokes with this famous chili on it. They were even buying bowls of the Chili and lots of french fries, milkshakes and deserts. The name of the place is Ben's Chili Bowl and their food was good!

They were listening to the juke box as people played record after record. Smiling and laughing while dining at Ben's Chili Bowl on U Street, NW. I had a huge piece of delicious homemade chocolate cake which I shared with my little brother Jay. At that moment I thought to myself Uncle Sam is the best uncle on this planet. I would later find out how true that statement was.

Chapter Three

I loved everything about being in Washington after hanging out with Uncle Sam.

On another occasion he showed us all around Georgetown NW. We ate pizza for lunch on M Street NW then proceeded to Georgetown Hospital to pick up his paycheck. We then decided to go pass the Duke Ellington School of Arts.

We also took a tour of Georgetown University campus. Jay and I talked about what college we wanted to attend. Jay said he might consider GU for basketball since he knew they would want him! Everyone laughed.

I said I wanted to go away to school. I thought about the other day when that girl and her two goons grabbed me. I was on my way to my locker. They took me into a dark science lab and asked me "Why do you have on those new Jordan's?" My Uncle Sam had just bought them for me. I shook my head not saying anything feeling the tight grip the two goons had on my arms, one on each side of me. Then that girl came in front of me and punched me in my stomach. She told me to take off my shoes and socks and put on the flip flops she held out to me. They then took my shoes and left me in that dark classroom crying. I went home in flip flops. When my family asked why I never wore my new sneakers I told them they were stolen at school. That was kind of the truth.

I often ask myself why I don't fight back. But I know it has to do with my beliefs. My faith allows me to know that those bullies really don't know what they are doing. I am not weak I am strong. I know that God's got me. He will not give me more than I can handle! God will fight my battles!

I really don't know what to do at this particular time. But when I don't know what to do, I pray because prayer is the answer to all my problems. God has always helped me with my problems through prayer. If I just have faith to hold on, believe in His word, and trust in him it will work out. It's not my fight it's the Lord's! He can work it out one day at a time!

Chapter Four

It's been three years since that bullying incident on the bus. The school I now attend is called Park Ball High School. It's near the White House. I often daydream of meeting the president one day. It is a blessing to be alive during this time when our country elected its first black president, Barack Obama!

I have so many other things that I want to do while living in Washington DC; so many places I want to see but for now I need to focus on my bullying problem.

One thing I found out since attending Park Ball High School is that there are some really mean kids that don't stick to the rules! I have been bullied almost every day since I moved to DC. I met that girl and her crew my first year of middle school. That girl's name is Nancy Brittany. Her nick name is Nae. Wow Nancy Brittany!! The ring leader of the Bullies!

Nancy Brittany is pretty on the outside and very ugly on the inside. Nauseatingly nasty, with a short red hair cut, downright disrespectful and a dangerous disaster! That is how I can best describe her. Other than to say again she's my worst nightmare come to life since the age of 12 years old.

She lives for making people's lives miserable, especially mine. The more people she can get to join her on her escapades of bullying me, the happier and more dangerous she becomes. Nancy is always thinking of ways to make my life unhappy; ways to put me to shame.

Nancy has evil ways mainly because she wants to have the life that I have. I think she is very jealous of me. She is mental.

Nancy comes from a two parent family home also but her household is the opposite of mine. I overheard one of her friends telling another about her life.

Her mom is never available for her to talk with. When Mrs. Brittany is home, she is asleep. She works two full time jobs to help make ends meet and works very long hours. Their house is not very clean, I can't fathom living like that. Can You? Bed Bugs? You think? Not hardly any home cooking only TV Dinners? Stale Old Crust of Bread? You think? Peanut Butter, No Jelly? No Bread? No Fruit Cups? No Snack Foods or Juke Foods? Expired Boxes of Old No Name Brand Cereal? With No Milk? What?

Wow I have such an imagination I need to shut it down. Who knows what's going on over there in that house? Right? Nancy knows that's who! Anyway she has some issues I do know that need to be dealt with.

Mr. Brittany is a Postman and works every day. He seems to think that gives him the right to be an alcoholic. He drinks every night until he passes out and mostly hangs out at the neighborhood bars.

Nancy's mom works at the wharf cleaning fish during the day and cleans offices at night. She hardly has two words to say to Nancy she just gives Nancy money to go shopping so that she can get the latest fashions and keep her hair and nails done.

Nancy use to go shopping for shoes and clothes and get her hair and nails done more often when she was younger but now she spends a lot of her money on other things that are illegal. She has some new friends since starting high school.

Needless to say, Nancy is so bitter with no parents to guide her and show her love. No parents to show up at school for PTA and show her any moral support. Not anybody to kiss her good night or tell her right from wrong. Not even a soul to teach her about life or care about her.

Nancy has no other living relatives: no grandparents, no aunts, no uncles, no cousins, nobody. So Nancy is a very unbalanced young lady that needs some help. She needs to be loved and to know that someone cares about her; to know that she matters and has a purpose on this earth.

When Nancy's mom first met her father they were in high school. She got pregnant in her senior year and never completed school. Nancy's grandparents disowned their daughter for getting married, not finishing school and having Nancy. Shortly after they were married, Nancy's grandparents were killed in an automobile accident. Nancy's mom was their only daughter. She has always held a grudge against Nancy for her parent's loss of love shown towards her before their death.

Nancy's father is from South Carolina. His great grandma raised him but she passed when he was 12 years old. He was raise in foster care in Washington, DC after she came up to visit a friend and passed away.

Nancy hated me from the beginning because I had the life she wanted I guess. It seems from the moment she met me she was determined to make my life miserable. So far she has succeeded, but things just have to get better.

Chapter Five

Pastor John K. Munchy, my dad, presented Chuck Brown, also known as the Godfather of Go Go to the audience. It was the annual New Year's Eve Homeless Citywide Fundraiser Dinner Dance. The Solid Rock Baptist Memorial Church was hosting it as usual. We have the largest congregation in the city. Everybody who was anybody was attending this fundraiser tonight.

The crowd was getting down to the music of Chuck Brown! As he sang, "I Feel Like Busting Loose, Busting Loose, Get, Get, Get, Get, Get, Get, On Down, Hey Leroy, Give Me Some Of That Horn".

The floor was vibrating, the horns were jamming! The drummer gave everybody some; he beat the heck out of those drums! There where Congo drums too! Then the crowd started chanting, "Chuck Baby Don't Give a What?"

Chuck Brown sang, "Yes I Do, I Love All of You"! The crowd went wild as he played his guitar! He sang, "Do I Do? Yes I Do! ... I Love All Of You"! ... The Crowd screamed, "Wind Me Up Chuck ... Wind Me Up Chuck"!

He sang, "Run Joe Run Joe the Policeman's at the Door"! ..." I Need Some Money ... Master Card ... Visa ... American Express ... Ain't Got Nothing Gainst Them Credit Cards ... But Da Cash Is Da Best ... I Need Some Money ... Money Money Money!" "Mississippi bull frog sitting on a Harlem stump!" "Excuse me Dougie Excuse me Dougie" "Got so many problems don't know which way to jump" "Exuse me Dougie Exuse me Dougie!"

This is how I learned about Go Go! First hand and in person partying with the one and only Godfather of Go Go, Chuck Brown! "Oh, Oh, Oh My God Is It Real? Oh, Oh, Oh my God Is It Real?" Is what I was singing along with the crowd!!

How great the beat made me feel as it moved all through my body. From my head to my toes inside and out!! There was something spiritual about this music!

This man was truly a Godfather! Chuck Brown had been around the world and played for all ages. Everyone loved him and respected him! He was truly a legend of all times. Chuck Brown had been around for a long time playing Go Go.

Chuck Brown was the Godfather of Go Go and Go Go is the musical culture of Washington DC! Just like Jazz is to New Orleans, Louisiana. Like country music is to Nashville, Tennessee. Go Go is to Washington DC!


Excerpted from Nina and The Bullies by Michelle Williams Turnipseed Copyright © 2013 by Michelle Williams Turnipseed. Excerpted by permission of AuthorHouse. All rights reserved. No part of this excerpt may be reproduced or reprinted without permission in writing from the publisher.
Excerpts are provided by Dial-A-Book Inc. solely for the personal use of visitors to this web site.

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