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Nine Days' Queen: A Portrait of Lady Jane Grey

Nine Days' Queen: A Portrait of Lady Jane Grey

by Mary M. Luke

Editorial Reviews

Publishers Weekly - Publisher's Weekly
Luke (Catherine, the Queen, etc.) excels as a biographer who vivifies historical figures, particularly the manipulators of events during the Tudor monarchy. Born in 1537, Lady Jane Grey was destined to be a tool of ``rotten and injurious'' persons, which included her parents who forced the 15-year-old to marry Lord Dudley's son Guilford with the intention of making the young pair England's rulers after the death of Edward, successor to King Henry VIII. Leading a cabal, Dudley declared Henry's daughters Mary and Elizabeth bastards, thus usurping the throne. Because her mother was Henry's niece, Jane ascended in the royal lineage, and she accepted the crown as her parents' mistreatment had taught her to be submissive. After nine days, the public clamor for a rightful queen brought Mary forward to claim her inheritance, ending Jane's reign. She was 16 when she was beheaded, a victim of crimes committed by others. The author arouses the reader's deep sympathy for Lady Jane. Illustrations not seen by PW. (June 18
Library Journal - Library Journal
Lady Jane Grey, that tragic teenager caught up in the tempests of Tudor intrigue, has always exercised considerable attraction for biographers. More, one might add, than her historical importance deserves, but for all that this is a welcome treatment. Her story, essentially that of a pawn in family members' hands as they strove for both riches and power during the uncertain years following Henry VIII's death, is a dramatic one which is well told. Specialists will find little new here, and Hester Chapman's Lady Jane Grey (1962) remains useful. Yet this is enjoyable reading for history buffs by an accomplished Tudor biographer. Recommended. James A. Casada, History Dept., Winthrop Coll., Rock Hill, S.C.

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