Ninos Clasicos: Lo Mejor de Tchaikovsky

Ninos Clasicos: Lo Mejor de Tchaikovsky


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  1. La Fée Argent, Variación 2 * El Hada Plateada
  2. Act 1. Valse * Vals
  3. Violente * Variación 5
  4. Panorama
  5. Fée des Lilas, Variación 6 * El Vals del Hada Lila
  6. Slavonic March, for orchestra, Op. 31
  7. Overtura
  8. Danse russe * Trépak - Danza rusa
  9. Danse de la Fée * Danza del Hada Dulce
  10. Danse chinoise * Tea * Danza china
  11. Valse des fleurs * Vals de las flores
  12. Danse arabe * Coffee * Danza árabe
  13. Act 2 Divertissement * Chocolate * Danza española
  14. Excerpt
  15. Waltz
  16. Acto 2, Cuadro No. 10
  17. Valse * Vals
  18. Danse napolitaine * Danza napolitana
  19. Tempo de valse * Vals
  20. Danse des cygnes * Danza de los Cisnes
  21. 1812 -- Festival Overture, for orchestra in E flat major, Op. 49

Album Credits

Performance Credits

Royal Philharmonic Orchestra   Performing Ensemble
Philippe Entremont   Conductor
Slovak Philharmonic Orchestra   Performing Ensemble
Adrian Leaper   Conductor
Vienna Chamber Orchestra   Performing Ensemble
Ondrej Lenard   Conductor
Slovak Radio Symphony Orchestra   Performing Ensemble
Russian State Symphony Orchestra   Ensemble
Michael Halász   Conductor
Dmitry Yablonsky   Conductor
Andrew Mogrelia   Conductor
Kosice State Philharmonic Orchestra   Performing Ensemble
National Symphony Orchestra of Ukraine   Performing Ensemble
Theodore Kuchar   Conductor

Technical Credits

Susan Hammond   Author
Philippe Entremont   Director
Mark D. Goldman   Producer
Adrian Leaper   Director
Ondrej Lenard   Director
Michael Halász   Director
Andrew Mogrelia   Director
Michelle Henderson   Executive Producer
Theodore Kuchar   Director

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