No Es lo Mismo

No Es lo Mismo

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by Alejandro Sanz

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Spain's Alejandro Sanz returns with his first studio album since 2000's El Alma al Aire. A lot has changed since then, for the singer, who's become a father, and the world around him. The thoughtful heartthrob has plenty to say on the No Es Lo Mismo -- It's Not the Same. Social issues and commitment are the themes here, with Sanz coming out in support of…  See more details below


Spain's Alejandro Sanz returns with his first studio album since 2000's El Alma al Aire. A lot has changed since then, for the singer, who's become a father, and the world around him. The thoughtful heartthrob has plenty to say on the No Es Lo Mismo -- It's Not the Same. Social issues and commitment are the themes here, with Sanz coming out in support of questioning authorities and their versions of the truth. "Read my lips -- I'm not for sale," he promises on the title track. Sanz casts the political in the personal, as on "Labana," the story of a Cuban boat person who struggles with the conflicting desires to flee his home and to be with his lover and family. Musically, the flamenco-meets-hip-hop title track indicates some of the surprises within. Produced by Sanz and Cuban Lulo Perez, there's a tropical streak to the songs -- boleros, sones -- all given an Iberian twist. With harder new sounds and some fierce new commentary, at least one thing's bound to be the same for this sophisticated crooner, and that's chart-topping international success with No Es Lo Mismo.

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All Music Guide - Ivan Adaime
From the album title (No Es lo Mismo means "it's not the same"), Alejandro Sanz is showing what this effort is all about. At first, something that was already known: he is not the same as any other Latin heartthrob like Chayanne, Emmanuel, or even Ricky Martin. He composes and produces his own material and, although not a great singer, he's a superb guitar player. Second, this album is not the same as any other Latin one. Sanz affords various topics (like social issues and commitment) not only related to love, dancing, and having a good time (probably the most common Latin stereotype). Third, this work (his first studio album since 2000's El Alma al Aire) is quite different from all the previous ones. For example in "Try to Save Your S'ong" he tries to rap, and gets some help from GQ in it. To his classic sound (Latin ballads plus flamenco), he adds hip-hop, bolero, and son flavors. The problem is that not all the things melt together smoothly. Things are more familiar in songs like "He Sido Tan Feliz Contigo" or "Eso," in which he seems to be more comfortable. Although it's not a masterpiece, it's a pretty good album by Latin pop standards.

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Warner Music Latina


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Album Credits

Performance Credits

Alejandro Sanz   Primary Artist,Vocals,Tres,Flamenco Guitar,Coros
Paco de Lucía   Flamenco Guitar
Don Patterson   Violin
GQ   Vocals,Rap
Susan Muscarella   Rap
Betty Agent   Viola
Steve Bryant   Violin
Vinnie Colaiuta   Bateria
Luis Conte   Percussion,Bata,Pandereta
Walter Gray   Cello
Mick Guzauski   Mezcla
Horacio "El Negro" Hernández   Bateria
Anthony Jackson   Bajo Sexto
Simon James   Concert Comedienne
Michael Landau   Acoustic Guitar,Electric Guitar
Jason Moody   Violin
Cynthia Morrow   Viola
Wendy Pederson   Coros
Mikhail Schmidt   Violin
Marjorie Talvi   Violin
Carlos Martin   Trombone
Michael Miropolsky   Violin
Luis Dulzaides   Percussion
Ingrid Fredrickson   Violin
Ella Marie Gray   Violin
Raul Midón   Coros
Andrew Chandler   Cello
Dan Warner   Acoustic Guitar,Electric Guitar,Guitar (Nylon String)
Hamadi Bayard   Soprano Saxophone,Tenor Saxophone
Anna Doak   Basso Continuo
Larisa Miropolsky   Violin
Rafa Sardina   Mezcla
José Antonio Rodríguez   Flamenco Guitar
Lulo Perez   Piano,Trumpet,Keyboards,Hammond Organ,Synthesizer Bass,Coros,Pailas,Fliscorno,Metales,Palmas
Northwest Sinfonia and Chorus   Cuerda
Tom Dziekonski   Violin
Rich Eckert   Cello
Lena Pérez   Coros
Virginia Dziekonski   Cello
Tom Larson   Bass
Alex Torres   Rap
Carlos del Puerto   Double Bass,Bajo Sexto
Dolce   Vestuario
Javier Valvarde   Rap
Eddie Thomas   Coros
Northwest Sinfonia   Performing Ensemble,Cuerda
Dejana Akraporie   Violin
Linda Anelusa   Violin
Jennifer Bai   Violin
Terri Benshoof   Cello
Rafaela Soto Bermúdez   Coros,Palamas
Laurel Wells   Viola
Irene Vázquez   Coros
Chelo Váquez   Coros
Bryce Van Parys   Double Bass
Sue Jane Bryant   Viola
Kyang Sin Chee   Violin
Timothy Christie   Violin
Maurice Clubb   String Bass
Winnie Dungey   Violin
Andrea Schuler   Viola
Peter Kaman   Violin
Kim Fabelle   Violin
Dona Fogle   Viola
José Agustín Guereñu   Bajo Sexto
Lynn Bartlies Johnson   Violin
John S. Kim   Violin
Kwin Krentz   Cello
Scott Ligeck   Viola
Rebecca K. Lowe   Violin
Delvis Mesa   Piano
María Antonia Nogaredo   Coros
Kari Nostbakken   Cello
Roxanne Patterson   Viola
Carlos Rufo   Electric Guitar
Zaida Moreno Ruiz   Coros,Palamas
Katrin Saint Clair Groschel   Violin
Hyekining Seo   Violin
Rachel Snow   Violin
Kathleen Stern   Violin
B. Bailey   Cello
Adonaya Agarrado Méndez   Coros,Palamas
Tomasa Agarrado Méndez   Coros,Palamas
Ala Madrugada   Coros
Manu Araujo   Estilista
Andrea Chandler   Cello
Tomás "Pinar DelRio" Cruz   Conga
Niño de Jerez   Coros,Palamas
Rick Ekert   Cello
Gabbana   Vestuario
Carlos "Carlitos" González   Coros
Ronald Patterson   Violin
Enrique Ruiz Carrasco   Coros,Palamas
Coral Sepúlveda   Violin
Chelo Vázquez   Coros

Technical Credits

Alejandro Sanz   Arranger,Composer,Producer,Brass Arrangment,Piano Arrangement
Rafa Sardina   Engineer
Jon Schluckebier   Recording Assistant
Daniel Kresco   Recording Assistant
Lulo Perez   Arranger,Programming,Producer,Piano Arrangement
Marco Gamboa   Copista
Santiago Perez   Orchestra Director
Pepo Scherman   Engineer
Dana Bourke   Recording Assistant
Jaume DeLaiguana   Producer,Graphic Design,Art Direction
Adrián Fregnac   Recording Assistant
Shaw Simmon   Recording Assistant
Rosa Lagarrigue   Executive Producer

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No Es lo Mismo 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 4 reviews.
Guest More than 1 year ago
Guest More than 1 year ago
Alejandro Sanz is one of the best spanish songwriter, poet and musician I've heard. This album takes some getting used to, however, in a little while you find yourself playing it over and over again. I am happy that he has included upbeat songs but has not forgotten about his amazing piano-full ballads. Listen to "Yo He Sido Tan Feliz Contigo," "Labana" and "Regalame la Silla Donde Te Espere" these are my favorites so far but the whole cd is just like all Ale's work, full of energy and love.
Guest More than 1 year ago
I am from spain and a truly admirer of Alejandro and believe when I say this album is more than great, I know what I'm talking about. The music is superb and the lyrics deep and with touching poetry, though of course you got to be spanish or latino with a good knowledge of spain to appreciate it, that makes a very small amount of people who can like this album here in the u.s. You are missing an excellent singer!! Everybody in spain just love him, even guys, this album is a must.
Guest More than 1 year ago
In short, this album is nothing short of remarkable with its combination of musical genres which give it unsurpassed depth in expression of self. Alejandro Sanz has simply set a new standard for Latin music with this brilliant composition as a whole. Even music critics will have to marvel at his expertise and artestry when it comes to pioneering the Latin music movement in the U.S.