Nitrous Oxide and Climate Change

Nitrous Oxide and Climate Change

by Keith Smith

ISBN-10: 1844077578

ISBN-13: 9781844077571

Pub. Date: 07/28/2010

Publisher: Taylor & Francis



Today's college algebra students are a diverse group. Some are going on into precalculus, calculus, or other math sequences, whereas others will complete their math requirements with this course. This text is designed and written to help both sets of students succeed. The book has three fundamental goals: First, to help

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Today's college algebra students are a diverse group. Some are going on into precalculus, calculus, or other math sequences, whereas others will complete their math requirements with this course. This text is designed and written to help both sets of students succeed. The book has three fundamental goals: First, to help students acquire a solid foundation in college algebra, preparing them for other college courses such as calculus, business calculus, finite mathematics, and computer science; second, to show students how algebra can model and solve authentic real-world problems; and third, to enable students to develop problem-solving skills, fostering critical thinking within a varied and interesting setting.

Writing The Second Edition

A source of frustration for me and my colleagues is that very few students read their textbook. When I ask students why they do not take full advantage of the text, their responses generally fall into two categories:

  • "I cannot follow the explanations."
  • "The applications are not interesting."

I thought about both of these objections in writing every page of the Second Edition.

"I can't follow the explanations." For many of my students, textbook explanations are too compressed. The chapters in the Second Edition have been extensively rewritten to make them more accessible. I have paid close attention to ensuring that the amount of detail and depth of coverage is appropriate for a liberal arts college algebra course. Every section has been rewritten to contain a better range of simple, intermediate, and challenging examples. Voiceballoons allow for more specific annotations in examples, further clarifying procedures and concepts. A more open format with a softer color palette gives the book a less crowded look than the First Edition.

"The applications are not interesting." One of the things I enjoy most about teaching in a large urban community college is the diversity of who my students are and what interests them. Real-world data that celebrate this variety are used to bring relevance to examples, discussions, and applications. All data from the previous edition have been replaced to include data that extend as far up to the present as possible. I selected all updated real-world data to be interesting and intriguing to students. By connecting algebra to the whole spectrum of their interests, it is my intent to show students that their world is profoundly mathematical and, indeed, pi is in the sky.

Student Supplements

Student Solutions Manual (0-13-089410-9); (8941K-1) Includes fully worked out solutions to most of the odd-numbered exercises in the text as well as all exercises in chapter tests and all review exercises.

MathPak Integrated Learning Environment (0-13-088267-4); (88266-0) Contains the College Algebra MathPro 4.0 along with a passcode-protected Website specifically designed to accompany this text. This product combines the series' key supplements into a comprehensive, easy-to-navigate package. Materials on the Website include but are not limited to: Section-by-section reading quizzes, Section-by-Section Powerpoint downloads, additional chapter projects, Chapter Quizzes and Tests, Student Solutions Manuals presented by chapter (exactly what is in the print version), Chapter Destinations and to interesting math Websites, and Graphing Calculator Manuals for the full line of TI's, Sharp, HP, and Casio Calculators.

MathPro4 Network Version The best algorithmic tutorial software on the market – MathPro steps the student objective by objective, section by section, throughout the entire College Algebra text, including the Appendix review materials. Students can benefit from over 100 Quicklime instructional segments video.

MathPro4 Network Version (0-13-088269-0); (8826J-3)

Review Videos (0-13-088264-X); (8826D-7) Section-by-section videos written by and highlighting Jacquelyn White of St. Leo College. Each segment covers approximately 20 minutes of the key concepts and examples for each section. Each set of videos comes with a permissions letter allowing the school to duplicate for specific campus needs.

Precalculus Investigations/Simundza, et al. (013-010954-1); (1095D-6) A three year NSF-funded project integrates an applied approach to the topics in the Precalculus curriculum via applied projects The investigations reflect the AMATYC and NCTM Standards in both curriculum content and pedagogy.

Companion Website ( This CW address will lead to the bridge page for all of the Blitzer titles. On the CW sites (which are different than the MathPak sites) are the following: Chapter Quizzes, Chapter Tests, Projects, Graphing Calculator Manual, Destinations, and PowerPoints.

WebCT/Blackboard Contains all the materials from the MathPak website (i.e., no MathPro) plus testing materials. Can be made available in Blackboard on adoption.

Instructor Supplements

Instructor's Edition (0-13-089417-6); (89416-0) Includes full student text as well as the full set of answers at the back of the text for both odds and even exercises.

Instructor's Resource Manual (0-13-089418-4); (8941H-8) The College Algebra IRM contains the full solutions to the even-numbered exercises in the text. The Precalculus IRM contains solutions to both the odd- and the even-numbered exercises in the text.

TestGen-EQ WINIMAC CD (0-13-088260-7); (8826K-1) New to Prentice Hall Mathematics is the use of TestGen EQ for our mathematics testing. TestGen-EQ is a fully algorithmic, easy-to-use software program written and based on the section objectives in the text.

Test Item File (0-13-089421-4); (8942A-2) A hard-copy version of materials derived from the TestGen-EQ program.

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Table of Contents

1 Introduction Keith A. Smith 1

2 Microbial Terrestrial Pathways to Nitrous Oxide Elizabeth M. Baggs Laurent Philippot 4

3 Marine Pathways to Nitrous Oxide Hermann W. Bange Alina Freing Annette Kock Carolin R. Löscher 36

4 The Global Nitrous Oxide Budget: A Reassessment Keith A. Smith Paul J. Crutzen Arvin R. Mosier Wilfried Winiwarter 63

5 Nitrous Oxide Emissions from the Nitrogen Cycle in Arable Agriculture: Estimation and Mitigation A. F. (Lex) Bouwman Elke Stehfest Chris van Kessel 85

6 Nitrous Oxide Emissions from the Nitrogen Cycle in Livestock Agriculture: Estimation and Mitigation Cecile A. M. de Klein Richard J. Eckard Tony J. van der Weerden 107

7 Nitrous Oxide Emissions from Land-Use and Land-Management Change Franz Conen Albrecht Neftel 145

8 Indirect Emissions of Nitrous Oxide from Nitrogen Deposition and Leaching Of Agricultural Nitrogen Reinhard Well Klaus Butterbach-Bahl 162

9 Abiotic Nitrous Oxide Sources: Chemical Industry and Mobile and Stationary Combustion Systems Peter Wiesen 190

10 Conclusions and Future Outlook Keith A. Smith 210

Contributors 218

Acronyms and abbreviations 222

Index 224

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