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No More "Nice Girl": Power, Sexuality and Success in the Workplace

by Rosemary Agonito

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The author draws upon stories from her own life and from the lives of many others to illustrate conditions for most working women. Her intent is to support women in responding actively to instances of personal, professional, and structural sexism. Assertive action is difficult for most women, whose upbringing typically dictates a ``nice girl'' attitude of passivity, acceptance, and accommodation to others. For women to act in ways that make them feel good about what they do is, however, essential in improving their work lives. Agonito touches briefly on a wide range of topics, from sexual harassment to the gender gap in communication. While her perspective is informed by her background in academe as a professor of philosophy and director of women's studies, her approach throughout is highly practical, with many examples of nonconfrontational but effective ways to deal with incidents that are all too common.-- Nancy Magnuson, Goucher Coll. Lib., Baltimore

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