No Clue at the Inn (Pennyfoot Hotel Mystery Series #13)

No Clue at the Inn (Pennyfoot Hotel Mystery Series #13)

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by Kate Kingsbury

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Cecily Baxter and her husband, Hugh, haven't been back to Badgers End in two years-not since they sold the Pennyfoot Hotel and the new owner turned it into a country club. But when Cecily receives a letter asking her to manage the place during the Christmas season, she's delighted to accept. Hugh, however, is not quite so enthusiastic-especially when he discovers that


Cecily Baxter and her husband, Hugh, haven't been back to Badgers End in two years-not since they sold the Pennyfoot Hotel and the new owner turned it into a country club. But when Cecily receives a letter asking her to manage the place during the Christmas season, she's delighted to accept. Hugh, however, is not quite so enthusiastic-especially when he discovers that the previous manager met a mysterious end...

Author Biography: Kate Kingsbury is also the author of the popular Manor House mystery series.

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Publishers Weekly
British author Kate Kingsbury (Service for Two) delivers a delightful Christmas whodunit, No Clue at the Inn, a special entry in her Pennyfoot Hotel series. When former owners Cecily Sinclair Baxter and husband Hugh return to the Pennyfoot, now a country club, to be the temporary managers, they find the strange fate of the previous manager more than troubling. Copyright 2003 Reed Business Information.
Library Journal
For two years, Cecily Baxter and her second husband have lived comfortably in Wimbledon. Then, in 1912, they are asked to return to the seafront hotel where they once worked in order to manage it for the Christmas holiday. It seems the last manager of the hotel (now a "country club") turned up dead in a disused well and couldn't be replaced. Her husband's warnings notwithstanding, Cecily begins sleuthing as soon as they arrive. In Kingsbury's 12th "Pennyfoot Hotel" mystery, fascinating glimpses of both servants and wealthy guests are framed by Cecily's clever machinations and hubby's proper English. Pretty cozy. Copyright 2003 Reed Business Information.
Kirkus Reviews
Dark doings mix with Yuletide cheer as mass-market paperback veterans Hugh and Cecily Sinclair Baxter return to Badgers End for another turn at the helm of the Pennyfoot Hotel. Called away on urgent business, Cecily's cousin Edward Sandringham begs the Baxters to manage the hotel, now a country club, during the 1912 Christmas season. His pleas are especially urgent since manager Barry Wrotham recently plunged to his death in an abandoned well. Cecily, bored with life in Wimbledon, accepts eagerly, inviting former housemaids Gertie (accompanied by her three-year-olds, Lilly and James) and twins Daisy and Doris, plus former housekeeper Altheda Chubb, to play guests. To add a hint of chaos to the festivities, she asks her ever-feuding friends Phoebe and Madeline to collaborate in producing a pantomime. At the Pennyfoot, Cecily finds the new housemaids, sulky Jeannette and tongue-tied Moira, under the ineffective supervision of bleak Mrs. Bunkle, barely adequate to keep up with the demands of guests-especially four London magistrates and their elegant wives. When Jeannette's body turns up in a garden shed, it's as inevitable that Gertie, Daisy, Doris, and Mrs. Chubb will be pressed back into service as it is that Cecily, against Hugh's firm admonitions, will launch an investigation that could add her name to the list of victims. Busy Kingsbury skims over the scenes that should be the funniest in this overpopulated country-house-murder entry.

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Pennyfoot Hotel Series , #13
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"British author Kate Kingsbury delivers a delightful Christmas whodunit." —Publishers Weekly

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Kate Kingsbury is a full-time writer and the author of the Pennyfoot Hotel mystery series.

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No Clue at the Inn 4.6 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 5 reviews.
nancydrew123 More than 1 year ago
The Pennyfoot Hotel series is one of my all time favorites... So it was fun to be back seaside at the Pennyfoot in this upstairs/downstairs tale that involves murder, mayhem and a cast of kooky characters. What better time than Christmas to get the Pennyfoot characters back together again. It was nice to see the Pennyfoot all dressed up for Christmas with a murderer afoot. And even though Bax wasn't happy that Cecily was once again solving murders it was fun to see Cecily at the top of her game. Of course Phoebe comes into the mix when she's asked to provide entertainment..... and Madeline helps with the decorations. It wouldn't be the Pennyfoot without the downstairs staff and this first Christmas book doesn't disappoint. Mrs. Chubb and Gertie, former downstairs staff, along with their families come to the Pennyfoot-- it was interesting to see them in a different role. The barristers and their wives added interest to the mystery. As the mystery moved nicely along I really could picture everyone there. I enjoyed the twists and turns. But most of all I enjoyed reading about Cecily again. Cecily is very forward for her time-- smokes cigars, drives the carriage herself, and treats the downstairs staff as equals... thank goodness some things never change. It was so nice to spend Christmas with old friends at the Pennyfoot. If you haven't read this series.... do yourself a favor and start at the beginning. You will find a classic cozy mystery with a quirky cast of characters and great mysteries-- with forward-thinking Cecily leading the way. Did I say I LOVE this series? I really do! The first Pennyfoot book came out for the kindle on 7/2012 and I can't wait for the other books to follow. If you can't wait check them out at your local library.... in the meantime I know you'll enjoy these special Christmas books.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
arrival of book was in a timely fashion and good condition
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Guest More than 1 year ago
The characters are just like part of our own family. It's like we're living there, in that era.
Guest More than 1 year ago
Cecily and Hugh Baxter are called upon by Uncle Edward to return to the Pennyfoot Hotel, now the Pennyfoot Country Club, to run things over the holidays. Cecily owned it and Hugh ran it before they were married. It seems Edward's current manager has fallen down a well and Edward is out of the country on business. The authorities believe Barry Wortham's death is an accident. Cecily wonders otherwise, especially once they arrive at the Pennyfoot. All the staff is talking about how they don't believe it was an accident. Then Mrs. Wrotham asks Cecily to look into Barry's death. Cecily invites her friends and former employees, Mrs. Chubb and Gertie as well as their families, to come and join them for the holidays. She also sets out to have a pantomime prepared for the holidays by her friend Phoebe and her dance troupe. This usually spells disaster. Her friend, Madeline, will help decorate the Pennyfoot for the Christmas holidays. Many things happen to Cecily while she is investigating. Hugh is quite perturbed, because he explicitly asked her not to do anything without consulting him first. She keeps forgetting. Then there's a definite murder. Cecily steps up her investigating and ends up putting herself in danger as well. The four barristers and their wives staying at the Pennyfoot are real characters and really add to this story. I like books set in Inns and find it makes it easier to keep everyone together and accounted for. This was the first book I've read in this series, and I can truly say I am looking forward to the next. Rarely do I like books set back in time, but this series is truly enchanting. The staff, current and former, are enjoyable characters and really add character. I highly recommend you read this book.