NJ ASK Mathematics Grade 6 w/CD-ROM (REA) - Ready, Set Go!

NJ ASK Mathematics Grade 6 w/CD-ROM (REA) - Ready, Set Go!

by Steven Flanders, Todd Campanella

NJ ASK Grade 6 Mathematics with Timed Exams on CD
Completely aligned with the New Jersey Core Curriculum Content Standards

REA helps Grade 6 students get ready for the NJ ASK Grade 6 Mathematics exam!

Our practice and review for NJ ASK6 math includes:

  • All the NJ ASK6 math instruction and


NJ ASK Grade 6 Mathematics with Timed Exams on CD
Completely aligned with the New Jersey Core Curriculum Content Standards

REA helps Grade 6 students get ready for the NJ ASK Grade 6 Mathematics exam!

Our practice and review for NJ ASK6 math includes:

  • All the NJ ASK6 math instruction and practice students need to excel on the test
  • Lessons and exercises strengthen math skills and knowledge
  • 2 practice tests to measure progress
  • Confidence-building tips to reduce test anxiety and boost test-day readiness
  • CD includes 2 full-length practice exams with automatic scoring, timed testing conditions, and detailed on-screen explanations of answers

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About This Book and Testware®
This book, along with REA’s exclusive TestWare® software, provides excellent preparation for the New Jersey ASK6 Mathematics test. Inside, you will find lessons, drills, strategies, and practice tests—all with a single-minded focus: success on the NJ ASK6, an acronym that stands for Assessment of Skills and Knowledge.

We have made every effort to make the book easy to read and navigate. The practice tests are included in two formats: in this book and software package. We recommend that you begin your preparation by first taking the practice exams on your computer. The software provides timed conditions and instantaneous, accurate scoring that makes it easier to pinpoint your strengths and weaknesses.
This book was specially written and designed to make test practice easy and fruitful for you. Our practice tests are very much like the actual NJ ASK tests, and our review is filled with illustrations, drills, exercises, and practice questions to help you become familiar with the testing environment and to retain information about key topics.

The NJ ASK and other state assessment tests are designed to give you and the school personnel information about how well children are achieving in the areas required by New Jersey’s Core Curriculum Content Standards, which describe what students should know at the end of certain grades. This book helps your children review and prepare effectively and positively for the NJ ASK in Mathematics.

Because you introduce students to the test-taking environment and the demands of the NJ ASK tests, our authoritative book can help you develop planned, guided instruction and practice testing. Effective preparation means better test scores!

What Is the NJ ASK?
The New Jersey Assessment of Skills and Knowledge is a standards-based assessment used in New Jersey’s public schools. Performance on the NJ ASK test does not equate with the grades students receive for teacher-assigned work, but rather with proficiency measures pegged to how well students are acquiring the knowledge and skills outlined in the state’s Core Curriculum Content Standards. Those proficiency measures fall into three broad categories, or bands: “partially proficient,” “proficient,” and “advanced proficient.”

When Is the NJ ASK Given?
The test is administered in early spring. Grade 6 students take the NJ ASK Mathematics test over two days in early May. During each session, students are asked to complete a combination of multiple-choice questions and open-ended questions. Total testing time is about two hours, which does not include the time used for distributing and collecting materials and reading directions.

What Is the Format of the NJ ASK?  
The NJ ASK has two types of questions: multiple-choice and open-ended. The multiple-choice
questions require students to choose the correct answer out of four possible choices and fill-in the appropriate circle in their answer booklet. The open-ended questions require students to write written responses in their own words. Each test section is timed, and students may not proceed to the next section until time for the current section has expired. If students have not finished a section when time runs out, they must stop and put down their pencils. There are clear directions throughout the test. 

Students will be allowed to use a calculator on some sections of the test. In addition, a reference sheet showing important formulas and information will be provided to the test takers. There is no need for the students to memorize the formulas and information. If any other materials (such as a protractor or ruler) are necessary for taking the test, they will be provided to the students. 

Topics Covered on the NJ ASK6 
There are five standards covered on the NJ ASK Grade 6 Mathematics test. Listed below are the standards and their associated strands. 

Number and Numerical Operations
A. Number Sense
B. Numerical Operations
C. Estimation

Geometry and Measurement
A. Geometric Properties
B. Transforming Shapes
C. Coordinate Geometry
D. Units of Measurement
E. Measuring Geometric Objects

Patterns, Algebra, and Functions
A. Patterns
B. Functions and Relationships
C. Modeling
D. Procedures

Data Analysis, Probability, and Discrete Mathematics
A. Data Analysis (Statistics) 
B. Probability
C. Discrete Mathematics—Systematic Listing and Counting
D. Discrete Mathematics—Vertex-Edge Graphs and Algorithms

Mathematical Processes
A. Problem Solving
B. Communication
C. Connections
D. Reasoning 
E. Representations
F. Technology

How to Use This Book and TestWare®
The best way to prepare for a test is to practice, and you’ll find that we’ve included drills with answers throughout the book, and that our two practice tests include detailed answers. You’ll find that our practice tests are very much like the actual ASK6 you’ll encounter on test day.

To make the most of your study time, we suggest that you take practice test 1 on CD-ROM to determine your strengths and weaknesses, and then study the course review material, focusing on your specific problem areas. The course review includes the information you need to know when taking the test. Make sure to follow up by taking practice test 2 on CD-ROM so you’re thoroughly familiar with the format and feel of the NJ ASK6 Mathematics test. 

Test Accommodations and Special Situations   
Every effort is made to provide a level playing field for students with disabilities who are taking the NJ ASK. Most students with educational disabilities and most students whose English language skills are limited take the standard NJ ASK. Students with disabilities will be working toward achieving the standards at whatever level is appropriate for them. Supports such as large-print type are available for students who have a current Individualized Education Program (IEP) or who have plans required under Section 504 or who use these supports and accommodations during other classroom testing.

If the IEP team decides that a student will not take the NJ ASK in Language Arts Literacy, Mathematics, and/or Science, the child will take the Alternate Proficiency Assessment (APA).

Meet the Author

Steven T. Flanders is a calculus teacher at Woodland Hills High School in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. He has a Master’s degree in Curriculum and Instruction from Gannon University and is pursuing his Doctor of Education Degree in Mathematics Education from the University of Pittsburgh. He is an expert in preparing students for standardized tests and has demonstrated success with urban students on both the Pennsylvania State System of Assessment (PSSA) Tests and the Advanced Placement Calculus AB and BC exams. 

Todd P. Campanella is a middle school mathematics teacher at Crockett Middle School in Hamilton Township, New Jersey. Mr. Campanella specializes in preparing students for the NJ ASK Mathematics tests both in his classroom and through his company, TPC Math Tutors LLC, which provides in-home tutors and solution assistance throughout New Jersey.



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