No Enemy to Conquer: Forgiveness in an Unforgiving World

No Enemy to Conquer: Forgiveness in an Unforgiving World

by Michael Henderson

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Powerful true stories demonstrate the healing power of forgiveness.See more details below


Powerful true stories demonstrate the healing power of forgiveness.

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"[These narratives] offer qualitative evidence that a mixture of courage and humility can infuse dialogic encounters with hope that persons of diverse ethnic and cultural backgrounds can forgive and reconcile rather than perpetuate violence."
--Religious Studies Review (2011, 37:3)

"Henderson's style in this richly personal book is fluent, accessible and immensely readable. It does not hide from the suffering of the world but movingly claims that healing as possible."
--Interreligious Insight (2011, 9:2)

"No Enemy to Conquer offers a passionate, well-researched defense of the virtue of forgiveness and its place in healing hate and conflict while establishing peace and justice at a grassroots level all over the world."
--Chicago Crescent, July 2010

"In this moving book, Michael Henderson tells the stories of people from all parts of the world who have experienced the transformative power of forgiveness.... A truly remarkable book."
--Catherine Rowland, Book review editor of "Network," the magazine of Women, Word, Spirit

Violence and other forms of sin shrink our lives and our imaginations; forgiveness enables them to expand. In this engaging and stimulating book, Michael Henderson tells stories of extraordinary people from around the world whose commitment to forgiveness stirs our imaginations and offers hope for new life in the future--for all of us wise enough to heed their examples.
--L. Gregory Jones, Dean of the Divinity School and Professor of Theology, Duke University

"A fascinating examination of forgiveness in an unforgiving world."
--Mariana Cantacuzino, The Huffington Post, Jan. 9, 2010

"Henderson's book leads us to ask: What will allow us to see our enemies in a new light that will make forgiveness possible? ... From Henderson we know that there are some common points along the journey.
--Roger S. Gottlieb, Tikkun (January/February 2010)

"This is a humane and thoughtful guidebook to the troubled times we live in."
--Martin Bell OBE, UNICEF UK Ambassador

"These beautifully written and sensitively told stories of forgiveness and peace should provide inspiration and hope for many readers."
--Trudy Govier, Author of Forgiveness and Revenge and Taking Wrongs Seriously

"This book merits the attention of political leaders and policymakers alike."
--Douglas M. Johnston, President and Founder of the International Center for Religion and Diplomacy
"This is a masterful work of a brilliant mind that deserves its place on any bookshelf."
--Musharraf Hussain, Director of the Karimia Institute in Nottingham and Adviser to the Muslim Council of Britain

Publishers Weekly

Henderson (From India with Hope), whose Irish Protestant family sought reconciliation with their Catholic compatriots, may be just the sort of eloquent messenger the world needs to understand the utility and not just the symbolic value of forgiveness. Starting with the Dalai Lama's foreword-a paean to the power of redemption-this book is a blissful read and a persuasive argument for forgiveness as a practical tool for global survival. As the author demonstrates in a discussion of (the few) American individuals and institutions that have made formal apologies for the African slave trade, history cannot be redeemed with an apology, but an apology can create a new starting point for history. Most instructive, however, are the stories of people, from Chechnya to Pennsylvania Amish country, who have suffered unspeakable acts at the hands of enemies and staunchly refuse to be consumed by victimhood. Henderson shows the real muscle behind forgiveness, avoiding preciousness and sentimentality. He writes, "Forgiveness has an image problem"-with this latest effort, perhaps no more. (Feb.)

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Inspiring and edifying. We highly recommend No Enemy to Conquer and hope that it is widely read, discussed, and its lessons applied in communities around the world.

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