90s: The Ultimate Collection

90s: The Ultimate Collection


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Disc 1

  1. Dive  - Steven Curtis Chapman
  2. Between You and Me  -  dc Talk
  3. Say the Name  - Margaret Becker
  4. Deeper  -  Delirious?
  5. Entertaining Angels  -  Newsboys
  6. To Know You  - Nichole Nordeman
  7. Almost Threw It All Away  - Charlie Peacock
  8. You Move Me  - Susan Ashton
  9. After the Rain  -  Aaron & Jeoffrey
  10. God Is in Control  - Twila Paris
  11. Testify to Love  -  Avalon
  12. Learning to Trust  - David Meece

Disc 2

  1. Home Run  -  Geoff Moore & the Distance
  2. Big House  -  Audio Adrenaline
  3. Desert Rose  -  WhiteHeart
  4. God  - Rebecca St. James
  5. That Kind of Love  -  PFR
  6. For the Glory of Your Name  - Michelle Tumes
  7. My Faith Will Stay  - Cheri Keaggy
  8. Mercy Came Running  -  Craig & Dean Phillips
  9. Song of Reconciliation  -  Ashton/Becker/Dente
  10. Remember  - Wes King
  11. Faithful Friend  - Twila Paris
  12. It's Raining Again  -  Imperials

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Album Credits

Technical Credits

Pierce Pettis   Composer
Brown Bannister   Producer,Audio Production
Margaret Becker   Composer
Steven Curtis Chapman   Composer,Producer,Audio Production
David Meece   Composer
Twila Paris   Composer
Charlie Peacock   Composer,Producer,Audio Production
Billy Smiley   Composer
Wes King   Composer
Geoff Moore   Composer
Dan Dean   Composer,Audio Production
Bill Drescher   Producer,Audio Production
Mark Gersmehl   Composer
Steve Griffith   Producer,Audio Production
Mark Hammond   Composer,Producer,Audio Production
Connie Harrington   Composer
Mark Heimermann   Composer,Producer,Audio Production
Cheri Keaggy   Composer
Gordon Kennedy   Composer
Wayne Kirkpatrick   Composer,Producer,Audio Production
Toby McKeehan   Composer,Producer,Audio Production
Paul Mills   Producer,Audio Production
Phil Naish   Producer,Audio Production
Andy Piercy   Producer,Audio Production
Jimmie Lee Sloas   Producer,Audio Production
Butch Stewart   Producer,Audio Production
Brian Tankersley   Producer,Audio Production
Ben Wisch   Producer
Jenny Yates   Composer
Rebecca St. James   Composer
John Hartley   Audio Production
Jody Davis   Composer
Peter Furler   Composer,Producer,Audio Production
Don Koch   Composer,Audio Production
Tedd T.   Producer,Audio Production
Barry Blair   Composer
Bob Herdman   Composer
Kevin B. Hipp   Mastering
Gary Sadler   Composer
Will McGinniss   Composer
Robert Riekerk   Composer
Nichole Nordeman   Composer
Paul Field   Composer
Ralph Van Manen   Composer
Phil Joel   Composer
Stu Garrard   Composer
Dave Clark   Audio Production
Henk Pool   Composer
Steve Blair   Executive Producer
Delerious   Audio Production
David Robertson   Composer

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